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  1. You'll want to check the pricing periodically....as the Coco Cay cabana prices bounce up and down from time to time...and catching the low pricing is a matter of perseverance.
  2. They call it something else...but indeed offer status discounts.
  3. No bragging. Just fact. The point made ties into the thread topic. Loyalty by a customer results in cruise line loyalty in the form of added benefits. Since Royal owns Celebrity too...having almost twice the cruise options that leverage the benefits is a GOOD thing.
  4. I guess it would be wrong to tell anyone else “get it (tour) while it’s hot” 🙀
  5. Agreed. One other "perk" that comes into play is that Royal's loyalty program is reciprocal with its sister cruise lines, including Celebrity. This provides the means to consider more ships & more destinations while gaining comparable-status perks. Another smart move towards the loyalty of cruise line customers.
  6. I was wondering how Ovation was going to support Tracy Arm Fjord...now we know... a tour. Thanks for sharing. When we viewed Sawyer Glacier, they actually sailed Radiance of the Seas all the way to the inner turnaround pool in front of it. Like my previous compare photo post about Mendenhall Glacier, it has become obvious that these beautiful nature wonders are decreasing in scale over time (comparison views to your background glacier shot below from 2014 - the last one is pretty close to the same area view as your photo).
  7. All customers of any service industry have always paid for service. The key variations tend to focus on how much one pays in contrast to how much one receives in return. Loyalty programs are marketing tools used routinely to encourage customers to repeat their business relationships - positively impacting the revenue of the company offering the program. None of this is new nor unique to any industry. The Crown & Anchor program with Royal Caribbean is their version of an incentive program. Since a lack of "caring" about passengers' loyalty would result in reduced repeat business and therefore reduced revenue from that market segment, the original claim in the original post would seem contrarian.
  8. Agree. Words are a powerful things. How they are used - context and intent - typically determines how they are received.
  9. Then again...passengers who reach Crown & Anchor loyalty tiers are provided corresponding benefits at no additional charge.
  10. There are multiple cabana locations on Coco Cay. The only "over water" cabanas are located in the South Beach area - and these will not be available until Dec 2019. All other cabanas are located near water, but not over it.
  11. Ouch. Luckily it's one of several things included in the refreshment package.
  12. Unfortunately a "no shirt no service" rule is typically used for seating.
  13. Thank you for your feedback. It is typically nice to communicate on a thread topic in a manner that aligns to the content and tone of the conversation. As a show of appreciation, we are returning your kind effort to demonstrate the versatility of language, all without using large letters to shout the information. Criticize means to enumerate faults or failings in a disapproving fashion. Criticize may also mean to analyze something, such as a work of art. Criticize is a transitive verb, which is a verb that takes an object. Related words are criticizes, criticized, criticizing, criticizer. Criticise is the preferred British spelling, related words are criticises, criticised, criticizing. The North American spelling of criticize is also considered correct and is gaining acceptance around the world. Many people have done wonderfully at explaining their reasoning in contrast to the original post viewpoint. Any cruise line has a strong financial incentive to sustain a base of returning customers, as would any business as well. Various examples have already been stated in other posts, so we'll avoid being redundant. May everyone have happy sailings in the future.
  14. One quick observation - the photos of Mendenhall Glacier show a significant receding of it's size along the water's edge from where we saw it just a few years ago. At this rate...there may not be much to see in another 10 years or so. These pix below were in 2014...compare these 2 to the views in Post #383. WOW.
  15. Yup - the title, the original post, and any supporting posts.
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