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  1. Anyone know why there are no eastern Caribbean itineraries for this year or next year? Is it a system error or are they just not doing them anymore?
  2. I also believe it always been credited to the 1st person on the booking. At least that is how it was in the last 2 cruises I took.
  3. Hi if anyone has ink48 booked in NYC you might want to call and make sure they have your reservation. They are no long under IHG and I was sent an email saying everything would transfer over and be honored . I called and they didn’t have my reservation for June. I rebooked Just want to let others know they may not have your reservation like the email from IHG said.
  4. Thanks I plan too. I saw them on the escape when they were still in the dinner theater. I have since seen them several times on tour and will see them 2 times in March on tour. So excited for sister to see the on the Encore.
  5. Hi, We are planning our trip in June and want to know what nights the choir of man shows are on Encore? TIA Karen
  6. Booked on our first princess cruise in 2021 and I can’t seem to fine the answer anywhere of weather or not you can book excursions and pay on board or you have to prepay for them when you book. TIA Karen.
  7. How far before your cruise should you call to have my points converted to OBC added to your account? Also will they apply it to my account or does it goto the person who booked?
  8. Just booked Caribbean Princess Ft. Lauderdale to Quebec July 21st. Will be first cruise on princess
  9. We just booked this cruise for July 2021. Can’t wait.
  10. I was hoping in was going to be on my Getaway cruise in Dec, but I guess not.. I am sure I will come across it at some point.
  11. My sister, nice and myself are looking to do the Colonial American and Canadian cruise in summer 2021. We both work in education so we can’t go in fall. Any guess to when that date will be up? It will also be our first princess cruise.
  12. I looks forward to you review we are looking to do this cruise in summer 2021. It would be our first princess cruise.
  13. We just booked on of these for HC in December on our Gateway Cruise. We re looking forward to the relaxing day at the pool. We are not beach people. Going with my sister and niece.
  14. Eacape actually just update there shows this year. When I went in June 2018 in the main theater was Brat Pack and After Midnight. Choir of man was a paid show in dinner theater.
  15. On Escape they can still punch a hole in the card so you can goto customer service or casino to get it punched and put it on a lanyard. That way you don’t have to worry about them keep taking it out of the plastic pouch.
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