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  1. I was hoping it was before we sailed on July 31st 2020, but aleast I guess it's good there are still about 5 sailings after our cruise, this way they won't start to tear things up before our cruise is done. I know how they like to start tearing things up before the actual dry dock start date.
  2. When is Radiance scheduled for the refresh ?
  3. If this is your husbands first cruise and you are trrying to impress him to taking you on more cruises.............. In my opinion Empress is not the ship to take. Navigator, Brilliance, Mariner or even Enchantment out of Galeveston would be better options. We cruised on her one time on a Repo from San Juan to NYC............Wife and I agreed, never again on that ship. Just to many better options to ever sail on her again.
  4. When you go on rccl.com and bring up July 31st 2020 for Radiance, this pops up on screen, looks like the same itinerary though when we booked a while ago........... You think maybe it means we are in for a itinerary change too? CRUISE ITINERARY There are a few changes to this sail date's itinerary. We hope you're as excited as we are about this in your updated vacation plan. Day 1 (Departure) Seward, Alaska (Set Sail) Day 2 Hubbard Glacier (Cruising), Alaska Day 3 Juneau, Alaska Day 4 Skagway, Alaska Day 5 Icy Strait Point, Alaska Day 6 Ketchikan, Alaska Day 7 Inside Passage (Cruising), Canada Return Vancouver, British Columbia (Return)
  5. Wonder how they are deciding which sailings get the change to Glacier Bay?
  6. Would still like to know the answer to that before jumping in on this, anyone else every run into this issue when changing air plans before the cruises's final payment date?
  7. Well then that doesn't sound to bad............what about when you change air plans? do they reprice your cruise portion at the current price or leave it as it was?
  8. I'm not understanding that? I thought cruise price and air prices are 2 completely different things............ so if they lower your air price, they might raise your cruise price? or reprice your cruise at the current price? that could be a deal breaker if you booked your cruise and got a great lower price then current prices......
  9. This may be a stupid question, will they adjust air prices for same exact itinerary if prices go down like they do for the cruise up until final payment..............or would someone just cancel the the first booked plans and rebook at the lower rate...........say the price of the flights went down $200 total..........and if they charge you a fee to cancel the first plans like $25 per person........you still would be $150 ahead with rebooking. Do people do that? or is booking flights with a one time only ? take it or cancel and never a chance to rebook a second time?
  10. Thats sounds like it would work for us. I guess if we use them, best to ask ALOT of questions upfront so there are no surprises later.
  11. Can you book choice air and then say change your mind and book your own air if you see a good price say 4 months out. Would you be charged somekind of cancel fee? or is there a way to get all your money back ?
  12. Wow lots of different kinds of info...........What we are looking to do is fly from PHL to Anchorage One way..............then on the return fly from either Vancouver to PHL or from Seattle to PHL depending on the prices. Cruise is set for July 31st, 2020.........but we will be doing a DIY land tour prior to the cruise some where around July 24th........... I guess then we can't even start looking at airfare prices for about 3 more weeks, is that correct? Is that how it works? The reason we rather book teh air through Choice Air is because I'm hoping if we would have to cancel this vacation before final payment for some reason we can be rest assured of getting ALL our airfare money back also............Am I hoping for to much on this matter. Rather have our air arrangements in place earlier then waiting last minute with higher prices and less availability? So am I thinking right on all this or am I way off? How do others handle this, give me the pros and cons of what I hope I can accomplish on this matter?
  13. Thanks, I think that is what I'm looking for, something that doesn't have to be paid until final payment time, but still know we have flights secured if we do go.
  14. If you use Royal Caribbeans Air package and would have to cancel before final payment do you also get that money back ?, or is it like most air tickets nonrefundable without paying a change fee? How does their air packages work, have never used their air before but thinking it might make sense to use them for Alaska flights?
  15. Just make it clear when re-booking , tell the agent you want to keep the same booking number............Booking number is what has the OBC attached to. Simple as that.
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