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  1. We saved $1000.00 on our transatlantic cruise for next April! On our cruise to Alaska next month we were able to upgrade to a grand suite at no cost because it was priced lower than the amount we paid for our JS. However, the remaining price difference was not refunded back to us as we were doing this after final payment.
  2. Sea days galore! Seeing new places to us - Bermuda, Azores, Portugal 😍
  3. Had this yesterday on the Adventure…🙄. I told her that I did not have the extra money to keep up the regiment she was suggesting 😬. I had just finished the massage and mini facial.. At the front desk on the way out the receptionist told me that I “qualified “ to meet with the Med doctor to discuss facial rejuvenation 😳. It blew her mind when I declined the special invitation 🤯🤯. Talk about upsell…😡
  4. I really want to do the Great Lakes cruise but the cost is 🤯. Hopefully they will someday do some kind of special. I don’t need airfare so that’s not a plus for me 😊
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