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  1. Thanks for this information, like I stated this is our first Princess Cruise as well going to Alaska. Just don't want to miss out on opportunities since this is a bucket list item for us as well as our adult daughters. We normally do private excursions in Caribbean however I'm more inclined to book with Princess for this trip. We have a 14-day Southern Caribbean cruise in November, so wanted to at least wait till we get back from that before I start paying for all these pricey excursions, lol. Glad to hear a different perspective!
  2. Thanks for all the helpful information above, curious as to when the excursion prices start to increase. Our cruise is May 2020, 7 months out. Just wondered if we should go ahead and book soon or wait awhile.
  3. New to Princess Cruise Lines, and wondering do they offer any kind of discount on their own shore excursions? I know Carnival sometimes offers discounts at different times of the year as well as the Carnival MasterCard will give you a 10% discount when using their card for payment. Just wasn't sure if Princess ever does any of these things before I start to book our Alaskan excursions, which are pretty pricey. Thanks for any input or past experience!
  4. Well now I can login to the personalizer and access booking information, but yet can't check airfare pricing on the site. Someone else mentioned this in an earlier post, but just wish they would fix everything before putting site back up for access. It is especially frustrating with a new offer starting to add to existing bookings. I thought Carnival's site was bad 🤣, but guess they are all connected lol.
  5. Have to agree with this, when our kids were teens and traveled with us we always did the balcony and interior combo. We did it for the privacy factor and separate bathrooms especially. As long as your teens get along well with each other (lol), this might be another easier option in trying to re-book. Good Luck!
  6. We’ve stayed at the Radisson at the Port & Country Inn & Suites, both have the sleep, park, & shuttle packages. They also have breakfast included if wanted. Good Luck!
  7. We use a KYSS bag which you can search on internet. It has a chain lock to secure your beach tote, that you can also lock around a chair or tree. We just took it recently to Bermuda at Horshoebay Beach, where we stayed in the water the entire time, and could keep an eye on it the whole time. With the lock on the bag it deters anyone from even messing with it. They come in 3 different sizes also, and different colors and you customize your lock code. Have had 2 of them for about 5 years now and love them. Good Luck!
  8. Curious for which sailing is this on? We booked interior cabin and wondered if there might be some more upgrades. Our sailing shows gty. Rooms only, no selecting at this point.
  9. Well ironically, with the free WI-FI included (regardless of how good it is) my fare is lower than what I had refared to with the 3/for free special. So for another $80/savings I will take the free WI-FI 😁.
  10. It's Deck 3 walk on right to the lobby as usual. Just cruised to Bermuda (9/7/19-9/14/19), we were very lucky and actually got to go to Bermuda. It was a wonderful cruise, loved the ship, & all the personnel onboard. Hope you have a great cruise!
  11. Yes I saw that, just wasn't sure where you select the exact choices. We will be flying across country to Seattle, so don't really want to carry-on anything. Don't really drink that much soda, just ordering a couple 6-pkg for our 2 cabins incase we need them. We always pre-order the cases of water ahead of time. All cruise lines seem to have their own way of doing things, lol. Thanks, I've got all the items ordered now!
  12. Thank you so much, this makes more sense. We are use to the packages just being delivered automatically to cabin upon arrival along with water bottles. I just wanted to make sure before I went ahead and purchased everything.
  13. We are new to Princess, wanted to purchase the 6-pkg. canned soft drink package online. It states you can pick and select whatever combination of drinks, but I don't see a place to select. Where and how does this work? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for this information, question from a new Princess cruiser. Is a Premium Balcony excluded from the cabin upgrade? From what I read it seems to only apply to regular balcony rooms, am I reading this correctly? Thanks!
  15. Also, I have a site that keeps tabs on my upcoming domestic flight, whenever I get a notice of price drop I usually go to EZ-Air to check fares. The thing I have noticed is that sometimes it takes a couple of days for EZ-Air to drop their fares. So when comparing directly with airlines, it's not always reflected in EZ-Air pricing. My advice is to check often it only takes a few minutes and is worth it. This has happened the last 2 times I refared our flights. But we have already saved $90/pp so far, and we are still 9 months out, very happy so far.
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