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  1. You're welcome Deb! I'm sorry that I confused you. I'm interested in your dailies for your NCL Getaway September 20, 2020 11day Greek Isles & Italy cruise, not an April 2020 cruise. I know it's a long time in the future, but I'll remind you before you go. I really appreciate your help!!! Mary Jon
  2. Hello, Here is a link for a review in progress for the Getaway. It's only on day 2 right now but dailies are posted for both days. I've been lurking on the roll call for your cruise because I'm booked on the same cruise in May 2021 and want some ideas for excursions. You've done a great job finding excursions and sharing the ideas with the others. I'm hoping to do the same for my cruise. If possible, could you please post the dailies from your cruise upon your return? Or send them to me directly to dudemp52 at comcast dot net. I'd love to see them but understand if you forget about it by the time your cruise is over. Have a great time! Mary Jon
  3. Thank you KeithJenner, GGTexasGal and julig22 for your insight into tendering! Unfortunately we don't have any status on NCL so won't receive any tendering preference. Does anyone know where to go to pick up the tender tickets? We'll definitely need them for Santorini. We'll be on the Getaway if that makes a difference. I'm a planner, so not knowing anything for sure will be a challenge. I prefer taking smaller private excursions so I'm concerned about planning a pick up time at the port if I don't know when I'll be able to be get on shore. I assume the private excursion companies have experience with this issue and will be able to provide guidance about times. But I know I'll still be stressing out over it once on board. At least I'll be able to plan my dinner and entertainment plans in advance! Thanks again for your help!
  4. Thanks for the tip on determining if a port is tender or not! I'm going on a Mediterranean cruise of Greece and Italy on the Getaway next year. Several of the ports can be either tender or port. When and how do you find out that it will actually be a tender port instead of dociking? How do you get a tender ticket if you don't take a NCL exursion? Is it something that can be done on the website at some point before the cruise? Or do you need to wait until actually boarding the ship or a day before? As long as I'm asking questions, here are a couple more. When can I make reservations for a specialty restaurant? When can I make reservations for entertainment? Appreciate your help! CC is a great source of information!
  5. Thanks for confirming how Carnival Pride handles it! Positive thing with going through the same locks twice is that we will have the opportunity to move around the ship and look for different viewpoints. My husband will love the opportunity to take more pics. Looking forward to it!
  6. SCCruiser123 - Can you please share what happened on the transit day for your cruise since Carnival doesn't have excursions? I just booked a Carnival partial transit for Jan 2021 to celebrate our early retirement and wondering if I made a big mistake. If you had a port day in Limon, what did you do there? Appreciate any insight!
  7. Thanks so much for this helpful information! Know I understand the difference between Spice H20 and Vibe. Love that everyone on Cruise Critic is willing to share experiences and information!
  8. Hello! I'll be on the Getaway next year so it was great to hear your feedback! I'm unfamiliar with H20.... is it adult only? Free or is there a fee for it? Thanks for your help!
  9. Hello! Yesterday I just booked an inside cabin on the Jan 10 2020 partial transit cruise on Pride out of Baltimore, so was excited to see this post. Just beginning to do some research now. Any suggestions on the best location on the ship to experience going through the canal? We have an inside cabin and will only reach gold status during this cruise. Also - any suggestions for excurisons in Limon? Appreciate any insight you can provide.
  10. Yeah, it's going to be very interesting with the 3 of us. 😉 I keep telling myself that we don't spend much time in the room, so it should be OK. We're in a spa interior room so DH and I have the spa passes and that's where I'm planning to chill. She'll be in the casino most of the time too. But hey.... I'm on vacation so any day away from work is a good one!
  11. Thanks so much for your quick responses! Can't wait to board and have a great cruise.
  12. Hi everyone! My MIL is staying in the same room as DH and I, but she will be arriving to the port later than us. Do all 3 of us need to board at the same time? Hoping we don't need to wait for her to board the ship. We'll be on the Breeze departing from Port Canaveral on the Dec 14 sailing. I searched Carnival website, but couldn't find the answer. Appreciate your help!
  13. Hi! We just booked an interior room on the Norwegian Pearl and bought spa passes. Did you like the spa itself or just the spa suite? Would love to hear some feedback on the spa. Thank you!
  14. Hi! Yes we went there last year on the Magic and planning to go again this year on the Breeze. We had a nice relaxing day chilling out there. If I remember correctly, cab ride was about $8pp. I know the loungers were $10 but didn't have umbrellas. There are some trees that offer shade though. Cruise visitors have a separate area on the right and the loungers aren't as nice as the ones for the guests, but I was fine. The main reason I chose Bohio is because they offer a snorkel tour leaving from the beach for $45pp for an hour. Unfortunately it was too windy when we were there so the water was too rough to go out in a small boat. Hoping I'll be able to snorkel this time. The water color is gorgeous. They have a beach bar and thought the drinks and food was a little pricey, but that's typical. We ended up buying a bucket of beer - buy 5 get 1 free. They won't let you bring your own drinks or food. Hope you enjoy your day there.
  15. Many thanks again Jeff for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us!
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