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  1. We did, but it doesn't matter, just what ever cruise you pick the funds from first cruise will all carry over, be sure to keep the same Confirmation number, otherwise it will look like you canceled the first cruise and are just booking a new cruise............the cruise we moved it to was like $26.00 higher price. No way were we sailing from Bayonne, NJ in September whether they sail or not. It can be moved under the CWC policy. We moved it to Rhasopdy which is doing a Caribbean cruise
  2. That was kind of our situation..........Had New England/Canada Cruise for September 2020 booked.............but couldn't lift it to next year because we all ready had a 10 day sailing on Princess for Alaska 2021 booked......Then I saw all this lIfting and shifting going on and saw a great price on an OS to Shift Explorer of the Seas 2020 to Harmony in September 2021 to Europe. I thought wow a great chance to go to Europe at a great price, I want to do Europe, but my wife really wants to do that Alaska cruise on Princess...................I think she is going to win out. Oh well, when the times comes we just take the deposit FCC and put it on a future cruise in late 2022. Back to the NE/ Canada cruise, decided to just move that as far as out I could.(no $100 change fee per person either, waived by RCCL under CWC..........changed it to Rhaspody of the Seas March 2022.........If we take it we combine it with a time share stay in Disney...............if the ship gets cut by Royal Caribbean when and if they reduce the fleet, may be able to pick up some kind of compensation, so still may be able to get another free move and book a NE/Canada cruise for fall of 2022. So in the end it still maybe able to work out.
  3. Might be time to do some more lifting and shifting once itineraries come out for 2022
  4. Going to be a lot of unhappy people on here if that it true? Going to be a lot sea days in a row from Vancouver to Singapore when you leave Hawaii out of the mix?
  5. Pretty sure Kansas is in the red light, green light district............I bet they don't even collect $200 when passing boardwalk........
  6. Here is South Jersey, you aren't allowed in store without wearing a mask.
  7. Large ship, water can or can not be rough. Ship handles it pretty well. Take some mecalizine day before sailing and you won't have an issue. large ship though, like a moving hotel. Doubt you will notice you are moving 90 per cent of the time.
  8. Some have said that may not be true about the sun and warm weather. Virus to new to know for sure.
  9. I also saw since they loosen things up there has been a spike of new cases in like 12 or 14 states which isn't good.
  10. Only issue with that is you might have other nonrefunable m,oney out for hotels , airfare and etc. I would just move it with the L& S if you can or just move it to another cruise you want to do, there is no change fee for moving a nonrefunable deposit now.
  11. You can cancel and receive the Non refundable deposit back as a FCC. or you can just move the booking to any date or ship or itinerary you want to move it to, no $100 per person change fee, that has been waived by RCCL, this move would be done with their CWC option. By doing the move like that you will pay the current price of the cruise you move to, just your current deposit would go on that cruise.
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