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  1. Don't get too excited ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Our OBC finally showed up today. It also says we owe 10 cents by Aug 11 for the final payment on our October cruise. It all got so complicated with two cruises cancelled, I have no idea what we are paying. But its all good..will be happy if we cruise in Oct. But do we just mail them a dime??
  3. Yes. I emailed the PVP we used and he said to wait a few days until the forms were updated. Everything has been updated except for that...emailed him again to make sure so will see what he says.
  4. Ours never appeared...even when I hit print documents it isn't there...
  5. Our August Alaska from SF was cancelled. We have only paid the deposit so far. If we choose the FCC plus OBC , they will put the deposit amount onto a future cruise and will add the $600 OBC. Or that is my understanding Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. I was wondering that too but from what I can tell, you don't have to do anything, you will be refunded no matter if you delay your decision or not. That being said, since they will be so busy processing all these changes, it could take a while...
  7. I dont think so...every sailing from June through fall, the Mexico ones and the Alaska ones suddenly sold out?
  8. That may be true but Iโ€™m booked with Carnival. There has to be a reason you can no longer book any Carnival cruises out of SF until next year. They just havenโ€™t told us yet Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. Not out of San Francisco ( even though we have one booked)
  10. So other "less liberal" city would welcome a ship that would contain the virus?
  11. All cruises out of SF are gone...there were some to Mexico and some to Alaska ( we have two booked...April and August)
  12. The Miracle was supposed to sail out of SF starting in April...some Alaska sailings and some Mexico...they are all gone until 2021 which is why I think its the SF port
  13. We have an Alaska cruise booked on the Miracle in August from San Francisco...if you look, no sailings available from SF until next year. I feel like it has more to do with the port of SF rather than Alaska but will find out.
  14. So if that is true and the Miracle will go to San Diego instead of San Francisco , I wonder what the itineraries will be for the rest of 2020..for example we had a 10 day Alaska out of SF in August...hard to get from San Diego to Alaska!
  15. We are booked Aug 24 on Miracle out of SF to Alaska...was hoping it would be ok by then. Not sure if its something about the port of SF or the Miracle...either way I also noticed poof its gone ( although our booking is still there)
  16. We are ( hopefully) sailing on the April 11 from San Francisco on the Miracle. Not planning on cancelling
  17. As far as Ive heard, all the ships that are currently sailing will disembark as usual
  18. Yes...I was surprised too I thought for sure we would be one of the cancelled ones. However, the official announcement form Carnival says ships will resume on April 10
  19. We are booked on the April 11 Miracle out of SF which will be the first cruise after the cancellation. We are not planning on cancelling ...but ours is just a 5 day. They may end up extending the cancellations anyway in which case you will get compensated , not sure if you would if you cancel on your own
  20. We are booked under a casino rate (Getaway) for April 11 and got OBC for a price drop
  21. I agree! But I knew someone would come along... Im not vegan but I have two healthy vegan sons who are doing it for health, the environment and ethical reasons ( and yes I do nag them to use supplements) To answer the question.. I think you'd have to ask in advance but I would imagine nothing on the menu is vegan as it is now. If she would compromise with vegetarian for a night it would probably be easier.
  22. We are booked on a casino rate ( getaway April 11) and got "the letter"
  23. Same with us...April 11 Ensenada and Alaska August. Can take Bart to the port
  24. Got it! Now just have to figure out how to convert to PDF...Im sure there's a youtube video for that ๐Ÿ™‚
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