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  1. Couldn't you just cancel and rebook? Or does the FCC have to be used after a certain date?
  2. We got a great discount on a Beach Bungalow and a great discount on the refreshment packages both about 40% off on Cyber Monday sale for our last cruise. My son cruises in 2 months so I will just keep checking prices went up a fair bit yesterday and he hadn't booked his stuff yet so hopefully it comes down again.
  3. Was able to get some good discounts on purchases in the cruise planner during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale in the past, just wondering if they offer better then your average discounts during any other times throughout the year that are pretty much done on specific day?
  4. Cool I take it this is the least busy time to partake i these activities? Which one tends to have the longest wait times usually throughout the week?
  5. Yes booked the headliner show for night one the only night it is offered. Frozen in Time night two 10:30, One Sky night 3 9:30, Aqua 80 night 4 10:30, Booked Lazer tag at 10:30 for night 5 10-10:30 so can't book comedian time conflict. Stand up Comedy night 6, Cats afternoon day 7 3:45 comedy 10:45 night 7. Is there trivia, game shows, other entertainment in the early evening before 8:30 supper?
  6. What time do they usually open the flowrider, zip line and abyss slide on embarkation day?
  7. Under All Activity's not All Entertainment
  8. Cool booked some shows for May 10 cruise on Oasis but have a question. Some of the shows say Opal Theater but I don't see that on the deck plans but thinking it's the same a s the Royal theater? Show times seem strange all very late. Is there regular shows(your typical cruise shows) aswell that you don't book as it looks like there are no shows in the Royal/Opal theater night 4 and 5. Getting some time conflicts when trying to book some of the comedian shows (Lazer Tag) can you still show up after it's started? Looks like there is one skating(Frozen in Time) and one aqua(Aqua 80's) show correct?
  9. Yes it's on the list so I will see what the prices are on Saturday and if lower give them a call.
  10. Is it best to call C&A or the normal reservation line? Is there a way to tell online if it is a new booking only price?
  11. I called the crown and anchor number and they told me that the prices I;m seeing are for new bookings only so couldn't upgrade using the prices I see online. She said it was a going going gone promotion. How am I supposed to know if it is a new booking only rate? Too bad only booked a week ago :(
  12. Nothing booked yet thinking something south of the park.
  13. Price of cruise just went down are you able to upgrade to a higher category and pay the difference if any or am I stuck with the category booked. Cruise is in 2 months?
  14. My son and his friend will be landing at LGA on May 8 at about 7pm what would be your recommendation on getting from LGA to Midtown/Times Square area. Neither of them have mass transit experience but they do want to do things on the cheaper side. They will be taking a cruise on the OASIS on the 10th so recommendations on how to get there would also be appreciated. They would like to stop at Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken on there way to the ship Sunday morning. After the cruise they will fly out of EWR so that should be a simple taxi/uber ride I would think?
  15. What is the cover charge for the BBQ place? What time do they usually open the flowrider, zip line and abyss slide on embarkation day?
  16. Couple more questions. How much is the cover charge for the BBQ restaurant? How much is the escape room and how do you book it. Where is the lazer tag room and how do you reserve a spot?
  17. I the comedian in the main theater? How do you reserve the escape room and lazer tag?
  18. What are all the entertainment options that you can book on the Oasis?
  19. Where do the shows and other on board activities that you can book show up in the cruise planner? Don't see these on the May 10th sailing of the OASIS? Only thing for activities are a couple tours and a couple cooking classes. Another question is the Solarium Bistro is showing up at $0 is this correct?
  20. Noticed on the RCI website the OASIS has different deck plans from Apr 26 and May 3 is there changes being made to the ship in that short time frame?
  21. Thanks for the info he just book this evening for the May 10th sailing the price went down by about 15% since yesterday so that's nice.
  22. Hi have a few questions regarding the Oasis. We have never sailed on the Oasis or any of the newer RCCL ships. What are the main differences between the Oasis and the Explorer? What things do you have to per-book? My 22 year old son is looking at booking for this May with one of his friends, will it be to late to make booking for the activity's?
  23. I believe it was Kleine Knip. We also could have gone at another place close by Playa Forti where we stopped for lunch that was probably twice as high but we opted to just do the smaller jump.
  24. We loved our tour with Gone Caribe the highlight for me was snorkeling with the turtles. We asked to head there right away to avoid the large crowds and Jo timed it right:)
  25. We had to pay a oral surgeon $2000 for a gum graft in my wife's mouth that took him about 15 min so he still has me beat by a lot but ya I will take $600 an hour:)
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