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  1. Thanks all for the laundry details. Do the ships have dry cleaning option and possibly included free with Elite status?
  2. Next week will be my first Elite status free laundry privileges. How does it work out, as have not used Princess laundry since 30 years ago long before self service machines? Then we put our cabin # somewhere on each piece, how do they do it today and tips on making the experience positive? Can you even select cold or hot water washes, are shirts returned on hangers, wash/dry your laundry separately from anybody else, etc?
  3. Just returned 7/14 on Caribbean Princess, 7 day cruise, there were 2 production shows only. BRAVO with live musicians and one company review production with pre-recorded musical accompaniment with 4 live singers and dancers with pretty dazzling stage changes behind them. The Princess house band was the best have ever seen, be sure to watch for special Jazz music from 6 members in venues and Piazza.
  4. The OBC reward will be put on the next future cruise you book. If say you fill out form on early days of cruise, have always gotten e-mail couple days later and could take those credit confirmation numbers down to future cruise desk before return of even a weeks cruise and book onboard a FUTURE cruise and get the reward applied in that NEW booking confirmation.
  5. Our taxi on 7/7 was $14 to ship and $13 back to airport on 7/14, plus tip.
  6. Spoke this week with someone, who claimed special knowledge, who stated they had Ocean Medallian updated status and future plans that have not been released to general public. She confirmed, what I saw, that my Regal Princess 8/28 25 day cruise was no longer noted as the last preview verses full Medallian cruises thereafter. Had been hopeful that maybe 80 to 90% would be ready when we sailed soon. She said that total focus is now shifted to the Caribbean Princess to be the very first total ship rollout AFTER it goes into its next dry dock in a few months. Regal will only have cabins within Muster B until it goes into it's 2020 dry dock, then and only then, additional service ship-wide. Hoping for continual progress on Regal is gone until 2020. On side note she confirmed, when I stated how great the internet service was on my Caribbean Princess trip 3 weeks ago, that yes that internet I experienced was the upgraded often call Medallian internet. She said that internet is active on the Regal as well. Internet was super with strong signals everywhere, dependable and very fast download speeds than any Princess ship sailed.
  7. Agree, and if you had a bad experience with say a tour guide with limited English idiot in Spain, Princess will refund the shore excursion total price when you share the experience with them.
  8. Has anyone done the 1 hour shore excursion with the glass bottom boat on Princess Cay? Was the experience worth the high cost? Do all get seated viewing positions throughout the trip? Can you decide on shore at last minute, probably not?
  9. Since Rollout of Ocean Medallion service is delayed, the first improvement may already be available-upgraded WiFi. Has anyone experienced the Caribbean Princess current WiFi? Old or new?
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