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  1. Thanks for sharing all Covid related details of flying in and out of Cancun! Will be very helpful when I leave Sunday. I'm sorry if I missed it... how did you handle paying the new $11 tourist fee? Did the airline ask for proof of payment? Thanks for letting us join you on your vacation!
  2. How long did it take to get the results? Curious because we leave for Cancun next Sunday. The Westin arranges someone from a hospital to come to the resort to perform the testing. Unfortunately the Westin isn't an AI but the "villa" has a full kitchen. After a quick run to Costco to get Don Julio tequila (which s $20 cheaper than prices in Florida) we'll be "happy".🍹
  3. Thought I'd try here asking this question here for Australia before starting a new topic... What about bringing wine back on board at Australian ports? If it's allowed, will they charge the corkage fee to take it on board to drink and/or can they "hold" it for me until I disembark? As long as I'm asking... any chance I can bring on more than 1 bottle per person at embarkation in Australia and pay the corkage fee? We're planning on visiting the Hunter Valley wine region before boarding the ship and would like to be able to bring on more than 1 bottle per person.
  4. We decided to rebook similar cruise for May 2022 a while ago when we started to see rates go up.
  5. Thanks Chiliburn for giving me more ideas!. I'm not familiar with Mudgee and Blue mountains so it will be fun to research them. I need to get my pre and post cruise plans in order so I can get my flights early to use points. Everyone - please keep the recommendations coming! I really appreciate everyone's help.
  6. Wow onlyslightlymad!! We're cruising with Celebrity for the first time and looking forward to trying something different besides NCL and Carnival. Thank you for your great recommendations. I love your ideas for Aukland, Napier and Picton and will dive into the details so I can make some definite plans. For Tauranga, you mention taking the bus to Rotorua. Are you talking about the city bus or some kind of ship excursion? If it's the city bus, would it be difficult to get from the port to a bus stop to go to a beach somewhere? I'm thinking a "do it yoursel
  7. Thanks for the recommendation! Some friends said I'll never go back to US white wines after drinking Sauv Blanc from New Zealand!
  8. Thanks! I read about Hunter Valley but didn't realize it's that close. I'll definitely investigate!
  9. Thank you for these great suggestions! Now I have a starting point for my research. Anybody have ideas for You couldn't bore me when it comes to wine... so keep the recommendations coming!
  10. Hello! My DH and I are taking a cruise from Aukland to Sydney and then a Great Barrier Reef cruise out of Sydney in March 2022. Our schedule is flexible so we are planning to spend time in New Zealand before the 1st cruise and Australia after the 2nd cruise. We are California wine lovers and would love to explore and learn more about wine regions and wines for both New Zealand and Australia. But I don't know where to start, so hoping to gather some ideas and suggestions from people who know the area best. We're willing to fly to another New Zealand city
  11. Hello casino cruisers! My MIL has only been on 1 carnival cruise, band she's been receiving casino offers for the past year. She finally booked a casino offer for a cruise in 2022 that includes OBC. The casino rep told her she could use the OBC for gratuities. Is that true? I thought OBC could be used for anything except gratuities. Appreciate any insight. Mary Jon
  12. This is great news! Is the walk uphill from the cruise terminal with a rolling suitcase doable or should I get a taxi? We're getting off the Celebrity New Zealand cruise to spend 3 days in Sydney then getting on a Carnival Great Barrier Reef cruise. Appreciate the insight! Mary
  13. David, Wow, the spreadsheet with the links is a wealth of great information! I was overwhelmed being a newbie on Celebrity and not knowing anything about New Zealand and Australia, so this New Zealand and Great Barrier Reef reviews are a fantastic starting point. Now I'm really excited to start my "homework". I can't thank you enough for sharing all of this great information! Mary
  14. Thank you so much for posting this review! I booked Celebrity Eclipse from Aukland, New Zealand to Sydney for March 2022 and excited to see you're visiting some of the same ports as my cruise. Looking forward to reading more. Thanks for the info about the Sydney Harbour Marriott. It sounds like the perfect place to stay so I'll look into it. You mentioned that your wildlife tour was cancelled. Do you remember the tour operator? I'm interested in doing something similar (btw, the tour, breakfast, lunch and dinner links in your itinerary spreadsheet jjust go to a jpg picture of
  15. Thanks for the info! I'll look into it. We're supposed to be cruising in May 2021, but who knows if we'll be able to go. Appreciate your help!
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