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  1. Having been on Ovation nearly a year ago to the day...and traveling to New Zealand on a 10 day itinerary...we can strongly relate and empathize with those who experienced this tragedy from any perspective onboard. Given these same circumstances...and no one here except passengers onboard can rightfully criticize anything on this sad cruise from afar without direct knowledge...there is no doubt that upon the event occurring...Royal Caribbean headquarters was leading all decisions. Second-guessing their choices on standing by onsite during the event to assist any affected passengers and later cutting the cruise short is fruitless and ridiculous. It was a terrible tragedy that clearly had risks like any volcano-based excursion. Those who perished or were injured deserve condolences and empathy. It's embarrassing to read posts by any cruisers who choose to seek blame, criticize others, and second-guess everything. All the Monday-morning quarterbacking in posts here is exceptionally disappointing and foolish.
  2. Apples vs Oranges. Scales are completely different. Lines are inevitable any place more than 10 people congregate let alone thousands. Coco Cay had more than 7K on the day we were there recently- no sign of crowding at all...and the longest line was for the tall slides in the Thrill Waterpark...ranging from 10-35 minutes. Nothing to fret about.
  3. Two ships in when we were there a few weeks ago...NO CROWDING at all. Where are the MYTHBUSTERS when ya need them? The place is designed for more than 10K people...unless 2 Oasis class ships are there together (which doesn't happen)...CROWDING IS NOT A REAL THING.
  4. Following our first Coco Cay experience (with a Thrill Waterpark cabana) - we found the nearby Snack Shack & Captain Jack's food options (free) to be quite sufficient.
  5. Probably a good idea. In fact, its the reason why we are glad we have a great Water Park Cabana (got at the lowest price) - since only one (our) ship will be there...Coco Cay won't be as crowded as when the Oasis class ships are docked. Plenty to enjoy there - so planning ahead is probably the best tip of all.
  6. That's certainly a more realistic forecast that some others read in this thread.
  7. That's not what has been communicated so far - no specific plans released. The current dock location is so-so and surrounding shopping area underwhelming.
  8. Indeed. The current port/dock area in St. Lucia is convenient to the city and surround sights access. That said, it's primarily an area of small shops intended for visits by cruise passengers when getting off the ship and/or reboarding. Nothing especially unique or special. A refurbish and another dock would likely be a smart move (and actually overdue).
  9. Then of course...there's the voodoo math about estimated single/double/other occupancy based on cabin sizes and beds... ...if every cabin has every room bed filled to capacity with a passenger...such as in suites and/or balconies with sleeper/foldout bed couches...the actual passenger maximums are different than the ones they promote (usually rounded numbers) for various ships as well...
  10. That reinforces my earlier point that comparisons are futile unless you have a true apple-for-apple scenario. That's also where "ranking" the various buffets to sort that out is a must. For example...comparing the "free" Windjammer on a Royal Cruise ship to the Bellagio buffet is totally a farce. Thanks for pointing out your key comparison factors above.
  11. Good points. It took us 1 1/2 days to get to New Zealand back in December, and a full sea day on the return.
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