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  1. That's probably what we are going to do when our cruise to Europe comes along in September............not going to chance going overseas fo quite sometime.
  2. Yes, Would be great if cruises start up again by that time. 😉
  3. Surprised to see they have some direct flights from our home airport (Charlotte Non stop to Barbados) for about $500, doesn't see to bad.
  4. We decided to not book anymore and put our money elsewhere. Selling our house and move into our new to us house in Virginia next week.
  5. Do you think these 2 ships will be the next to the junk yard?
  6. I bet the very end of the evenings are the most fun, 😉
  7. What ship? there are some ships that have a balcony cabin connect with an inside cabin. There is a limited amount of these , so book early. What ships are you looking at to reserve?
  8. Harmony does the same thing in September 2021.........even though chance of it sailing are not looking good as far as ports being fully open. If they aren't open, why go. Pretty good shot we will be canceling.
  9. I guess our Lift and Shift to Our Owners Suite on Harmony to Europe in September 21 is in jeopardy too then. Knew it was to good to be true........Who would have thought all this would take this long to get back to cruising...........Way back when I thought after spring break 2021..........but I guess that was wishful dreaming too.
  10. Wonder if Royal will be sailing by then?
  11. Just a scheme or sham I guess you could call it to to keep them afloat. Definition of scheme: verb make plans, especially in a devious way or with intent to do something illegal or wrong. 😞
  12. Agent may have been correct, some mid ship category cabins can sometimes come with a premium price compared to forward and aft locations. The agent may have been correct.
  13. What is you were to get an aft cabin facing the wake? Able to see both sides of the ship from your own balcony.
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