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  1. My suspicion is if you are looking at midweek, you can get good tickets to Come From Away 2-3 weeks out. It does appear on TKTS for 50% discounts (a sad statement on Broadway theater). It's crazy in a way as it's really that good, but good for you as the Disney remakes sell out early. Ditto to a large extent for Beautiful. Keep an eye out on tickets. If you're seeing reasonably good availability close to your arrival, then you can probably at a minimum walk up to the box office and save the Ticketmaster/Telecharge fees, and if you're seeing availability through Ticketmaster/Telecharge, and a history of sales on TKTS, you have a reasonable chance of getting them once you're in town through TKTS. My problem with recommendations is of the three, I think "Come From Away" is the must see, but for whatever bizarre reason has been the most likely to be available through TKTS. Do not ask me to explain that!
  2. I'm not sure what dates you're looking at. "Ain't Too Proud" appears to redirect to Telecharge, so full price tickets. Right now, Come From Away appears to have discount tickets through September 1st; I'd expect more in September. Regarding the $169 vs $249 tickets, you've just found one of the frustrating Broadway pricing schemes. There is "probably" little or no difference between the $169 and $249 tickets. The $249 are probably "Premium" tickets. There are usually sweet spots in the theaters, such as one row into a price break. There may be a difference, but there probably isn't. Regarding the shows: Ain't Too Proud is pretty new and I haven't seen it. At least one member here has, and thought it was "good"; not a ringing endorsement. Likewise haven't seen Beautiful, but it has been heavily recommended on this board and thread. Come From Away is one of the most amazing, sad, but uplifting shows I've ever seen. It is a story we sort of all know, but told from a totally different perspective. Jenn Colella has been a hard working broadway artist with minimal success that became a star in this show. I'll almost call Come From Away the "quiet Hamilton"; it's that good. So, of your three, I'd absolutely see Come From Away, and I'd probably recommend Beautiful (which I need to see). You'll probably be able to get Come From Away at a decent price, possibly even once you're in town if you're not too picky. I'm not sure about Beautiful, and Ain't Too Proud is too new to predict.
  3. Are you looking at the HOHO as transportation, or for the tour value? The Uptown loop is generally very good. Less traffic, arguably fewer sights, and you cover territory that's not easy to cover otherwise. The Downtown loop puts you in a very large surface vehicle in some of the worst urban traffic in the world. If you're just looking to go from A to B, especially from Times Square to Battery Park, you probably want to take the subway. From Central Park to Battery Park, I'd suggest picking places you really want to see, and then look seriously at your HOHO route. You'll likely want to walk, subway, etc., for part of that route. But, look at what you want to do and compare it to the route! And if the 2 day ticket is affordable enough, get it anyway and recognize you'll skip part of that route and narration. I've never done the night tour, but have always heard good things about it.
  4. Yes, but it's an interesting commentary on English history that you'd prefer a French word to a Flemish word! 😁
  5. True. Although I find Ypres to be spelled so many different ways. Ieper is the official name, in Flemish, but the French Ypres is most commonly used in the English speaking world (at least according to Wikipedia). And you'll also find Yper online (although my use was a typo).
  6. You can definitely do that. I know Bruges is trying to crack down on "day tourists"; people who come in for the day and don't spend money on a hotel or dinner, etc. There is a lot to see in Brussels. I've been there enough that I'm just comfortable there, especially around the Grand Place or Grote Markt. I've usually flown in for business and flown home, but I have been to Bruges from there, and also Yper (site of some of the worst trench warfare of WWI, and the site of the first use of chemical weapons...). I'm thinking of going over next year with my wife just to explore!
  7. Jenn Colella's performance of "Me and the Sky" is worth the price of the ticket. And if you hadn't read the story, or listened to the cast recording, it just comes out of nowhere. @Sheltieluv --I won't disagree with Turtles on the beginning of The Lion King. I just enjoyed that I hadn't seen the story in Wicked in any other media. Also, if you can't tell from the last several posts, "Come From Away" is an amazing, and original, production. At least check it out before making up your mind. I don't think you'll be disappointed with The Lion King, Wicked, or Come From Away, but I'll argue Come From Away is the special production of the group.
  8. If you're not going to be in NYC, for a specific performance of a specific show, you'll need to buy online. Always check the show's own web page, in this case it's https://wickedthemusical.com/. There's a link to tickets which will take you to Ticketmaster. The first 3-5 hits on Google are typically to resellers. Even buying direct, you'll have fees, but they should be better than the resell sites. That Saturday matinee currently has good availability. For instance, the first row of the Mezzanine is available for $100/ticket plus fees. Hopefully someone's been in that seat, but the front of the Mezz is frequently better than middle or further back of the orchestra.
  9. I'd also stick to Bruges, and I've been to Brussels many times. There are very historical areas in Brussels, but it will take time to get there, and I think Bruges is just more user friendly for a day trip. Brussels can be a very congested city and I find it easier to see when you're there for some other reason and you explore after you've conducted your business in town.
  10. Of your original four, I'd go with Wicked. It's a great production, the Gershwin is a modern, very comfortable theater, and it's the only one that isn't based on a Disney movie. I've not seen Aladdin or Frozen. Lion King is also a very well done production, but Wicked has an element of originality that we really enjoyed. Not lighthearted but amazingly uplifting, and possibly the best show you can actually get a ticket to: Come From Away. No effects either. My initial thoughts. You'll get other recommendations, I'm sure!
  11. That did it for my wife! 3rd row center, Royal Circle. Saturday matinee... BTW, they've changed the ticketing process starting with December 1st on. It's now through theatre.ticketmaster.co.uk, and they're actual paper tickets. Mailed to arrive three days before the show in the UK and will call for international tickets. Hopefully that doesn't create a huge resale market, but those seats were around $650 plus fees in NYC if memory serves; £225, no fees, in London.
  12. T3 has the very long walk and the huge escalator on your way to immigration. I've slowed down a bit, but that has always taken time just to get to immigration. I think they've redone the terminals since I last flew BA, but that seemed somewhat faster, initially, because of the tram. I'm very curious to see how the E-passport gates change things. We're next in LHR in December.
  13. The gates are pretty obvious in Terminal 3 (United/Air Canada/Star Alliance) and always have been. Unless they've been relocated, they're to the right of the arrivals hall. It'll be December before I can answer the signage question. Kind of curious about that as well. There's a pretty informative video on youtube, which I've always had bad luck trying to embed here! http://<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/9TG31dOttMM" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  14. I’m either disembarking Economy Plus or Business and I’ve NEVER made it out of Terminal 3 in 20 minutes. That is totally unreasonable for the average traveler.
  15. And there’s the problem. Most New Yorkers recommend pizza in The outer boroughs, or at least away from Midtown. Most tourists are in Midtown...
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