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  1. Why not just cancel if you aren't happy with the protocols? I believe you can receive a full refund as per the CWC clause.
  2. Then you are looking at the wrong threads. Some have booked the entire cruise all ready.
  3. Why didn't they make those cabins a little wider?( Looks like a row home you see in the movies.) Okay I'm ready to be flamed ! I can handle it. I think for a $100 more I might be more tempted to book an Owners Suite, same square footage room all on one level and the cabin will feel much roomier and larger Balcony.🙂
  4. If no room in the cabin, The balcony is the largest on the entire ship including the suites. Enjoy! We had that cabin one time with my wife, son and I. I actually slept in the top bunk with no issues. I am 5'10" and weighed about 185 at the time.
  5. How come when I play bingo onboard they never give away a free cruise like this to the winner. Probably the only way we would ever go on a cruise like that. Wonder between now and then how many port stops will be changed or canceled. Amazing, they have locked up all these ports 2 years out. When they aren't even sure what ports you are for sure going to on cruises in the next 3 months. I hear people bitching and complaining all ready.
  6. so it's just those 7 excursions, everything else is pay per view............, only another 143 ports to book things at...............Can't even imagine what people's sea pass bills will look like after a 247 day cruise. What would the parking fee be at the port for leaving your car there in Miami?
  7. I'm pretty sure any questions you ask, they won't have the answers. 🙂
  8. Can't order either on Walmart either, did find some on Staples.com though and it will be shipped to you.
  9. Cut some wood today for the Firepit, A Branch feel off a huge Ash Tree that was dead down the street. It should burn nice and hot to keep us nice and warm in the late evenings.
  10. Have been to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas with my wife years ago. An amazing facility with some outstanding Doctors.
  11. True it's old news now, for those impacted it's terrible but Royal handled it in their minds the best they could. They just have a few more reservations to deal with and then move on to the next crisis. I would assume when ever moving sailings off one ship to another there are always going to to have issues with some moves. In the end they are doing what is best for the company and like all companies the clients don't always get a fair deal and sometimes end up with the short straw.
  12. If you need to book something, look at Air2Sea through Royal Caribbean where it's easy to cancel and where you can call to get price adjusted if price goes down.
  13. Is this the Suite you had? Sea View Suite with private Jacuzzi/Helen
  14. Crystal, what was the name of that hotel you were at that you were in the pool up above where Nate was down swimming in the ocean below. What a beautiful view for sure.
  15. I bet it's bridge straight from Florida to Perfect Day Island at Coco Cay. No need for the ships anymore. It's only 140 miles from Ft. Lauderdale, it can be done. If Captain Kirk can go into outer space, I'm sure a simple bridge can be built.
  16. Try calling back now and ask for a person in the know .....and see what they know? and then call again, take the best out of the 3 answers with a grain of salt.
  17. Nothing wrong with that option they gave you ,more days is great! and honored you original cruise fare.
  18. Do the protocols for each sailing come out before or after the final payment is due ? I'm thinking after since the protocols are changing so often? Just wondering what our options might be when the time comes?
  19. I wouldn 't want to be the ones taking that cabin........Can you say Upgrade me ASAP !!
  20. If you book it now, pretty sure it is fully refundable if you decide to go another way. The reason i say book it now , because sometimes if you wait until the New Year to book, they sometimes raise their package rates around the 1st of the year but they will honor your booked rate if done before then.
  21. https://www.porttampawebcam.com/ It may or may not be on here depending if they move the camera.
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