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  1. Thank you for your help. As I am sure many others on the site also thank you for the information. I think we are all anxious about vacation. We all want to go so much and love it; however, we know there are many unknowns which are beyond our control. The only option is not to cruise. I truly am hoping by early 2022, all will be good.
  2. Yes, you are right; however, talking to someone on the phone with Princess you get someone different each time and thus a different answer. How can you believe it? I will have to wait for it to be in print, but at least I know to look for it. We always got to Walgreens to get whatever we are running out of.
  3. Yes, I agree; however, I didn't think of what Bob said. Nothing has been said about that. True it is up to Princess, but it is a concern of ours and I appreciated his thinking about that. We get so much info from this site. So, it will now be a question I ask for sure.
  4. Bob, EXCELLENT question. We are doing 7 B2B in 2022, Jan/Feb, canceled all for 2021, so we would like to know too. In addition to that, on turnaround days, will we be permitted to leave the ship and go to Walgreens and back? Or then will we be required to have another test. So many unknowns. Waiting to see what the responses will be to your question.
  5. You are die hard cruisers. Will you not cruise at all? Or just not with Princess?
  6. Hi, we have been in D734 and D735. It is a deep balcony; however, there is A LOT of movement, noise from the wake and vibration all the time. We are OK with that. Some are not. 2 Chairs with ottomans and very small table. There is a very very small shower with a curtain. Hubby said he could not do more than 7 days in this cabin.
  7. I booked. First thing this AM I looked and looked every half hour then I gave up. Came in after lunch and thought what the heck and look and it was there...2022. Booked 42 days. I am soooooo very happy. Just letting all of you know to check it out. TA said bookings going quickly.
  8. Ummm...here people are not wearing masks. Get inside and take them off. No one is 100% protected. Both have to wear masks to protect each other...is that going to happen??? I don't think so. Not trying rain on your parade. I totally wish what you said would be true. Airlines....ummm,... on the way home we both got sick because of a guy soooooo sick and they didn't make him wear a mask....then the airlines serve drinks and food and people take off the masks (after they touched everything and did not clean their hands) and ....well don't need to say any more. You can do all you can; however, it is what everyone else does. Unfortunately you can't control that.
  9. WOW. I thought it would automatically go back onto the personalizer with all the computer things they got going now. Thanks for all the good information. Good luck to everyone.
  10. Yes, I do the same, start looking and planning. It gives us something good to look foward to. After all, isn't that what we all work for. We have learned to live a new normal before, we will just have to do it again. Just is not fun. Thanks for the suggestions. It sure will help during the long cold winter.
  11. Thanks for the info. I hope they have it mandatory everyone has to have the covid vaccine and flue shot too in able to board.
  12. HOPE...I am smiling
  13. Thank you! It is nice to know others feel the same way.
  14. Thanks Don for your response. We are just opening on 6/26 to go green here; however, our numbers keep going up even before the green. Can't control everyone, just ourselves and what we choose to do and not do. It is the same on the cruise ships...they can't control what everyone does on the ship. It is impossible.
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