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  1. You think Royal will have a choice, follow the rules or don't sail. Simple as that.
  2. My wife and I got our second Pfizer shot April 8th. Only side effect was sore arms for about 2 days.
  3. Like chicken eggs in an incubator waiting to hatch..................
  4. I think the better strategy might be to set the prices really low to start off with to get people back into cruising again, not start off really high scaring people away.
  5. Anyway you look at it, it's bad. It's like setting a price on a house you are selling to high and it just sits there with no offers. Set's a bad image when cruiise prices are set to high.
  6. Wonder which ports will sail first, US Ports, or Rome or Barcelona ?
  7. That's not what Royal Caribbean is wanting to hear. When they set a price on a cruise that is what they are suppose to be gauging.
  8. Prices going down, only means one thing. Not selling as well as they had hoped for. 😞 Good for those who have booked, but I guess the Pent- up demand is not what they thought or is what they have been saying.
  9. Like to know where(how) you came up with that ?
  10. I would switch to 9336, you will have a better view looking forward because the bump out won't restrict some of your view.
  11. Time to either wash your mask if washable or buy a new masks.
  12. Just trying to reduce the odds where we can, if you would like to jump out of a airplane with no parachute, by all means go right ahead. Maybe you will be fine or maybe not....
  13. Eight Ball says............not known at this time. I however would lean heavily that you will be doing something on land and not on the water.
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