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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your brother in law in a nursing home. God protect him. We haven't had aTest since we've gone no place but have a dental visit and MD visit in the next few weeks. I'm going to ask for a test to see if we have immunity after our Feb cruise ,but we were never sick and never exposed as far as we know..BUT let's see.!
  2. We definitely do miss cruising but we are actually missing EVERYTHING now. We are pretty much alone in the house or the yard all the time and are staying that way until the vaccine is available and the numbers of positive cases drop. We're in that age category and warned off just about everything. Sad really. I'd be happy to go on the Staten Island ferry! We do have several cruises booked for 2021 so we're hopeful we are going!!
  3. Or as we used to say in the Corporate world, promoted!!!! Reward the guilty and blame the innocent!
  4. Is the L&S option going away on Sept 20th?? I haven't heard it extended unless it's considered a part of the CWC plan which seems like it's going to stay if they are contacting affected people in 3 weeks and it's slated to expire in 2 weeks.. Maybe another shoe is going to drop later.
  5. 1. Rhapsody 1-23-21 2. Allure 7-25-21 3. None, we'll do it again in the future!! All the L&S are just piling up at the end of 21 and beginning of 22!
  6. Thats such good news and I'm sure there are tons of lonely senior residents of nursing/assisted care facilities in Florida longing to see their loved ones. 👏
  7. Good news for the residents of nursing facilities in SC. Our Governor is allowing visits for the families of residents finally. How lonely these residents must be in their final years of life, unable to see their loved ones. They can now visit outdoors and two at a time. I haven't seen my grandchildren in 6 months and I can't wait for the day that I can kiss and hug them again.
  8. I received mine back via USPS priority mail. I received it in 14 days from the date I sent it. Sent it in august
  9. I live pretty close to that magical zip code and they're still doing great! We also had Dr. Deborah Birx here in Columbia SC yesterday. We aren't doing great with numbers of testing. People just have covid fatigue and not interested. So she's sending a surge testing team here and encouraging the saliva test. We had around 230 positive in SC yesterday but our percentage was higher because on low testing. Overall our numbers have been under 500 for the last week or so.
  10. We got our flue shot now as well. We do usually wait till October but we were advised there will be a big rush on these "super high dose old people shots" so we just did it earlier. There was a big line in Publix also AND the bonus $10 gift cards are appreciated.
  11. Liked the hair cut, but his message was sadly lacking in any real detail or news regarding the start up of cruising. Not very encouraging yet Royal continues to sell cabins for Nov and forward.
  12. I have it! I got mine a while ago from Key Smart. I also have a sanitizer tray with UV rays that sanitizes the key smart. It's good for your phones and bunch of other things. I use the Key Smart to enter doors that aren't electric and also you can use it to punch in numbers at the gas station or credit card needs.
  13. I don't know if this was mentioned but Carnival announced that Costa is going to start cruising this weekend from Italy. One more line cruising without a vaccine. Lets hope things go smoothly or they can handle whatever comes their way.
  14. Just an update, things must be getting better. I sent my passport renewal on Aug 18 and received it today, Sept 2, a total of 14 days. It came Priority mail and it looks like it's from Washington. I also sent it Priority Mail but not expedited.
  15. We were too but L&S to Nov next year, same ship, same port, same duration. Next anticipated potential cancellation is Jan 23..ugh! That will be cruise #6 cancelled. I'm hopefully it goes but who knows.
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