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  1. We were on Edge last November and had a Celebrity Suite. We normally stay in a Royal Suite on S class ships. There were no Royals available on Edge for the sailing we booked so we took a Celebrity Suite and were very happy with it. More than large enough for two people.
  2. We also were supposed to be on Equinox this week. Miss sailing away but I know there will be another day on Celebrity to look forward to. We have two more cruises booked for this November. Final payment on the first one is August 25. Hope things look better by then or we will cancel and wait for next year. Pat
  3. We had to cancel our cruise that would have left tomorrow. I did this March 11. Got my FCC from Celebrity two weeks ago, but just checked and got my credit card refund for the taxes and fees today. That was just about 4 weeks so my suggestion is to be patient for a while. This is a lot more work than they usually do and staff just might not all be working. Pat
  4. Randy, since we were on the same sailing that you cancelled, we have received our FCC but they still owe us for the taxes and fees. Our agent told me it might take 8 weeks to see our refund for that. I am truly hoping for our November cruise taking place but I will cancel before final payment if things don't get better. Pat
  5. I used a travel agent for my cruise that was supposed to take place April 11. I used cruise with confidence and both my husband and I received our fcc in an email from Celebrity. So I own it not my TA. I am awaiting the taxes and fees to be reimbursed back to my credit card which I am still waiting for. Celebrity is a little slow in handing out cash. Pat
  6. We are 74 and 73 and are still going on our April 11 cruise on Equinox. We are healthy and feel like we can take precautions to not get sick. You only have one life to live so you might as well live it. Pat
  7. We once were on Zenith during a noro virus cruise. They did not wait until the middle of the night to do the bleach spraying, we walked behind the crew in hazmat suits while they were spraying during the middle of the day. . We were traveling with friends and none of us got sick while they were cleaning. We did however have some clothes ruined by leaning on the wet rails in the elevators but Celebrity paid to have our ruined clothes replaced. Be glad that they are trying their best to keep you safe. I it bothers you, try putting down a towel by the door to keep the smell out of your cabin
  8. I am so old that I remember metal pens on Celebrity. In fact I still have two of those pens at home. Pat
  9. I figure any day I wake up on this side of the dirt is a good day. My mind is still 16 but my body is 74 and aches all over. Won't stop me from cruising though. Pat
  10. Okay we are guilty here. In our garage is a Mercedes 450S and a Porsche 911. Yes we love suites also. Our favorite is the Royal Suite. I should tell you why we have all of this, it is because my husband has worked hard his whole life and now we are in our 70's and we want to spend our money on what we enjoy. Our kids know that I will not leave them a bill but they have to make their own money just like we did. We enjoy Celebrity and we sail 3 to 4 times a year. This is not to say we haven't sailed in every type of cabin over the close to 30 years we have been cruising. No matter what
  11. On occasion we have left our scale at home. Just ask you cabin steward or your butler and they will bring one for you to use. Pat
  12. I too love the suite life. I enjoy all the perks and love the crew. Love seeing people we know on the ship who have been making our sailing so pleasurable. We mostly sail the Caribbean and now the ports don't matter any more. There is only so many ports they can visit in the Caribbean. I sail for the service I get from the crew. Pat
  13. Linda, the retreat lounge on Edge has plenty of comfortable chairs and couches. It also has a window wall across both sides of the ship. It has also an outdoor seating area with plenty of shade if you prefer to sit outside. Afternoon tea was served to you by the butlers. Food was available all day. You could go up and get it yourselves or the wait staff would bring what you like. They had soft entertainment in there also. It was quite nice as the singers were never too loud. You really have to try the Edge, it was a wonderful experience. Pat
  14. I was told that there will be a bar on Apex in the retreat lounge. Pat
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