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  1. I've been quiet lately too because there is honestly no joy in saying "I told you so" in this case. I am sad for what is happening in this country and for the way people are behaving. That said, the current situation is a result of people gathering in large groups without diligent social distancing and mask-wearing - the SAME scenario there would have been on a cruise ship. I bet NCL and the other cruise lines are thanking their lucky stars they did not resume cruising yet with the current state of Florida. I get that they want the revenue, but even a single Covid death after relaunch could seriously impact cruising going forward. No cruise line wants to be the one that has to report that first death. So, we are all not cruising, but hopefully everyone is staying safe! At the risk of sounding like a broken record, MASKS and SOCIAL DISTANCING do make a difference! 😷👍 (and there are other ways to vacation besides cruising!)
  2. Let me explain it so you fully understand. Not liking "every single thing" about a company is understandable - e.g., don't like the food in LaCucina, don't like that on the larger ships all "group" activities are held in the Atrium with limited space, buffet coffee tastes like mud, etc. That's normal and it's the kind of criticism I'd expect to read on Cruise CRITIC. Believing that a company is UNETHICAL or DECEPTIVE in its business practices is a completely different story. I would never do business with a company I was convinced was unethical or deceptive because I'm smart like that. I wouldn't do business with them and then post my outrage on a public forum. I'd find another cruise line that operated in a way I believed was ethical and fair.
  3. I don't know who your servers were, but this is not the case with the SDP.
  4. Well I don't want to send you for more testing, but you could be past the live virus stage. If you get tested for antibodies, then you will know whether or not you actually had it.
  5. Yay, Seaman! Congrats & continue to stay safe!! 😊👍😷
  6. More than using the phrase "Nickel & Diming" what I TRULY don't understand is all the NCL-haters on the NCL boards. Every time I see a negative post (like the one I quoted) I just want to reply "WHY ARE YOU HERE?" If people do not like NCL's business practices, why do they cruise NCL and/or frequent NCL online forums (and some of these folks are FREQUENT posters!) If I thought Disney theme parks were a rip-off, and that Disney had deceptive business practices, the LAST PLACE ON EARTH you would find me is following Disney online forums (and being a frequent poster at that!) So, I take the "hater" posts as folks who either work for another cruise line or people who thrive on spreading negativity. And I just scroll by.
  7. People get outraged because they realize after reading your posts that there are many people who still do not get it. The flu is no comparison because the Covid-19 virus is currently a pandemic. There are specific criteria that define outbreak, epidemic and pandemic that have to do with the rate it is spreading and how far it is spreading across the globe. The seasonal flu, while it certainly can be deadly, is not at the level of a pandemic. There is a huge difference between the two and folks who do not understand that are part of the problem. There are tons of resources on the internet that will help educate you about the difference between pandemics epidemics and outbreaks. The key issue with Covid-19 is how fast it is spreading and that currently there is no clear treatment plan or vaccine. It travels fast and if we don't contain it we could run the risk of not having the medical facilities to treat infected individuals. The seasonal flu is not as virulent, has proven vaccines and treatment plans and does not even remotely qualify to be compared to a pandemic.
  8. What about the other bar patrons and workers, their grandparents, parents, spouses, children, neighbors and anyone else they came in contact with? Please report on their welfare also.
  9. I agree with this and I also agree with what Seaman posted earlier in this discussion - that the too-soon reopenings combined with people not paying attention to the rules has caused a Covid uptick that makes this the only option for cruiselines. Imagine folks coming from all the "new wave" states flying into Florida (one of the worst new-wave areas) and all getting on a ship? The perfect storm for an outbreak. If people only cooperated maybe Seaman would have had a chance at September.
  10. Here's the latest from NCL's website. Sorry about September, Seaman! https://www.ncl.com/suspended-sailings
  11. https://www.tmz.com/2020/05/25/staten-island-grocery-store-no-mask-woman-fight-gang-up-kicked-out/ Just Google "fights over not wearing mask" LOL
  12. This is why I don't even want to cruise too early with the new "guidelines." People are not going to follow them. I actually anticipate fighting on the ships. (Check YouTube - there have been fist fights on ships for lesser reasons.) Even now there are situations where folks are getting seriously upset if someone enters a store or restaurant without a mask - people are calling police and getting all up in arms. Can you imagine a few drunk folks not following guidelines, and some others making comments and confronting them -- and then the crew trying to mediate? I see drinks and fists being thrown. I'm more hesitant to cruise because of the mayhem I foresee than Covid. LOL
  13. Announcement is coming from NCL tomorrow or Thursday. Someone posted on FB that they tried to book an NCL cruise and was told they could not book pending the announcement. We should have the definitive answer soon! 🙂
  14. I agree, but I am even going to go as far as saying that I don't see it happening in 2020. "Don't ask me how I know" LOL (seriously, please don't), but I have also seen RCI's (Royal/Celebrity) proposed schedule. This has not been leaked online anywhere to my knowledge (and I am NOT going to be the first to do so plus I am going to be intentionally vague to protect my sources.) That said, I wouldn't count on any NY/NJ cruises in 2020. For those who guessed that the first cruises back will be in Asia, that's a good bet. The NCL and RCI schedules are fairly consistent, so I think the leaked NCL schedule is a pretty good guide for how it's going to go down.
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