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  1. In January on the Panorama we were woken late one night with crew pounding on our door to put our life jackets on...it didnt get as far as having to go to the muster station as the incident ( small fire below us ) was over by the time we ran out to the hallway ( in a panic) If it wasn't for the muster drill I wouldn't even know where the life jackets were! They were hidden away under the bed. Not to mention , how to put them on correctly ...locating the light thingy and the whistle...etc. Ive been to a zillion muster drills and usually dont pay a lot of attention, but now have a respect for them and understand why they are important!
  2. Same with us, sent the picture of us from 1984 and got the credit
  3. Ours was also the Tropicale....May of 1984, our honeymoon. I remember you could have friends and family board and check out the ship..then they blew the whistle and all visitors had to leave. PS I got pregnant with out first son on that sailing!
  4. Honeymoon...1984 the Tropicale the only reason I have this pic handy is because we used it to prove to Carnival we sailed ( needed the days to reach Platinum)
  5. We have always just booked ourselves online but this time with the complication of 2 canceled cruises etc, got the name of recommended PVP..emailed him and he called us back right away ( no waiting on hold for hours) and figured it all out for us. Will use him from now on
  6. Our OBC finally showed up today. It also says we owe 10 cents by Aug 11 for the final payment on our October cruise. It all got so complicated with two cruises cancelled, I have no idea what we are paying. But its all good..will be happy if we cruise in Oct. But do we just mail them a dime??
  7. Yes. I emailed the PVP we used and he said to wait a few days until the forms were updated. Everything has been updated except for that...emailed him again to make sure so will see what he says.
  8. Ours never appeared...even when I hit print documents it isn't there...
  9. Our August Alaska from SF was cancelled. We have only paid the deposit so far. If we choose the FCC plus OBC , they will put the deposit amount onto a future cruise and will add the $600 OBC. Or that is my understanding Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. I was wondering that too but from what I can tell, you don't have to do anything, you will be refunded no matter if you delay your decision or not. That being said, since they will be so busy processing all these changes, it could take a while...
  11. I dont think so...every sailing from June through fall, the Mexico ones and the Alaska ones suddenly sold out?
  12. That may be true but I’m booked with Carnival. There has to be a reason you can no longer book any Carnival cruises out of SF until next year. They just haven’t told us yet Sent from my iPad using Forums
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