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  1. You will just have to take another trip to Europe!
  2. Thats what we do too. Although on our last trip the bill would have been the same as if we paid with dollars..It also depends on the exchange rate at the time etc ( my husband is an accountant what can I say?) I just always figure the locals appreciate pesos rather than US money
  3. Hmmm This is why we are thinking of taking the city bus, has any had experience with this? I know it drops you off a ways before the visitor center but thats ok. We have the senior pass and so hate to get charged extra by a taxi
  4. Vegetarian will be easy since there is always at least one vegetarian entree plus the Indian food. Vegan you may need to be more creative. But I have heard if you ask ahead of time, they are willing to accommodate by making things with no dairy or eggs
  5. Yes I read about the Murrys guide and have it bookmarked. It sounds like well worth the $5.95 if we have a car for the day
  6. If you try a black bean burger and compare to a beyond burger...no question about what he means by " meat like" . The texture and taste is made to mimic ground beef
  7. Yes but some may have an issue with going through the special needs dept for diets that are a choice ( Vegan, Keto...some gluten free...dont flame me there) as opposed to an actual medical need.Maybe they still have a list of ingredients that people can access that would be helpful
  8. Probably not. But there are people who are actually allergic to dairy or eggs so there must be some way to find out what's in them. Maybe have to ask ahead of time
  9. Oh yikes...we just booked a car with Avis. Do you remember what time you got there...should we try to reserve an earlier time? I think the ship gets in at 7
  10. I have one son who is a Vegan with a capital V...he would never desire a meatless burger that tastes like meat. My other son is more of a plant-based do-it-for-the-envirnoment-and-health guy...he loves Beyond burgers.
  11. Im not sure of you are specifically talking about the garden burgers on Carnival, but a lot of veggie burgers you can buy at the store are vegan. (Some are not, you are right )
  12. We are planning on renting a car..I think there is an Avis and I have also heard people mention Affordable Car Rentals.Does anyone know if price-wise they are pretty much the same? Also ease of getting there etc? Thanks
  13. My husband got one in January . It was $20 for 1/2 hour I think? He liked it because there were two women giving him the massage ( ok ok...maybe a man fantasy thing) . I will spare you the picture I took...lets just say if you are modest, you may end up with more showing than you want!
  14. We were on the main deck almost all the way to the back and loved it. Very quiet. Also most of the ocean views have 2 bathrooms. I would go for it!
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