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  1. "Navy doesn’t intend to bring aboard anyone infected with coronavirus. The ships will instead be used to treat non-Covid patients, a Navy public affairs officer says. They’ll take on the folks who’ve suffered heart attacks, strokes, and broken legs so land-based hospitals can focus on the pandemic." Above is what the Navy Ship in NY and LA is to support. No treatment of Covid patients was ever intended or implied. Also it takes a lot to be admitted to a hospital just on general terms so admissions are generally for the very ill. BUT I can see some potential problems with insurance covering admissions to a non participating "hospital" in their network. Admissions generally have to be pre-certified. People take pictures because it's an amazing ship and rarely seen here and nothing political about that.
  2. Thats good news. I will try again in a week or so. Nothing urgent but of course every thing is a big mess right now
  3. I emailed my vacation planner a week or more ago and his email says he's out of the office and no return date. I wonder if Royal put them on furlough. If he was working from home I would think he would have emailed me back. It's a shame because I really liked him and it was so easy to book with him, make changes or any of some of the complicated things that seem to come up.
  4. Thank you John and Laura. Your opinion of Star class was just as we would anticipate our own would be. I'm glad you did it first so we didn't have to!! Sorry for all the $$$ you had to spend though to find out.. That all being said I'm sure a big group of infrequent cruisers with lots of kids would find it very helpful in coordinating their activities.
  5. We are also in SC in Lexington. The State Newspaper is running articles everyday. I had read on, I believe, Saturday, that the hospitals were at 55% capacity. I'm sure the hospitals kicked out all the walkie talkie patients to their homes freeing up beds. Also today the State reported about 1000 corona cases total in SC. Some "expert" in DHEC projected last week that we would have 2,600 by tomorrow and 8000 by May 2. I think he's off the mark a bit. But then we're probably just starting to increase here so who knows but the 2,600 was very off.
  6. Not canceling either. End of July and November. I can't believe our luck that we picked this year to take time off from cruising. We usually have a lot more booked so no big hassle for us. We did have our April 26 canceled but that was the only misfortune we had.
  7. Zippo. Don't cancel your cruise, let them cancel it so you can get a full cash refund back to your card instead of the FCC. I you want an FCC you will probably be offered that option but I'm holding out for the cash!
  8. When I snuck out to the grocery store on Monday I got the LAST TWO LIMES!!! 👏
  9. If Royal cancels the cruise, you can still get your full refund back to your card right? I would rather get the cash back rather than the FCC so I can book whatever I want without the rules of the FCC.
  10. We still have 4/26 booked and hoping but not optimistic. Hopeful that some of the drugs mentioned yesterday and today by the medical professionals for off label use will be very effective and squelch the whole thing.👏
  11. Amen X3!!! Even now, given how old we are which you would laugh if you knew, we still want to buy a pontoon as we're a mile from Lake Murray SC. If our children would please buy a house on the lake we would dock the boat there in exchange they could use it whenever they wanted as long as they cleaned it!!!! So far no takers!! So now we use our RCL yachts instead and they do all the work for a nominal fee.
  12. Don't make knee jerk decisions when you're in the middle of a national crisis!! Step back in six months and then see how you feel. You might feel the same or maybe different, who knows. Sometimes when we get off a cruise I say I'm sick of it, I'll never cruise again and in 3 weeks I'm booking another! LOL! I sure love seeing your pictures and views of your condo!! Not to mention the launch shots.
  13. Last year we were sitting at a luncheon with one of the Captains. For some reason the conversation went to discussing the Costa Concordia disaster. The Captain told us that if this had been a Royal ship, it would have been the end of Royal. They could never withstand some thing like this. We gulped and were shocked but he was dead serious. I won't name the Captain, mainly because I can't remember!!LOL! But since then Royal has taken on a lot of debt with Coco Cay and the new builds. I hope Royal is able to withstand this disaster with the help of the government. I surely don't want them to go under. I know we do our share as frequent cruisers with Royal!
  14. I hope so too. People are having a difficult time obtaining this note as written. Some MD's won't sign it.
  15. I agree. I cruise 4/26 so it's not covered for full refund, just FCC. I'm still waiting till 48 hrs before sailing just in case. I still want to go though!
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