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  1. Consider a Western Mediterranean itinerary out of Barcelona. We loved ours, and found the balance of ports and at-sea time was a perfect balance.
  2. Indeed. Not everyone would be disappointed if they added some new destination ports to Caribbean itineraries...
  3. You forgot the biggest draw of that port - pigging out on Salmon!
  4. For the most part...yes. There have been a few cases where the 2 pricing models have resulted in the same cabin prices on certain cruises...but that's the exception, not the rule.
  5. Ketchikan is a very small port stop...so it's really difficult to understand how anyone could be so late to return - the ship docking area is close to virtually 90% of any shore activities. Hopefully there is nothing serious that caused their delay - getting to another stop will be a challenge and likely very expensive.
  6. Same. We also use the TSA approved locks.
  7. OK...but my time is worth something doing it with RCI’s reservation roulette...
  8. You raised a good point...insurance rules & plans can vary by state....some states have very complex rules.
  9. That provision only pertinent to the pre-paid health conditions. The policies we get provide for full travel cost refunds (air, hotel, cruise, excursions, etc.). It depends what policy you have and which provider you use - there are a good deal of variances based on what insurance you purchase.
  10. The largest travel company in the world...they have a cruise specialty travel office a mile from the home. I referenced how cryptic the info is on the RCI website...and just one of many ways to avoid that experience.
  11. Gotcha. Good to hear you asked and got the answer. 👍
  12. Actually...getting 100% of your money back isn't difficult with the right travel insurance...and makes it much easier than navigating through the various cruise line fine print and corresponding online screens that don't always explain the details.
  13. I would think a good travel insurance policy for your trip could provide the same cancel protection for a range of reasons...and much less than a $200 fee.
  14. Then again...if someone gets travel insurance with the right coverage...the whole issue becomes irrelevant anyway.
  15. Sorry...but disagree. Out TA is well versed on travel insurance and has no allegiance to just one company. The measly amounts we've paid for travel insurance with great coverage (beyond what the cruise lines offer) was a bargain every time. Could care less what the commission is...the coverage and low premiums were both very desirable.
  16. Agree. Getting good/great travel insurance coverage at a reasonable rate is easy online with minimal effort.
  17. Indeed. Port personnel drama overflow into cruise bookings is simply ridiculous.
  18. Indeed bring an inexpensive European plug adapter gains you another outlet plug to use. Easy peasy (and cheaper/no risk).
  19. We don't. Using our TA solves that challenge easily. They get us both the refundable and non-refundable pricing with no additional effort on our part. Easy peasy.
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