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  1. Still smoky in Sydney today though not as bad as yesterday. We live just south of the city and unfortunately the skies are rarely blue at present. Here's hoping things change.
  2. Fair enough, but it was touted as being fast. Otherwise we would have gone for the Surf & Stream.
  3. We're just off the Ovation of the Seas. We took the Surf package because we didn't want downloads, Youtube, movies etc. We just wanted emails, ability for my husband to keep in touch with his business, a bit of web browsing, and we were given the impression that both Surf and Surf & Stream were superfast. Not so, the Surf was dreadfully slow. If we tried to open a page with a couple of pictures it took forever; emails were slow to send and receive. It was like the old dial-up, and I think to promote it as "fast" is very misleading. We wouldn't get it again.
  4. Whenever I fly out of Australia (Sydney), which is a couple of times a year, I take my knitting. I usually wait till the plane has taken off and everyone is settled, then I start knitting and hardly stop the whole trip. I'm addicted! I just keep my knitting low key, don't flaunt it. There's never been a problem. Occasionally a flight attendant has shown interest because she knits too. Going through security prior to the flight has always had me a little on edge, but my knitting paraphernalia has never been mentioned. I was once chosen for a routine carry-on bag check but the knitting wasn't a concern. I take plastic needles to knit with on a flight; don't want to court trouble and if my needles WERE to be taken it wouldn't be a loss. (Other than I'd go crazy without knitting on a long flight.)
  5. Angelle is on vacation, replaced on Ovation on 8 March by Christopher Turdo as you have already noted. Angelle will be back in May but I don't know what date or if it will be back to Ovation or elsewhere.
  6. That might have been when the CD conference was on, and the CD's were all away in Miami. We were on a cruise 2-14 February and unfortunately didn't have the regular CD but the activities manager took the role. Many many people on the ship didn't even know she was not the regular CD.
  7. Does anyone know who will be CD on the Ovation between 30 March and 17 April?
  8. Thank you! I'm relieved to know it's not Angelle .... I tried very hard to like her on the cruise we just disembarked, where she was acting CD in Joff's absence. But by the last few days I had to admit she just isn't my cup of tea. It's odd, someone at the Guest Services phoned Joff's wife to ask about the early April cruises... whether Joff would be on... and she said they'd be going on vacation on the 17th April. `Looks like we'll miss out on Joff yet again, but hoping that Chris Brown is good.
  9. Does anyone know who will be CD on the Ovation from 30 March to 17 April? The list here says Joff will be on till the 30th, his wife said they'll be on vacation from 17 April.... so that leaves a gap of 17 days. Hopefully the CD won't be Angelle. We're on the Ovation at present, cruise ends tomorrow.
  10. I'm on the Ovation now, day 3 of cruise, and was very disappointed to find no Joff! Rotten timing, with the Miami CD conference going on! Even two members of staff told us upon boarding that the CD for this cruise was Joff. Wrong... it's Angelle, who is lovely but I guess that means I won't get to experience all the fun things I'm told she does in her usual role. I'm Australian, relate to the British, enjoy the sense of humour, and have loved what I've seen of Joff on Youtube videos. I've been anticipating for months both the ship and Joff as the CD. So seems we'll have to book on the Ovation again.
  11. I'm excited to hear he is a favourite, because we're cruising in Australia in early Feb. and I'm hoping against hope that he will still be here at that stage. I've read a lot of good things about him so am looking forward to having a good cruise director after a run of very weak ones (on NCL).
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