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  1. Kinda what I figured...but thanks for adding your insights (as always) Bob.
  2. Following the information (and doing some side research as well) regarding travel router devices. Since we sign up for onboard WIFI anyway, any interest we have centers solely on signal strength stability and boost in cabin locations. We don't condone nor would we leverage any device for "expanding" the user count access - that's just plain wrong from our vantage point. We may have been a bit spoiled in the past on ships with the 03b sat internet onboard...so with our next cruise being on Navigator...we'll continue to follow the information in this thread regarding the value/benefits of a travel WIFI-bridge-type device towards reliable/stable/good WIFI.
  3. I'm assuming Junior Suites have just one more outlet.
  4. We've never heard of that before, and certainly didn't experience it on our upcoming cruise planner WIFI signups.
  5. I think you're in great shape to enjoy your trip. We did nearly the same things you have booked...and have wonderful memories.
  6. It's quite likely we'll see a number of onsite pix from Coco Cay in <4 weeks ...when the main elements officially open up.
  7. This is one of the best posts on this topic to date. 👍
  8. As we all know...the Water Park is only one of many locations/activities on Coco Cay. Having a cabana in the Thrill Water Park area simply as a "base camp" to enjoy the amenities there, while also having the opportunity to go other locations on the island (including beaches), is a great option. Sand is sand and water is water...so it comes down to the scenery and related activities. Our group has access to the beach nearly anytime...so other choices are attractive. We can understand that Long Island and the Caribbean both have quite different beaches. As for comparing to other cities...the whole point was that $178 per day per person (for a maintained room, food, entertainment, waterpark access with cabana, optional beverage service, and other various ship amenities) trumps nearly any other vacation/travel alternatives anywhere in the world. Cruising is still one of the best vacation bag-for-the-buck options anywhere today, especially since others do all the work and our job is to show up and enjoy it all.
  9. With our per-person cruise fare, Waterpark full day cabana on Coco Cay, and refreshment package onboard...we're $173 PER PERSON PER DAY ALL IN as far as total cruise cost. That's in a Junior Suite by the way. In New York, that buys you a so-so 3 star hotel (per night) and one $26-$30 soup & sandwich lunch (per person) in New York (or Boston or San Francisco or Seattle or L.A.) ...seems like a major bargain when comparing apples to the big apple.
  10. It does make sense that if this unplanned dry dock was going to be done...leveraging the opportunity for other tasks that were known to come up anyway in 6 months or less could save time and money later.
  11. We booked more than 200 days in advance...and get a "sale price" easily. Checking every couple of days renders a lower rate with promos done frequently on the Cruise Planner pages.
  12. Some would have thought some things are "New York prices"...which of course are among the highest anywhere. 😱 Then again...I'd challenge you to find a cabana water park (including admission) location anyplace that also includes unlimited bottled water, food, and towels for $66 per day...which is what we're paying. Seems to be quite the bargain in contrast. At Disney...it would cost more than double - Typhoon Lagoon alone costs more than that.
  13. That actually makes sense. If they're doing all the major reconstruction anyway...that's the time to do the infrastructure work as well. Fiber runs would be ideal...for the operational network...but in any case...new communications lines and network lines assure things run well and reliably.
  14. There are literally dozens of threads about Coco Cay already...including the information you seek. If you use the "search" function...you can find them all.
  15. But it is a terrific guess...(was our guess too)...so it must be true... 🤣
  16. Had a hunch...since the center tower is pretty much the tallest thing on the island (other than the balloon). 👍
  17. They could also be testing them as required periodically anyway....we got to see them "herding" on a regular cruise while in port....Antigua...
  18. Indeed...but unfortunately there are cheap-skates from time to time in those places, who have no issue absorbing attention and great service treatment...followed by a MEH in the form of no tip. They know who they are and simply don't care...and no one will change that unfortunate behavior. '' In contrast, we appreciate good/great service, and demonstrate it to those who are in service industries such as those you named.
  19. LOL....thanks for the levity on a topic others are taking far too seriously.
  20. We've been on Radiance, Navigator, Liberty, Quantum, and Oasis class ships...in some cases, multiple times. We actually enjoy the Oasis class - they have the most onboard activities to offer overall, while actually feeling less crowded than small ships because of the sheer volume/deck space of these vessels. The all have good things to offer.
  21. WOW - wondering who made anyone king to choose who can post...thought that was the job of a moderator. Great to see the pix from scottish67 that also put all the naysayers and skeptics where they belong...the back seat of this thread. The rest of us enjoy the contents of all types...and looking forward to Oasis being "whole" again soon.
  22. Perhaps...but things like food transportation costs on and off ships, refrigeration, cooks, and other food-related costs are found elsewhere on the overall cost "spreadsheet"...therefore...those low numbers don't really reflect the true amount anyway.
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