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  1. Yup. We booked a Thrill Cabana for later this year (5 people) based on its very convenient location near all the water park activities, as well as amenities. We can always walk over to other areas...but that's where we'll hang most of the time.
  2. Got one at a reasonable cost - even at Diamond this year...we're a ways away from earning our first crystal block. I got one as a surprise anniversary gift for Adventure of the Seas...since next year is our 25th, and that's our first cruise ship we sailed.
  3. I guess not everyone has been reading the information about Coco Cay in terms of readiness. There's a whole thread on that topic. Pier is already open this month. Rest of island amenities open in May 2019. South end over-the-water cabanas open before year end. There's a reason why the various cabanas are on Cruise Planner listings...because in another 6-8 weeks...they will be finished and available. No fantasy creatures required.
  4. All the Cabanas will be available by the time you take your cruise in 300 days. The last ones to be completed will the the over-the-water Cabanas on the South end of the island. The choices are quite simple...location drives your choices. The pricing is very similar. If you want to be near the water park area...there's a Cabana option for that. If you what the most peaceful area...the Chill area is probably the choice. If you want the swim-up to the bar area...the Oasis Cabanas are for you. All the Cabanas are very similar...and it comes down to what surrounding/nearby areas you wish to be located near.
  5. That is not correct. All those Cabanas on the PDF listed are available for reservations as of May. They also appear on our Cruise Planner as well. We even booked one already.
  6. Looks like it was a bad episode of the newlywed game... I'd have more empathy for the rescue dog. 🤣
  7. Good point. Even a 7-day cruise for 2 or more people gets "pricey"... $279...
  8. You're assuming it's a rock wall... OK...messing with you. 🤣
  9. As for the topic at hand...after following this thread from the start...there's a mixed bag of views of the value/benefit to getting "The Key". C&A status, specifically which ship, and itinerary all play a role as to whether or not it is worthwhile.
  10. TSA Precheck assignments were done by some airlines for their high-traffic, high mileage customers for free a couple years ago. In my case, I've flown more than 2 Million miles, with 1.6 Million being with 1 airline, which has TSA Precheck on my boarding passes nearly every flight - again - for free. Occasionally...TSA chooses to do a "random check" and in those few cases...the Precheck designation on the boarding pass is not there. Precheck is also now a commoditized service people can get by paying for it annually or for an extended term up to 5 years. That has resulted in some Precheck lines in some airports being longer than "regular passenger" lines at peak periods. Clear further muddies the water, depending on where their physical entry point is at a particular airport. For example, the Clear line in Atlanta's airport mergers into the TSA Precheck line near the front...further delaying Precheck and causing many disgrunted passengers. So in the end..it comes down to the amount people are willing to pay - Clear costs the most but often can get you through security quicker at many airports - however - it is limited to the larger airports only, and sometimes their system itself "goes down" during peak periods, causing passenger delays.
  11. I just wanted to add that the prices for the cabanas are NOT per person, rather, they are for either 6 or 8 people in total (depending on which one you choose) for the cabana for the day. Only one person needs to reserve a cabana, and gets either 6 or 8 armbands for the rest of the people you plan to include in your group.
  12. The attached file below has the Overview information of each of the 3 different CABANA packages at Coco Cay directly from the Royal site itself. NOTE: the 4th option, "CABANAs over WATER" are not expected to be open/available until in November or December. None of the options refer to their choices as bungalows. You can rent Bungalows...which are different...at multiple locations. The selection of a cabana choice primarily comes down to location, location, location on Coco Cay island. OVERVIEW_CABANA PACKAGES.pdf
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