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  1. Yes, we’ve looked on trip advisor and I see the ratings, but sometimes the ratings don’t match. I just wanted to see some of cruise critic opinions and to see if anyone has actually stayed at that particular hotel. Besides TripAdvisor doesn’t specify handicap accessible.
  2. It would depend on what's most important to you, the ship or the itinerary. I prefer the Sapphire because it's a smaller ship than the other two and is beautiful. We were on it for 28 days from Sydney to LA. If the ports are more important than go with one of the other ships. Also, decide if you want to get to Sydney or just leave from Melbourne where you live. No flights required.
  3. I know a lot of people rent mobility equipment and when they board it is on the ship. How does one go about getting this service?
  4. Yes, it does depend on the Captain's schedule; however, they try to work with you on the date you want. The best time is a sea day. Our time was changed but it was still on the day we chose. Everything was done so nicely. It was even fancier than our original wedding. Worth every penny of the $200 or so we paid for it.
  5. Princess has some fun things for kids to do on board. They don't have to do everything in the kids' program but they will have a good time anyway. My grandsons always enjoyed a cruise and my granddaughters always have things to do on a cruise. Unless you have a lot of sea days there will be tours and things to do in the ports. Princess has great kids' programs during the summer and spring break season when they get a lot of kids on board.
  6. Do you know anything about the Granville Suites?
  7. Looking for a hotel for two nights post cruise before flying home from Vancouver for first-time visitors. I can’t walk much but want to be able to arrange a tour while there. What suggestions do you have?
  8. My husband and I did the renewal of vows for our 50th anniversary on the Golden Princess back in May. It was a wonderful experience. The flowers were beautiful, the Captain and staff were dressed up, and there was a videographer and photographer there. We had arranged for a table in the dining room for a special lunch and shared our champagne with our friends. We have two beautiful glasses to commemorate the event. Princess really knows how to do it well.
  9. I would recommend using a private transfer to the port from the airport. We used Rome Cab and we got other cruisers to share with us that were arriving at the same time through cruise critic. It made the cost quite reasonable and it was much more comfortable than the bus. Cost of transfer to port from airport would be around 180 euros.
  10. We always trade our mini bar setups for soda and water. We won't do coffee cards any longer since they are only good for the cruise you are on. They ask you what you want to trade for. When we do the water and soda we always get more than enough water to hold us for the cruise.
  11. If you lose obc and any other perks, not worth it for only 7 days to me.
  12. It’s been awhile since we were on the Royal. They were having a lot of soot problems with the stern facing balcony cabins. I haven’t heard The it was ever fixed. I knew someone in one and she had to move because of her asthma.
  13. Do the math. For a 7-day it wouldn’t be worth it to me but for a longer cruise it is. Is that $500 per person or for both of you? You really don’t spend that much time in the cabin.
  14. Vow renewals are always done on sea days and when the captain is available. For a very reasonable price you can arrange your own renewal ceremony held in the chapel (unless you want it elsewhere on board). To me, a group renewal doesn’t mean as much as our individual ceremony. The customer service rep on board works with you to set time and date and they try to get what you want. Get the basic package as it was more than sufficient.
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