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  1. We know that Celebrity have already cancelled all Solstice sailings up to December. When do you think they will make a decision about the Vietnam/ Thailand cruises in January/ February 2022? It seems to me that the delta variant will likely be a massive issue in Vietnam and Thailand. The number of adults vaccinated in these countries is very low.
  2. Celebrity Solstice sailings September 26, 2021 through December 19, 2021 already cancelled. What chance is there of the Solstice cruises in S.E. Asia going ahead in Jan/ February 2022? When do you think Celebrity will decide on the cancellation of the Jan/ Feb sailings?
  3. We were on the Baltic cruise on Regal on 4th September which has now been cancelled. We are thinking of doing the 2022 version on Sky Princess, starting on September 3rd. Are these two ships equivalent or is Sky Princess better? What are the S5 suites like?
  4. Such great news that ‘Always included’ now means that tips, wifi and classic drinks are no longer chargeable. This is the honest way to sell luxury cruises. Well done Celebrity. Princess still charges you £35 per person per day and this used to be a very good offer.
  5. At last a cruise line has made a commitment to ‘always included’ in the price. This is the honest way to sell luxury cruises. So no extra payment for : WiFi classic drinks tips We are delighted with this new initiative. well done Celebrity
  6. Traderboy - you seem truly angry at Celebrity. Would it be better if you cruised with another cruiseline? Not at all angry. I was delighted by my first Celebrity cruise in February. We have cruised with lots of other cruise lines. some of them have stopped charging gratuities and just include it on the fares. This really is the honest proposition. They really shouldn’t include gratuities ‘as a perk’ imo
  7. Maybe you are right , Westlake girl. I think it may well be a group booking. Are there likely to be any other special booking conditions? We have booked several times through this same TA and never had any problems.
  8. You're quite right, Emmas Gran. Having free gratuities as a 'perk' is in itself undermining the idea of gratuities in my view. Come clean, Celebrity, and don't offer fares which do not have gratuities included.
  9. Thanks Jojo and Barbette I think you may be right that it is my Travel Agent who is trying to grab my money. I will pursue them. I did consider booking direct with Celebrity but found out that the overall cost of the entire trip would be much higher. I was on a February 2020 cruise from Singapore to Dubai which turned into a very fortunate Dubai to Dubai cruise. Most of our passengers had horrendous difficulty in getting refunds for their altered flights, particularly if they booked them with Celebrity. I thought that the consensus view was that your money was best protected by booking through a TA. Do others agree with this?
  10. Thanks for these comments. I think my original posting may have been misunderstood. We are from the UK and this week we booked a new cruise for February 2022. We normally like anytime dining but we were amazed to be told that,, in order to book it, we needed to pay the tips NOW not when the final payment is due. As I said before this policy seems to be designed by Celebrity to bribe its customers and create extra cash flow. Of course we are aware of their relatively new system of booking wither no perks, 2 perks or all perks. We are also aware that the crew do need to be paid properly and that extra tips should be given if you feel it is appropriate. Surely the honest thing for Celebrity to do is to make the crew tips part of the fare they charge ALL customers. There are many cruise lines that have moved in this direction. I would interested to know what others think.
  11. What do others think about this? it seems a money-grabbing approach which is tantamount to bribery. We have no problems about paying tips for good service. But we are not prepared to pay them 15 months ahead of our cruise.
  12. How do these two classes differ and which do people prefer. I have only been on the Constellation, an M- class ship.
  13. Can anyone say how these two ships compare. We were on Constellation in February and we very much liked the hydrotherapy pool, which was freely available. Is it the same on Solstice? When are either of these ships going to be revolutionised?
  14. Can anyone say what they appreciate most about concierge class. Also is the Celebrity Solstice due a refit in 2021?
  15. Thank you very much. Such a long list of lovely benefits. Do they all apply on Regal Princess?
  16. I agree with your thoughts entirely. No one can possibly predict what will happen in the rest of 2020, never mind 2021 and 2022. There will certainly be a time when cruising becomes safe again. In the meantime we will just do whatever we need to do with any future bookings and cruise credits that we have. I will not pay the final balance if I am unconvinced about safety.
  17. Thank you all for your very useful and helpful advice. On accessing my account on on Princess.com I can now see that we have been allocated a forward premium S5 suite on Baja deck. This will suit us very well. We do not mind that it is so far from the central part of the ship, nor that it has a narrow balcony. The forward window in the bedroom looks fabulous. Do we get complimentary access to the Spa? what other benefits do we enjoy other than Club class dining. We are presently Platinum level Captains Club , though after this next cruise we will move up to Elite. The cruise is still over a year off so we are hoping that cruising will be safe enough by then. Our last cruise ended on March 10th and we were so very lucky. The next one after ours stopped for good at the first Port!
  18. Yes it is a cruise from Southampton in 2021. Was changed to Regal about 6 weeks ago but I’m still awaiting news of our new cabin allocation. Many thanks to all who have commented. These comments are very helpful.
  19. I was originally booked in a club class mini suite for the same cruise. We swopped to a window suite at a very comparable price. Another factor is that currently offered prices for our cruise are much lower than when we booked. Perhaps it would be best to take a hit on our deposit and book afresh?
  20. Hi We were booked in a window suite on Grand Princess which put us in the club class/ suite restaurant. What grades of mini suite would get us the same on Regal Princess? We are still awaiting new cabin allocation from Princess. Can we expect a full suite at window suite prices? Many thanks for any observations .
  21. It is interesting to read how others have reacted to this same situation. i think that the FCC route is only helpful if you are sure that you will be going on a future Princess cruise - or it is available on other cruise brands as well?
  22. Thank you to everyone for your very helpful replies. we have booked F311 and are very much looking forward to it. Hopefully in 17 months time the cruising world will be up and running again. What happened on the Grand on its ‘infamous’ February 2020 sailing?
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