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  1. I haven't on the Bliss but have on the Escape. We're all family. 🙂 The adult couples in our group all have their own individual Haven cabins, I'm in the DOS with my SO and grandmother. Hoping to add two tweens cousins who were going to stay at home!
  2. I did note the ship above - it's the Bliss.
  3. I'm actually in the Bliss Courtyard Penthouse next week - I'm familiar with that cabin and it does work for 3 (but not really great unless it's parents and a child.) For the Deluxe Owner's Suite, they are having a sale now for $99 each additional guest, so while we are already 3 in that cabin, I'd love to add another couple (since there are separate bedrooms) for very little cost! But unfortunately, no capacity 😞 I'm footing the full bill for all so I really don't want to book the additional Penthouse (for at least $5K) when we'll have the Owner's Suite with empty beds. First world problems, I know! Enjoy your cruise!! 😊
  4. Is there a way I could check this online instead of calling 10x a day? (which I am ready to lol) The cruise is in March and my cabin is the Deluxe Owner's Suite. It looks like the entire Haven is sold out right now except for 1 Courtyard Penthouse - ughhh!
  5. It's the Haven so even a smaller chunk 😞. I know I'm dreaming.
  6. It may be hopeless and so I guess I am just trying to make myself feel better, but has anyone had experience adding additional passengers to a cabin after being told that the ship is "at capacity" (I'm guessing lifeboat-wise?) To clarify, does capacity ever "re-open" (if folks cancel, etc.) I have a cabin with a capacity of 6 and I have 3 people already booked and wanted to add 2 more but the ship has reached capacity. The cruise is in March 2020. The NCL agent said there MAY be hope with travel agent "group holds" are released next week (at the 90-day mark), but I'm hoping someone can make me feel better and tell me that they have had good experience in this scenario. Any travel agents out there that can chime in? Thanks! 🤞🙏
  7. I made us a handy-dandy comparison chart to see how the cruise lines compare. Based on this, I wouldn't be surprised if Sapphire Plus was 500K (to be consistent with Elite & Masters on the other lines.) Keep me honest if I made any boo-boos!
  8. So not much info on the new tier structure yet - but I was happy to see that they still consider me Amethyst and are making me offers considering I have not sailed with them in almost 3 years! Bon voyage on your cruise!
  9. I just got the notice that Blue Chip is adding another tier - Sapphire Plus! Looking forward to seeing the perks on that one. (I'm Ruby on NCL but only Amethyst on Celebrity because I only did one cruise with them.)
  10. I do only stay in the Haven or suites on NCL, but I'm also disabled and on a mobility scooter and my experience is that people have gone out of their way to be gracious to me even when I am outside of the Haven. I was thinking this was my experience, perhaps it's just my attitude? Life's too short so I choose to only see the good.
  11. Perhaps just your experience? I cruise six times a year and have done so for years and haven't seen that. I haven't been on one of the rare cruises that is caught in a hurricane or was completely rerouted, but again those are rare.
  12. I don't think most people are unhappy with NCL. I don't even think most members of Cruise Critic are unhappy with NCL. I think that most POSTERS are unhappy - because human nature drives people who are unhappy to "vent". Just look at the full NCL ships that leave ports every single week. That, in addition to my own observation that most people I've witnessed on my NCL cruises are having a "good time", is my evidence that "most" people are not unhappy with NCL or NCL's supposed "nickle & diming." There's maybe 100-ish posters (if that) that are your chronic complainers - a VERY small cross section of NCL customers. (Also note that with all their dissatisfaction, so many "unhappy" folks still frequent the NCL boards.)
  13. Annnnd it's a now a tipping thread LOL. What I don't understand is why you would even bring up the topic of the DSC with employees during your cruises. If you have any doubts that they are not being fairly compensated, you can simply remedy that by leaving good cash tips. By asking them about the DSC and whether it's better to remove it implies that you can't afford to do both (pay the DSC and give cash tips.) My advice on that front is to just wait a little longer to book if you are on a budget until you actually have enough money to cover all your vacation expenses.
  14. Actually, this discussion is not about the DSC. This discussion was started by a former NCL employee who is being gracious with his time & information by sharing with us. How about let's skip the thread hijacking and not turn this into another tipping argument? To the OP - thanks so much for coming here! I've never been on the Epic but I still thank you for great service!! Good luck in all your future endeavors!
  15. Somebody definitely poured an unknown something into that body wash! I hope no one used it. 😲
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