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  1. We have a port stop here. I've already been to Mont St. Michel and am trying to decide between a ship excursion to Dinan, or something independent in Saint Malo. The only walking tours I've found in Saint Malo seem French speaking. Does anyone know of tours offered in English, or is it worth self-exploring without the benefit of a guide?
  2. drakes2, may I ask which cruise this is?
  3. Maybe not by current legal definitions, but it is most certainly discriminatory. And the current legals definitions are changing. Maybe this is a good time to contact our elected officials about this and other examples where solos are "fined" for being so.
  4. I have no interest in playing games or assuming a financial risk, however unlikely, with a cruise line that doesn't value me as a solo passenger. Plenty of other fish in the sea.
  5. OP's example shows they are charging significantly over double. Solo travelers are accustomed to paying double in many cases, but this is outrageous. I recently was quoted a fare of $7377 on a cabin that showed a double occupany fare of $4823 total, and was told I was ineligible as a solo for a promotion that included their all-inclusive package.
  6. Thanks to all for your comments and advice. I'm going to book a starboard cabin, but be prepared to go to a top deck. I hope Stromboli is active then!
  7. Thanks, PurpleTraveller. Based on your experience and the others' comments, I plan to book a starboard side cabin. It's pretty close to the top deck, so we can make a quick trip up if our balcony view is not good.
  8. Yes, I'm aware we can always go to a top deck and move around for views. I was hoping someone who's done a Taormina to Naples or similar route could advise which side of Stromboli the ship would likely pass.
  9. I was hoping we might see it from our balcony cabin, in case it's very late at night when we pass by.
  10. We'll be sailing from Taormina to Naples, passing by Stromboli. Would port or starboard give the best view (if any) of it? I can't quite figure it out from the maps. Thanks.
  11. This is great information, Mulhouse. I'm in port such a short time on this cruise, but I'm going to safe this for another cruise when I'll have a longer stay.
  12. Completely agree, lydnsyd. After giving more thought to this, I'm not comfortable venturing out on my own with such an early departure time. Hopefully, Windstar will come through.
  13. I'm on an August cruise that calls on Porto (Leixoes). So far, no shore excursions have been offered by the cruise line, Windstar and I was told recently that it's possible none will be offered "but anything can happen". I'm looking for DIY options. I've read that a hop-on bus is an option but was also considering a taxi. Are taxis readily available both at the pier in town? And what would be a good area to focus since our ship departs at 2:00 pm? Maybe there are local tour companies that will pick up at the port? I have the same issue with the ports of St. Malo and Bordeaux but with much longer stays - no excursions offered and no promise of them at a later date. I'll post those separately, but would welcome ideas there as well. Thanks.
  14. Considering the walk involved to my stop, this stair issue, and the possibility of bad weather, I think a taxi makes much more sense. You've been most helpful. I see you'e from Cork. Our ship had a port stop at Cobh last month and we took a tour of Cork, as well as tour of the Midleton Distillery, with tastings of course! In Cork, our guide was beaming with pride as she drove us past a college where Cillian Murphy attended, pointing out a large poster honoring him for his well-deserved award. She had the driver go around a second time for "those who may have missed it", but I think it may have been for her benefit!
  15. Thank so much, VMax. It's also helpful to see the location of the Dart station.
  16. Sounds interesting! Thanks for your help.
  17. The embarkment port for our August cruise is Dun Laoghaire, which seems to be a tender-only port. This seems a little tricky with disembarking and embarking passengers, all with luggage, in a short period of time and with the ship needing to take on supplies. Are there also docking berths there?
  18. Can anyone recently onboard in a Veranda Plus tell me which types and brands are being included these days?
  19. I'm traveling solo on my first Princess cruise in a few months. On other lines, I usually opt for anytime dining and ask to be seated at a shared table. I've found it a good way to meet different people. Also, I'm not obligated to show up every evening if I don't feel like having dinner there on certain nights. Do things work this way on Princess, too? Thanks.
  20. Many of us wish you would take 10 seconds to proofread your posts before sending them, if you can spare the time. It would make your thoughts so much clearer.
  21. I appreciate your response. My question was poorly phrased. I did read the Guide to Benefits, but was looking for personal experiences. For example, if I book a flight and cruise, but only the cruise is paid with Chase Sapphire is the flight also covered, or in my situation, if only partial payment on Chase, should it be a certain percent of the total cost? I may be overthinking this, but seeing words like "may" or "might" in these documents is why I'm wondering if anyone has personally had a benefit paid under these circumstances.
  22. I'm considering applying for this card. I have made deposits on two separate cruises on my current card. If I make the final payments on the Chase Sapphire card, will I be covered by their travel benefits? I've tried calling the Chase benefits no., but was told they can't answer any benefit questions unless I already have the card. This policy seems ridiculous, just wondering if anyone has any info on this.
  23. That accounts for it - the high prices and no cancellation policies. I was lucky to find something that worked for me. Thanks for letting me know.
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