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  1. We got the email for a booking on Pacific Princess in October. We would save about $700 in the cruise fare and get the $200 OBC. We already have $550 OBC and I have not submitted my CCL stockholder information. What Princess is offering, as I see it, is me giving them about $7,000 and I get $200 in return (about 12 months from now is final payment). No where in today's economy can I get a money market account where I put in $7,000 and get back $200. It ain't out there! I have a bunch more than that in money markets, and no way could I get that kind of return. My fare is refundable...I don't see how I can lose. Jim
  2. Rich, How much time each day do you spend getting this information together? Jim
  3. But...what about those of us who don't have (and refuse to have) a cell phone? I am not going to buy one just to toss it after the muster drill. Jim
  4. There will be several crew members who will lose their ships in the coming months. It will be interesting to see how the folks in Seattle move them around. Four ships losing valuable crew members? What about the rest of the fleet? Jim
  5. I have bragged about it before, I hope to brag about it again. The crews on Holland America Lines ships are fantastic. We too, were on last year's 51-day Tales of the South Pacific. The crew members were obvious with their pride being on that ship. As with our many days on Veendam, Maasdam and Rotterdam, we will miss those fine ships. Only 35 days on Zaandam and none on Volendam as yet. We'll get there though. Jim
  6. We live in west central Florida. I was just 'visiting' the Master Gardener's Nursery to get ideas. For those who would like to attract more hummers, consider the Firebush. I have one in the front yard and the insects and hummers love it. I have let mine just grow and it is getting too big (about 12' now and about the same across). I was asking about pruning and the gardeners indicated that severe pruning is ok, the plant will tolerate it. I'll do that after we return from our planned Nieuw Statendam 21-day in January. Jim
  7. Our cruises: Veendam 29 days Rotterdam 42 days Amsterdam 65 days Maasdam 70 So sad!
  8. We have booked ocean view for many years; however, for our 2 booked cruises for next year, both are balcony cabins. We have 'dined' in our cabin in the past, generally to watch a cool movie. I do have a big concern with the dining room arrangements. We have had 2-tops and those that are much larger. It just depends on what happens. My concern is how close most of those 2-tops have been to other tables. I cannot imagine folks wearing masks in the dining room and some tables (anchored to the deck for safety) are just too close. What arrangements might be considered to avoid closeness in those dining rooms? Yeah, you can check my temp every time I show up at the dining room, but that won't really eliminate folks who are positive and carrying, but don't have symptoms. That is for the main dining room, what will happen in the buffet areas, remove half the tables? Even if we are served in the buffet, it is still close quarters there. What are the cruise lines considering to help avoid problems? Jim
  9. Always use a TA. It is part of the process. It keeps the money in the local community and not entirely in the hands (pockets) of the cruise line. Jim
  10. It used to be that your travel package came in the mail and the doc dance was done. Now, you have to enter everything online and you print your own documents. You will need them to get into the terminal. Then, the actual process begins where you get your cabin card and your photo is taken. The photo matches with your card, so when you get on and off the ship, you mug will show on their terminal. If you elect to not print out your papers, then you won't be able to get on the ship. Jim
  11. With our Tales of the South Pacific roll call, we pre-planned to collect all kinds of things for the folks on Fanning Island. We had a LOT of stuff. Some elected to carry their own stuff on shore and then give it out on their own (mostly school stuff).
  12. I did the 51 day Tales of the South Pacific last year. Great cruise. We really love the sea days. I managed to read 17 books! Wow. Karen is a knitter and spent many hours in the Explorer's Lounge with fellow needleworkers. Several of them we had cruised with previously. The big difference with what we did and the Volendam is Vanuatu. We had no problem with currency, of course we did not purchase much. By the time this itinerary gets underway, the locals will really be pleased to have any tourists on their island. Karen just told me we changed money for Tonga. I don't remember that (this getting old sucks). Jim
  13. Hot! 90s during the day and mid-70s at night. I will have to stay in Florida and miss my escape on the Voyage of the Vikings! Jim
  14. It is considered part of Spain, Canary Islands for me. Or possibly Malta. Jim
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