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  1. My husband has it done this way ALWAYS for the filet...it is excellent. The head waiter called it Pittsburgh style. Tender and juicy on the inside but grilled nicely on the outside. It continues to cook at it sits on the plate too. He does his medium rare and it is just right for him. I like mine rare so I don't need to butterfly.
  2. Thanks. Time to put my glasses on😍 I was scanning and must have missed that. That is still a good deal...if the wines are available to choose from.
  3. Sorry, I meant how many bottles you get for a total price. There used to be a 3 different packages I recall last time I saw it offered.
  4. Thank you. I didn't know you could do that. Do they have a sheet to look at?
  5. I am so sorry to hear about your Golden Retriever, Misha and recent health issues. We have gone through the loss of our goldens also and it is so hard. Misha will forever be in your hearts. I wish you the best of health and hope you enjoy yourselves on the Sky. We will look forward to reading your reviews. All the best.
  6. What I have learned. Other people complained and they got a free dinner to specialty and a bottle of wine. We never complained and they didn't give us anything. Until the people told me you have to complain or they won't do anything. It took 3 days of complaining before someone got back to us with the same offer as I expressed others had this for their disappointment. Honestly, they make it so hard it is not worth your time on vacation to spend at the front desk.
  7. Well, some have no idea what the norm is and that's what this site is about. You don't want to be too low or too high. Now that we have cruised for many many years, we do what we feel is "right" per person. We think of it is our donations to people who truly appreciate it and have made our trip so much better. Do we have to tip additional, no, but we feel good about doing it. Everyone is different. I am so thankful for this site to help me with questions I have as all of you know everything and I can trust this site. There will always be the no tippers in the world...they are just not on the cruise ship, they are everywhere.
  8. I don't think it is so much gnashing of teeth as you say. Yes, things happen...it is a ship...we understand the occasional toilets not working, etc. etc.; however, we have been on trips where the sanctuary pool has been closed 99% of the time and not due to weather. We were told, go to the other end of the ship. When you are paying $40 a day for the sanctuary and there is no pool that is not acceptable. Each concern by passenger is different and unique to them. Personally, we do not like the fact that we will not be able to get a seat to eat lunch on sea days as people take all the tables playing cards all day long. We get away to enjoy the ship when others get off. AGAIN, this is our preference. We are on Crown for 30 days. My husband just said today...it may be time after 30 years to stop cruising and our days may be numbered. We will see. Any cruise is good. But when it was sooooo hot and I could not have a pool to go in...we were not happy. Mind you that was for 30 days. I paid $900 for the Sanctuary with no pool. Customers are not happy as Princess knows they have a problem and are not fixing it. There is a difference. This is just my opinion.
  9. Thanks so much. We are aft on the ship. I will make sure pack my knee, ankle and toe braces...I pulled them and put them on the do not bring list, but will add them now. You have been more helpful than you know. Have a safe trip
  10. OK...you are seasoned cruisers...can tell from your posts. We want a relaxing time too, but do want water in the room to shower, etc. Are you worried? I AM. Hubby needs fluid all the time; thus we bring crystal light and a pitcher to make tea so he can have it at all times. I have to say I am very afraid.
  11. OH MY! We are boarding in 11 days for 30 days on Crown. I fractured my ankle years ago and if I do too many stairs, I am not able to walk on it. Are all the elevators out or just one set? Also, can you let me know who the Maitre' D is currently? Thanks.
  12. Do you mind me asking what hotel and what to expect per night during winter (January)??? Looks very nice place to stay
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