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  1. I know what you mean. In high school we had a new student from the Turks and she asked if anyone had a rubber that she could borrow!!!! You can imagine how that went over with a bunch of 10th graders!!
  2. Was on the Carnivale in March of 1990. Aplmac, do you remember if Malcolm Kennedy was still the CD when you went in September? I will always remember him as the CD of my first real, i.e. not SeaEscape, cruise.
  3. Thanks all. I'll see if I can contact someone there. Those individual laundry prices seem steep.
  4. This will be my first in December and I was wondering if they put those those bags in the cabin that you fill up with clothes that they launder for a set price? It is normal on a big ship cruise line, but is it common on river cruises? We are on Gate 1 and it is hard to find out much info on them. This will be a Christmas Markets cruise in December, so if I can get by with only half as many clothes because I know I can get them washed, it will sure be nice.
  5. Not sure about United, but Delta has this too. Delta also has a 20-minute guarantee for luggage to be delivered at the baggage claim. I've flown American into DFW and waited 45 minutes for luggage to come off of a plane that you could see out the window from the baggage claim.
  6. No, it's because they don't have red-eyes. No one ever brought up anything about it being a non-stop flight. They do not leave Hawaii early enough to make a connection and still get back to BWI the same calendar day, due to the time change.
  7. As of now you can not take SWA from Hawaii to around east of the Rockies, due to them not having any red-eye flights. It is to long of a distance. Not sure when or if they are expecting that to change. You would have to do something like fly to LAX, stay the night there and then fly to BWI.
  8. zdcatc12

    Wind speed.

    I saw the "almost" after I replied, you be correct, sorry.
  9. zdcatc12

    Wind speed.

    Two of DFWs runways are diagonals, 13/31 L and R
  10. zdcatc12

    SW from FLL

    Not sure if this is what happened to you, but twice on SWA, I have had the plane that I was supposed to fly on, sent to a different destination after arrival, causing a delay for us. I knew because I was tracking the inbound flight for our flight and that plane ended up going to a different destination after it arrived and we got a 6-hour delay.
  11. I was on a SWA flight last month through STL. Our plane was continuing on. As I was getting off, they already had the bulkhead seats blocked off for when the through passengers could change seats, to keep them available for the pre-boarders at the gate. I'm not sure what would have happened had those passengers that were in those seats stayed on the plane.
  12. I've got a 34-minute one coming up in SLC, that is going to be fun.
  13. So sad every time I go into Philly on the Walt Whitman bridge and see her rusting away 😢
  14. Stayed there a few weeks ago and was completely happy with it. We usually would walk down Pitt St. to CQ, but on our last day we went to the Museum station and took the train!!!
  15. Yes, my first "real" cruise (had a SeaEscape one before that) was on her in 1990. I still remember that Malcolm Kennedy was the CD. Also, the movie theater and indoor pool. And the same table/waiters for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!
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