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  1. Question concerning Nationwide Cruise, have you ever had to transfer to another cruise? We use them all the time, however trying to get them to transfer monies paid to another cruise for next year since this years was cancelled. Just wondering if they will do this.
  2. Yes we are waiting patiently for our May 16th cruise refund also. Ironically, my princess rep. keeps calling to check on us when the last time she called I told her we would be better if we had our refund. 😂. She assured me that refunds were being processed according to cancelation dates however not certain based on reports on cruise critic. Lol.
  3. Well at the hospitals that both my daughters work at, they have taken pay decreases across the board, starting from the CEO and downward. If hospitals can afford to do this to help their overall financial situation, then a cruise line should be able to do the same. To be honest my daughters risk their health with exposure each and everyday to work on the front line, and while they might get paid well to do that job, they still have taken cuts and reduced hours to make the hospital work as a whole. The cruise line as I see it doesn't do anything to help with healthcare in the grand scheme of things so should gladly give up some up of those highly paid upper management salaries.
  4. So sorry, like I stated earlier we sail BOTH cruise lines and was mainly searching for information concerning gift cards refunds since we have about $10K tied up in this cruise. But regardless its all apart of CCL corporation and I go back and forth between both boards for information.
  5. Sorry to confuse, we sail Carnival & Princess. The cruise I was referring to is a Princess Alaskan cruise inside passage that is only available in May for us. We cancelled this year and already have another cruise booked for next year same timeframe and FCC has to be used for Princess by 5/1/22. So we don't have the opportunity to use the FCC before then. So for this situation we can use the gift cards for May of 2022.
  6. Well my logic is the FCC has an expiration date and the gift cards do not. Easy decision for me!
  7. Well I'm still holding on to mine for now, however it would be a nightmare to go back and put the different amounts from cruise fare, airfare, shore excursions, taxes & port fees from all the different gift cards. We also put our adult kids excursions in another cabin on the cards so yeah about $3K total there. The rep. just stated that some don't keep their cards, so would have to be re-issued anyway. I told her well at least Princess is going to get the money back, so it's not a full on cc refund.🤣 We have been using gift cards for the last 5-6 years on many cruises, this is the one time I totally regret it and probably won't be purchasing anymore. Lesson learned ($10K later). 😉
  8. Sure, it helps me to also read about others experiences to help make me feel a little better about the whole situation. Like I said I waited the 30 days and decided to try and call in the other day and just check-in, actually hardly any wait time at all, so they must have more workers taking calls now. She was very nice and answered all my questions and verified all the amounts again as well as $3K in shore excursions. We have about $10K tied up in this trip, so I would like to see things move along as well. I say call, it can't hurt your cancellation is already in the system and them accessing it doesn't change anything. It seems like we are sorta in the same scenario with regards to cancellation and sailing date. Just received refund email for $300 worth of pre-cruise Seattle tourist tickets, that has also taken about a month to process, so I feel hopeful today. 😄
  9. Yes sorry I didn't clarify. That is exactly how our original email was also, however the price on the refund she gave me did include the airfare overpayment as well as our $100/pp FCC. When I called back last week that person also quoted me the same total figure refund that showed in the system. We also had several price drops on airfare, with last one a week before we cancelled, lol. Hated to give up those premium comfort seats at that great price 😢. Hopefully we will see some movement in the next 30 days.
  10. So just to verify, the reason they were put on FCC is because of choosing option 1 requesting that type of refund - correct? I have a lot of gift cards on my Alaskan cruise, however I cancelled to receive refund not FCC, the rep. I talked to said they would be sent out on new gift cards, and they can't add them back to existing cards. I know for a fact that Carnival never adds them back to their original gift cards, first time using Princess gift cards and wasn't clear on their procedures. I'm with you I don't want an expiration date on my $10K they owe me at this point, so definitely want the gift cards over the FCC option.
  11. When I called the other day I was also told it was based on the date you cancelled not the date of sailing. We cancelled on 3/19/20 for a 5/16/20 Alaskan cruise that we knew would be eventually cancelled. The person I spoke with assured me it was already in the queue for processing the refund, lol. We also had 2 price drops on our flexible EZ-Air flights with balances owed over $300. When we cancelled the refund amount quoted to me at the time included that extra balance from the airfare, so they could see that in the system. I'm just trying to wait patiently like everyone else for the 60-day timeframe.
  12. Quick question, this was to be our first cruise with Princess, and we only had one login account for our booking. How will the FCC show up in our account? My adult daughters also had a cabin booked together but again only one had an email and login for their booking also. Now that the booking has been cancelled of course all of the entered information has been wiped out online. Trying to figure out how to see the other persons refund & FCC. Thanks!
  13. Yes have to agree, thought I might try it until I compared the price. I also buy in bulk at about $2 a pound. While I will only buy real butter and not the processed plastic margarine, I draw the line on that price lol. 😱
  14. Try calling Princess, I called about an hour ago and got right through to a CSR who was very helpful and answered all my questions and confirmed information I was originally given when I cancelled about a month ago.
  15. I guess I don't get the whole dispute credit card charge concept. I never put anything on my credit card unless I have the funds to pay for it to begin with. While I am not going on my booked Alaskan cruise, it was money that was saved at one point and expected to be used for payment. Of course I want to get my refund but when it was charged on the card originally it was in good faith for payment for services to be rendered. So why dispute the charge?? I will be patient and wait for the refund from the cruise line in place of the services not rendered. Seems to be a lot of extra paperwork and processing for the cruise line to have to do when they already have a full plate as it is.
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