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  1. We were booked on the June 5 sailing of the Millennium, but due to medical reasons we cancelled the last week in May. The cruise fare will be returned as a fcc for the full amount, and the air, booked thru Celebrity, will be refunded to our credit card. Hal
  2. 5/21/21 We received a bid offer today for the Millennium for the June 5 cruise. Outrageous minimums! Hal
  3. I wonder how many crew members since arrival in St. Maarten on April 27th have experienced symptoms of COVID-19? Celebrity is again cutting their time schedule close, most of us have waited till a completed inspection of the ship was done by port/health/Coast Guard/etc before any egress to the ship. Assuming everything is cleared and inoculations( J & J) and provisions are completed by Wednesday, that leaves a little over two weeks till passengers are on board. Hal
  4. The Millennium is/will be in TX to get the crew vaccinated with J & J - wouldn’t it have been easier to hire a medical team and fly them to St. Maarten? So that give the crew just slightly over the recommended time period for effectiveness, Celebrity needs better planning for our safety. (Though the J & J vaccine didn’t work very well for the Yankees!) Hal
  5. Celebrity has the Millennium sailing out of St. Maarten, beginning 6/5 - would not be hard to shift it to a US port by July.
  6. We booked as soon as booking opened, 2A for $1699 + there special air - fine but, there special air dropped to $half of what we paid on Flights by Celebrity. Could not get an adjustment. Hal
  7. Cruise with confidence would work for the cruise portion, but not the airfare. Booking with “Flights by Celebrity”, ment having to pay fully for the airline flights, because of the short time between the opening of booking and sail date. That means that a two hundred dollar penalty from the airlines (United down, Jet Blue return) per person is in effect unless Celebrity cancels that cruise. Hal.
  8. So what happened to the “pent up demand and record breaking bookings”? Even with a “all passengers and crew vaccinated”, inside and ocean view cabins could be problematic if any out break were to happen. A better solution to Celebrity’s booking situation would to reduce balcony prices to a more reasonable price and issue OBC refunds to existing booked guests. Just to make a small correction to grandgeezer, as of yesterday(4/26/1), there were 276 vacant balcony cabins out of 536 available = 27% occupied. [No A1 cabins are shown except the accessible on deck 9] I never comp
  9. I just went to the Celebrity site and can also confirm that foggyphils is correct. This just shows that Celebrity can not be trusted to keep their word. When I booked for 6/5, it was a stated fact that only balcony cabins would be used and bookable. Looking at the number of cabins that have been booked; which is less than 40% as of now, why would Celebrity risk the rath of those who booked under that consideration? Could this be another situation that will blame the IT department or is this the only way Celebrity can fill their quota. I’m sure the CDC will not allow this to happen when
  10. How do you smoke and wear a mask? Hal
  11. There are 10 different flights from the three metropolitan airports that arrive prior to 3pm - lots of choices “in case”. Hal
  12. This is directly from Flights by Celebrity “What happens when my flight is delayed? Our Protection benefit provides Assured Arrival as our guarantee to assist our Flights by CelebritySM guests when they encounter any flight disruptions that occur through no fault of their own. We have a team of Emergency Travel Specialists standing by that proactively monitor flights and act as a liaison between our ships and our guests. The team is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or by phone 800-533-7803 (Option 3).” Hal
  13. That’s the reason we purchased(June 5) our tickets thru Celebrity air. Leaving EWR at about 8:20 - arriving 12:25pm on United. Then right to the ship for check in. Hal
  14. A big problem that is on the horizon is that the most of the crews on ships come from countries that vaccinated with the Sino version that has now been found to be only be 25 - 50% effective! That according the the Director of Chinese Center for Disease Control, GAO Fu, “Chinese vaccines don’t have a high protection rate”. Look this up on news outlets such as Blumberg or The BBC using google.
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