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  1. We have decided to move 2 of our cruises to 2022, with all the OBC and incentives included. The other one we just got a refund, since it was an early saver fare (which we normally never book), so decided it was good to get that deposit refunded. As far as sailing next year who knows if they will go forward or not, but at least we have a plan in place after not cruising for 2 years. Ironically our first cruise scheduled for 2022 is on 3/13/22, just released it is 2 years since the lockdown first started, lol. Maybe that is a good omen for cruising to resume.
  2. Have to agree with some of the others above, inside cabins won't be on our list for awhile for us. We originally had an inside booked on Mardi Gras before the construction delay & now covid delays. So we decided to re-book with a cove balcony which would give us that private outside space if we needed it. The rates actually were pretty close from what we originally booked at the start, to what a balcony is going for next November 2022. Along with $600 OBC, we figure it is paying for itself to upgrade. With all the uncertainty of how things will be like next year, want to have some opt
  3. After having both of our cruises scheduled for this year (May & Oct.), decided to push everything to 2022. Maybe by next March & November things will be different. At this point just shuffling around funds and transferring, but will not put anymore new money into any cruises at this point. Trying to figure out how best to use up over 10K in gift cards with Princess from a cancelled Alaskan cruise from last year. Glad we didn't re-book that one for this year, as Alaska seems to be a no-go once again for 2021. This will be the 3rd try for the Mardi Gras, by the time we get to sail o
  4. So update, submitted form 1/25/21, credit card statement shows posted date of 1/27/21, however did receive a call on 1/28/21 asking if I wanted to transfer deposit to another booked cruise in Nov. 2022, declined and requested refund instead. However after watching my credit card account for a week, I didn't actually see it posted until 2/5/21. But very grateful for the quick turn-around time as well. Especially glad to have had my last 2 cruises cancelled prior to final payment dates, much less to deal with.
  5. So we kicked the can from 5/8/20 until 3/13/22 for one cruise. Then changed from 10/17/20 to 5/8/21 to 11/5/22 for the Mardi Gras cruise (hoping to get to sail on the "new" ship before it's old, lol. Then took a refund on 10/17/21 cancellation. When I rescheduled the May 2020 cruise to March 2022, I thought it was plenty of time to get back to some normalcy, however sitting here in Feb 2021, I'm starting to wonder. Might end up the 3X moved Mardi Gras for Nov. 2022 might be a more realistic expectation. Who knows really 🙄.
  6. That's good to hear, also did the same online form, so hoping I will see something by Monday, according to your timeline. Thanks for the update!
  7. So we've never booked a cove balcony before, so thought we might try one for our upcoming Mardi Gras cruise next year. For those that have sailed in them before, do you think since they are located on 5th floor on MG that it will be a different feel from other cove balconies? This is just speculation on anyones thoughts, not looking for hardcore facts, lol.
  8. So that wasn't my case, in fact I had only paid the $500 deposit and she transferred it to the new cruise as a refundable deposit on new booking. She also transferred the $434 in FCC from the original Mardi Gras booking cancellation. She also added the $600 OBC for this last cancellation. Seems as if some are doing it differently.
  9. Have to agree also, had one cancelled last Friday, decided to take the OBC and re-book, then they cancelled another one this past Monday, and decided nope just give me my deposit back please. We already have 2 cruises next year from previous cancellations, so time is thinning out. My daughter is trying to plan a wedding sometime next year, and don't won't to affect her plans with cruises being rescheduled. Sometimes you just have to say stop and pick-up and move on. I do feel like we will cruise again, just not sure how soon that will be.
  10. So I just submitted refund form on Monday, for a cancelled Magic cruise for October 2021. Just received a call from Miami, FL (came up as potential spam, lol) so glad I went ahead and answered it. But wanted to know if I wanted to apply my deposit to another cruise I have booked for November 2022? No thank-you would rather have that back on my credit card (since it was an early saver fare) to apply when and where I can once cruising does resume. So pretty good timing of 2 days later an actual person is processing my cancellation form. Much better response than before. Good Luck!
  11. Well that makes one last Friday, Mardi Gras, already re-booked and taken care of. Now today, Magic is cancelled for Bermuda in October. Think I will just take a refund on this deposit. Already have 2 cruises booked for next year from previous cancellations, just think we will sit it out quietly the rest of this year from cruising and enjoy our vacation property at the beach with our new golf car! Gotta make lemonade out of all these lemons 🤣. Good Luck everyone!
  12. Have to agree, since it is still classified as an interior cabin, the lowest category, great deal to include a window! We booked one for this October to Bermuda for 3 days, just hope we get to enjoy it 😅.
  13. So we had the original 25% FCC as well as deposit from our 1st cancellation on MG, and it did state to re-book by a certain date and sail also which we did originally. However since this second Mardi Gras was just cancelled I called in and switched to another Mardi Gras but in November of 2022, everything transferred over except the original $200 OBC, which she replaced with $600 OBC. So in our case everything moved over flawlessly, except OBC (which can't double-stack anyway). It's kind of hard to sail by a certain date when they aren't sailing, lol. You should be able to switch it over,
  14. Thank-you for responding. I came across the answer in another post.
  15. So we have never booked an early saver fare before, however took a chance on a cheap $98 deposit for a. cruise this fall. Looks like it will be cancelled due to extended dry-dock schedule. So when Carnival cancels will I be able to get the non-refundable deposit refunded back to my cc? I know if I were to cancel there would be a $50/pp fee, but in this situation jw what the process is? Thanks for any information from someone that has gone through this!
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