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  1. Between my TA and Regent, what I understand is that the new Explorer itineraries - from late December to the end of May - will be opened for booking on June 2. The itineraries taken over from Mariner - up to late December - will have about 50 cabins available plus any Mariner pax who don't switch over, and those will open up about a week later. These are all listed on the website though the itineraries might change somewhat. They are currently shown as "wait list" but really just blocked. We're not interested, having already booked a cruise with Viking to replace the one Regent can
  2. I am so sad for you. (The "Like" button needs a sympathy option.) Until April 6, Viking offered vouchers for 125% of value that are good for two years and then refundable at 100%. Through this month they offer cancellation up to 14 days before departure with a two year voucher, nonrefundable but fully transferrable. I wish Regent respected their customers like Viking does.
  3. Which pax "with bookings that were just cancelled" do you mean? The Mariner pax that are being offered transfers to their identical itinerary on Explorer? Or those with cancelled Asia/Pacific bookings on Explorer?
  4. It looks like RSSC decided to cancel Explorer's Asia/Pacific itineraries because Australia/NZ may not open and in general Europe and the Caribbean are easier to reroute if necessary than Asia and certainly than the Pacific. Mariner's world cruise is still set to go, but it's not sailing until Dec. 18. Apparently Explorer is taking over its earlier itineraries. Then Explorer will sail on some new itineraries and eventually resume its previous schedule. This all makes sense. There will be plenty of demand to book up the new sailings, so RSSC doesn't need our Asia bookings
  5. I wonder whether the prohibition on going ashore on our own is a Viking policy that might be relaxed as conditions in the destination countries improve, or if it's baked into the deal with the Maltese government and out of Viking's control.
  6. If I were a betting man I'd take your bet. This is dependent on the Digital Green Certificate, an authenticated proof of vaccination proposed for EU countries. U.S. citizens have nothing like that available, just paper certificates that are easily forged and can be bought online. (New York has one; I don't know if the EU will accept it.)
  7. Back on topic (edited): In this press release, NCL said: "Seven Seas Explorer will welcome back guests on October 16, 2021 sailing from Venice, Italy. She will complete two published Mediterranean voyages before crossing the Atlantic to Miami, Florida and, from November 15, 2021, sail a further two published sailings in the Caribbean. The ship then begins a newly created winter Caribbean season featuring eight new sailings, starting December 20, 2021 with a 14-night Southern Caribbean cruise. After a trans-Atlantic crossing, she will arrive back in Europe on April 10, 2022, sailin
  8. RSSC just cancelled our Asia cruise on Explorer in March 2022. The first cruise listed on their website for Explorer is May 14, 2022. The cancellation email blamed COVID, but that can't be the reason for cancelling cruises a year off. Anyone know what's going on?
  9. This particular Risk-Free Guarantee only applies to bookings made from March 1 to May 31, 2021. So just another week.
  10. You were guessing. I was reading the Terms and Conditions. But I did check and Viking confirms that for these particular vouchers, if they are not used within 24 months they become valueless. There is no cash refund. There are other vouchers, issued for a cruise cancelled by Viking, that do have a cash refund. These are transferrable and there is no prohibition on selling them. Viking discourages it but does nothing to make it difficult. If you have a buyer (or lucky giftee), you email Viking with their name and email and a transfer request, and Viking emails the reassigned voucher
  11. Actually I can now answer that myself, following a nice chat with an agent at ACL. They require pax to be vaccinated when required by the state, which is the case in Washington (Puget Sound) and Alaska but not in Oregon (Columbia River) and I believe on the Mississippi. She said all crew are vaccinated on all their ships, and most pax on the Columbia River are vaccinated.
  12. Thanks so much for your report! How did you know that all passengers were vaccinated? Was it a requirement? Did ACL check? Current policy - unlike most other lines - is to allow unvaccinated passengers who test negative. NCL told my TA that all of the crew are vaccinated on cruises departing from Oregon and Washington.
  13. We need to decide whether to keep a Columbia River booking in July, and are concerned about the shipboard experience with COVID protocols. Will we be able to converse and dine with other passengers that we don't know? Do passengers observe masking and distancing? Does the crew enforce it? How much do the protocols impact the cruise experience?
  14. Thanks for your reply. Different vouchers have different terms. The cash refund sounds like it might apply to a voucher for a cancelled cruise at a higher face value than taking an immediate refund. The Terms and Conditions for the program for bookings from March 1 to May 31 says "Voucher must be redeemed by the expiration date prior to final payment," and doesn't mention refunds. My thinking is that I'd book a cruise hoping and expecting to go. But just in case, I would have the option to cancel up to 14 days before departure and get the voucher. Then I'd expect to use the voucher
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