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  1. No. The only factual statement in your post is that viruses mutate. Please stop popping into threads on subjects where you have no knowledge apparently just to raise your post count.
  2. Just as a point of clarification here, State Department Travel Advisories are issued because there is a risk to the safety of the traveler while traveling. Which is why you typically see advisories for areas of conflict, civil war, high risk of terrorism, or criminal activity (murder and kidnapping, for instance) directed at international travelers, and especially Americans. The CDC piece is mostly directed at the risk of coming down with COVID while traveling; secondarily spreading it. (Yes, bringing it home is still a risk.) And almost all of the countries on the list currently don't allow U
  3. I think that may have been me. I was responding to cangelmd’s post.
  4. I'm actually impressed with people's memory! I've only cruised Celebrity a couple of times so far, but I don't really remember any specific dishes on RCL, which we cruised many times. I tend to remember experiences more than specific dishes, unless it's just something out of this world. For instance, we did the Chef's Table on Brilliance of the Seas. I remember it being an amazing experience, and I even have food porn on the iPhone, but I'm actually not sure what we had (looks like crab and salmon for a first course...). Although one I haven't seen posted that I do remember is the
  5. Sorry. I’m curious, not that it’s curious. Historically one of the reasons a lot of this stuff was paper was that a lot of members didn’t have good electronic capabilities. Shouldn’t be a big issue today, but who knows. But the member states have agreed to accept that paper yellow card. They can change that, obviously, and probably doesn’t apply within the EU.
  6. Really curious what the EU is thinking. Like it or not, the International certificate of vaccination or prophylaxis is the internationally accepted proof of vaccination under the International Health Regulations. Pretty sure all the member states of the EU are also member states of the UN, and WHO. So it could get interesting...
  7. The fact they’ve not received a reply should be taken as a sign that their proposal is getting more consideration than it probably deserves. People may actually be looking at it and thinking about it. Rather than wasting staff time saying we’re reviewing it. That actually takes time... You can write and staff a no in 24-48 hours. Although CDC is going to be really technical in its answer; it’s who they are.
  8. You spent your life on the wrong side of the river. We were far more sarcastic in Arlington...
  9. They'll almost certainly get a response to an actual letter. It's kind of how the game is played. Some poor PHS Commander detailed to CDC will get to draft something... Thank you for the opportunity to review your recent outline for returning to sailing. As you're aware, the Framework for Conditional Sailing Order released on October 30, 2020, and the technical instructions released on April 2, 2021 call for specific actions and specific documentation of agreements. While we agree that requiring immunizations mitigates a significant amount of risk, the document submitted does not
  10. This was a pretty good summary from yesterday on the concept of a pause. The FDA approved the Emergency Use Authorization and would be the agency to withdraw that authorization. The CDC typically makes recommendations for specific populations to receive vaccines, and could make recommendations, short of label changes, and may well do so. I'm not sure where else the J&J vaccine is being used; the AZ vaccine has most of the same advantages (other than it's two doses) and concerns, and is being used fairly extensively around the world. I'd have to look for other countries using the J&J va
  11. Or... They along with multiple other agencies and departments were directed in January to submit plans to the White House COVID coordinator as part of an interagency review process (that's turned up in multiple press statements), that process is going, and major policy announcements will come out of the White House, probably no earlier than 100 days after the Executive Order, which coincides with the first 100 days priorities to distribute and administer vaccines. To be followed by implementing documents from those various agencies and departments... That's actually "no
  12. Blazing Saddles. Harrumph. If you don’t remember it, look it up on YouTube. And yes. If CLIA needs a consultant I can figure out an hourly rate...
  13. I was thinking along the same lines, but also not my area of expertise. It's been a long time since I looked at them from a basic/applied sciences standpoint, but the things the female body has to do to so many processes to allow it to carry a "foreign object" to term really introduces a lot more complexity in things you never think of... It doesn't surprise me if this is in some way related to the vaccine that it would appear in younger women (first?).
  14. OK. I realize the article is posted on the news side of our host, but really? "The CDC has come under increasing criticism"? Really? Other than on this board? Three Senators (not even 4!) and a handful of very amateurish CEOs is really just sound and fury. "cruise industry forcefully pushed back on the CDC"? I've seen forceful pushback on government policy. The cruise industry hasn't even hit DEFCON 5 on pushback. When they start dragging out mothers who can't feed their kids because of losing their jobs, they're making headway. But most of those mothers aren't in the U
  15. Curious what cangelmd thinks, but I’m betting physiology, not vaccine mass. Which is why it could be really hard to tease out causality. There’s a concept that temporal association does not equal causation. It may, but it’s hard to ignore this happened after that.
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