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  1. I figured structural worked as an adjective because the drains weren't doing the job drains are suppose to, which is prevent water from pooling instead of draining. Actually the more I think of it probably just bad design and structurally it's just fine except the drains don't drain.
  2. Deadly mold? I have no idea I didn't observe mold. I thought I said I smelled mildew/mold on Deck 11. I didn't smell it elsewhere on the ship. And I observed improper/inadequate draining in the shower/steam room on deck 12 directly above where my room was located. That's the only ship yard that does large ship repairs and remodels?
  3. There was nothing slow about the deluge of water that pooled and flooded the floor with very little of it reaching the drain, like maybe the drains could have been inset a bit to direct water flow? Maybe the pooling is seeping into walls and that could contribute to mold and mildew which would account for the smell on deck 11 directly below the spa? I dunno, ask me about flatbed freight I'm knowledgeable , constructions stuff no.
  4. No expert here, but based on my sense of smell and observing the pooling water after using a shower in the spa, the drains in the shower/steam room from spa Deck 12 are impacting deck 11. I thought she got out of dry dock in March?
  5. If I were the guy in charge of the remodels for RCCL I'd find another shipyard for my boats than Freeport. Navigator has some real structural issues since coming back from their remodel and now you have a crane accident with Oasis...somebody not running the show right in Freeport.
  6. I agree the pics are fantastic and make me more excited for for April 7th cruise. Thanks for sharing!
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