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  1. No slower at altitude by much, if any, compared to other airliners. It was probably due to a 200-300 knot headwind because of the time of year it was, so it would have been slower on any jet. Most airliners fly between Mach .76 and .78 with a few, e.g. 747 around .80 or .81. Of course, the max ceiling on a MD is FL370 as opposed to FL430 or FL450 like some newer ones, so they could not fly as high either.
  2. Cancelled a flight with Delta last week because of an impossible connection, i.e. leaving 3 hours before arriving, and had my refund within 3 days.
  3. I have never done air through a cruise line, but does the charge on the credit card show as the airline or the cruise line? The reason that I am asking is because the land portion of my Gate1 tour got cancelled by them and later the flight got cancelled by Delta. I never received notice from Delta that they cancelled, I only knew because I checked my future reservations and it wasn't there anymore. Because I paid Gate 1 and they paid Delta, they got the airfare refund, not me. So if the charge was showing as Celebrity and not Delta, they would have gotten the refund and you would have to get a refund from them.
  4. Correct, I saw an article today about many major dry docks getting cancelled/postponed due to either money they no longer want to use or the drydock facility being closed during this time.
  5. zdcatc12

    Tap Air

    Your post says "However, pretty much all airlines are dragging their feet on refunding as they should. " I'm pretty sure that "as they should" means that you agree that they should. Did I read that wrong?
  6. zdcatc12

    Tap Air

    Just curious. Why do think the airlines should be dragging their feet on refunds of flights that they cancelled? They received money from you for a service that they didn't provide. What they should be doing is holding your airfare until you actually fly and then spend it. If that were the case, they wouldn't be in this bind. Do you not think that maybe some of the people who this is happening to need their money back as much as the airlines need to keep it?
  7. The first two items are specific to their situation, just them; a labor issue is covered by normal travel insurance. This is a global pandemic affecting millions, not the same as traveling to a wedding that is cancelled because the bride had cold feet. Don't think that I am not in favor of getting insurance, because I am; but I don't usually get the cancel for any reason policy. People are saying that for this event, you should have bought insurance, but it needs to be specified that this insurance also needed the cancel for any reason clause or else these items would not be covered anyway, and then still at only 50-75%. Some people preach for insurance, some people preach for refundable tickets. Yes, in this specific situation it would have been more prudent to do the latter, I agree with you on that.
  8. I normally agree with you, but not in this case. Yes, travel insurance would have paid, but only if the cancel for any reason option was purchased and, with the majority of policies, only 75% of what was paid.
  9. I would agree with your statement if this was something that folks had control over, but the fact that it is something out of their control, I don't agree.
  10. This is what I found: Advocacy group Flyer Rights has noted that the average width of airplane seats has been reduced from 18.5 inches to 17 inches. The average pitch (legroom) between seats has decreased from 35 inches to 31 inches, and in some aircraft, the pitch is as little as 28 inches. I believe it is a combination of a few things, the pitch, the width, more seats in the same cabin, e.g. pre-merger AA had 150 seats in the 738, now I believe it is 172. I flew an AA 777 with the 10 abreast seating and it was not fun, they have reduced the aisle width also, which doesn't help. Some of the economy plus seats now have the pitch that economy seats had 20+ years ago and some domestic first class pitch is what economy plus was a few years ago.
  11. OK, sorry. I saw your name on the picture credits and I thought that meant that you took them on the date on the picture.
  12. AA has an involuntary bumping rate of .38 per 10000 passengers, so basically 1 out of every 30000. I'll take those odds. And I don't have first-hand experience like you, but I'm pretty sure if it happened, you would not wait days for a flight. I'm pretty sure they would put you ahead of people whose flights got cancelled, etc. Also, with voluntary bumping, I have never accepted that without already knowing what flight I was going to be on after the bump. Again, I do not have first-hand knowledge like you, but I am pretty sure that no one has given up their seat not knowing when they would get to where they were going. Of course, I guess something out of the airlines control could happen to delay your new flight, but pretty sure that doesn't happen a lot.
  13. Not sure where you are getting this misinformation from. Yes, when AA introduced basic economy it was a personal item only, as UA still does. However, in the last year or so, AA now allows a carry-on in addition to a personal item even with a basic economy ticket. From the AA website: Customers flying Basic Economy are now allowed 1 free carry-on (in addition to a personal item) to all destinations.
  14. Do you have first hand knowledge of this happening? I have never heard of this happening on any airline. Because a legal carry-on is a legal carry-on, regardless of fare class booked. Not so sure being first to be "Bumped" would be so bad, unless you absolutely needed to get somewhere at a specific time. After all. if you are delayed 1-2 hours, you would get double your fare back, up to $675 and if over two hours, you would get 4 times your fare back, up to $1350. I would take that every time, especially since these bumps require pay back in cash, not a voucher or gift card.
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