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  1. Wonder what the timeline looks like to fill both ships if that is their idea. Another month or 2? I guess the rush in Florida isn't a real issue because it still looks a ways away for the issues in Florida to be resolved.
  2. We may be to the point of no return.... lol your request may not be possible.
  3. At least those glass panels don't block as much of the sun as that crazy looking structure in that video.
  4. If that is true, then some of that 1200 is probably destined to other ships. Meaning no ships may be that close to sailing with paying customers.
  5. I have been on 1 ship with North Star, can't remember which one it was now but didn't have a walkway like that to get on it. Weird design. Edit: It was Quantum of the Seas
  6. My wife made Homemade KeyLime pie last night, thought we were in Key West , Florida........ It was excellent ! Even the whipped topping was homemade. !!
  7. Thanks, I couldn't understand him half the time to make out what he was saying, guess I missed it in there. What was his job on the ship? PR department?
  8. How many is a full crew on that ship and how many crew are onboard now?
  9. What was that large thing in the air over the pools?Starts over the tv screen and goes back down the center of the pool deck? That's going to block some sun when people are trying to get a tan.
  10. Yes, we wouldn't to many sea days. We like to be more active seeing things onshore. .
  11. I think if they really think on it longer they may change their mind with the people aiming the missles wake up one day and say hey, lets do a little target shooting today.........Let see it we can hit that large cruise ship out there in the middle of the ocean.............no where to run on a cruiseship when the sirens go off. I think they are better off NOT on a cruiseship at this time. JMO
  12. Thank God, Royal Caribbean doesn't think like you. They thought much different then you. Not sure how comforting it is to live in that country right now not knowing where the next missle will hit.........Guess if you can live with that, you go cruising.
  13. I'm not sure if that is bravery or stupidity on your thinking. Is taking a cruise really that important to you?
  14. Sounds like a mess just waiting to happen.........More disgruntled cruisers and more cancellations. But RCCL got the cash in hand 🙂 It's all good! With Nassau engineering: Can't wait to see what a temporary terminal in Nassau would look like? Hurricane proof?
  15. Time will tell, someone living on Nassau or Bermuda would know better then us. To just see how they are preparing for an large influx of cruise passengers. Do we know for sure those ships are fully staffed, food suppliers lined up, etc. Are the facilities ready for embarktation and debarktation? Right now do we know for sure on any of that? For all we know RCL could have thought by now they would be sailing from Florida by now and would use those ships to start sailing from Florida once cruising started up again.
  16. Let's just hope we never find out it was just a way to get some added cash flow into RCCL bank account. That they never really intended to sail from there. Somebody really has some explaining to do........... Signs sure didn't show a June start.
  17. Oh, I think a July start is already history, inless they have some ships allready fully staffed and ready to go, no one has heard anything like that so far........so I think there is no way of cruising in 6 weeks. Earliest is probably closer to 12 weeks from now or more.
  18. Then he will debate that apples and oranges are the same..........You know they are both fruits and both are round..........they are the SAME.
  19. Might be time for another update from CEO Richard Fain on Youtube. For the lastest going ons.
  20. They don't quarantine in your cabin for passing through a hurricane. There will be a difference with a covid outbreak onboard.
  21. Great, still means Harmony has a chance of getting canceled.
  22. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/itinerary-updates Wonder what this means for Harmony which is scheduled to sail from Rome in September. One by one, before you know it all their ships will be sailing from non-US Ports.
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