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  1. I was planning to call NCL to ask about a 14-Day Eastbound Transatlantic that goes to Ireland and the UK. I would want to debark in Dublin on/about Day 9. Anyone have EXPERIENCE with this? (Again, as OP mentioned and was proven by quite a few incorrect responses/guesses, what is really helpful is if anyone has actual experience doing this - thanks!) The cruise is scheduled to end in Southampton, England.
  2. Some favorites: Cupcakes, BLTs, bunches of grapes, sliced pineapple, handmade chocolates & truffles, fried rice & spring rolls and onion rings!
  3. Yes - I've had it now for almost 2 months and I LOVE it! Not a single regret! The entire process was easy and I sleep like a baby in my Haven-at-home bed 😁 Two thumbs up - highly recommend!
  4. Here's the August list for 191RCL803 if anyone needs it!
  5. As others have said, definitely depends upon your neighbors! I'm a former smoker so I do have sympathy, but even I have made quite a few reports myself because health-wise I just can't handle the second-hand smoke and don't want to have go inside my cabin while folks are smoking (it is a hassle - I'm disabled.) The smoking has always stopped after one report - but not sure about fines except for one case. I had reported cigarette butts on my balcony in the morning to my butler. He probably shouldn't have shared this info, but he did tell me later that they also found evidence of cigarette use in my neighbor's cabin and they were definitely fined.
  6. Ok. Instead of believing the sign was stolen, let's believe the staff are liars. 😂
  7. Probably you didn't read the thread. The OP actually spoke to the staff and it was not removed by them - and they also indicated there is no rule against it and they have no issue with door decorations.
  8. I have my personal favorites: Escargot & mushroom soup in LeBistro (also has the BEST filet mignon on the ship - better than Cagney's in my opinion!) Onion rings & the apple dessert in Cagney's Volcano Nachos & Key Lime Pie in Margaritaville Warm almond croissants (if you are in the Haven) Pot stickers, dumplings & spring rolls from Shanghai's Noodle Bar However, if you are looking for a good list of "classic" NCL favorites that everybody seems to like (e.g. Royal's kummelweck sandwich), here's the start of a list based on what others have shared (and folks will hopefully jump in and expand!) Pretzel rolls (found at the buffet and maybe also in dining rooms?) O'Sheehan's wings (various flavors)
  9. Sorry for your disappointment, definitely a bummer. However, not uncommon. Scheduled ports do change for a variety of reasons. Comes with the cruise territory (not just NCL.) At least you are still going to the islands! Imagine the folks who thought they were going to Bermuda and wound up in New England & Canada for a week! 😲 That's happened!
  10. You need to also check post history under his last several user names. 😉 He has a handful! 😂
  11. I'm disabled and use a mobility scooter. I cancelled a cruise on the Edge when reviews came back that it was very difficult to navigate Eden's levels with a scooter (tiny elevator clearly not designed for scooters or wheelchairs.) Same with accessibility to the Rooftop Garden. I was so disppointed! I wish Celebrity would consider accessibility a priority. 😞 I cruise at least six times a year with NCL specifically because of their ease of accessibility, but I would love to spend more time on Celebrity. However, it's just not comfortable!
  12. You are the just about the first poster to respond to any tipping thread with a made-up set of Haven/suite tipping "guidelines". Your post does not clearly specify this is what YOU tip. It is structured to imply that these are general guidelines (which you know very well they are not.) However, you continue to mislead people. THAT is my point. However, I'm done on this topic because no matter what feedback you receive from me or others, you are intent on misleading newcomers. Nothing I have or will say is going to change that. (PS I don't even believe that you are tipping $500 per cruise, but that's another issue.)
  13. Your post implies "It's up to you....but here are the guidelines." Even the OP said they remembered seeing "suggested" tips but couldn't find the post. It was probably one of your posts with your "guidelines." Pretend you don't understand my point (that your "guidelines" are misleading), that's fine. Some folks are more self-aware than others.
  14. I would hope you said something directly to the butler. Personally, I wouldn't sit through a five-minute rant from a butler cussing about another passenger. I would have politely said "I don't think this is any of my business and sounds like something you should address with the passenger or the Concierge." Not sure why you felt sorry for him that a passenger asked him to unpack. It's part of his duties. I also wonder what he said about you to other passengers! Definitely sounds like a character issue to me.
  15. And quickly! Sorry to hear that. The SM category is MORE expensive. So that would make disabled folks pay MORE for a butler. So I'm still confused at your argument? On another note more on topic: As a disabled person, how do you feel about no longer being able to cruise in suites (after the expected change) on Jewel-class ships? I'm very interested on how you (and other disabled folks) are feeling about this!
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