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  1. I know worse things can and do happen but to find out your cruise is cancelled 4 days before is awful. We were going as a family of four (2 grown up children) we had to organise work and holidays to get the time off together and as it is so close to the end of the year we still have to take it. We booked a year ago at a brilliant price so no chance being able to get anything else this weekend at a similar price. Also have bought clothes, shoes and accessories. My daughter and I also had our nails and hair done.
  2. For the last three launch dates I have booked a Select cabin as with the past passenger discount and onboard credit it has been cheaper than the saver fare. The Cruises I have booked have always gone up considerably so if I know there is a certain cruise I want to do than this has worked out the best practice. I also want freedom dining and worry about the cabin location being under the gym, buffet or sundecks so the peace of mind in knowing where my cabin will be is worthwhile. I took a chance on booking a saver on Britannia in January as it was too good a bargain but the anxiety of where we would be was awful and I don’t think I would do it again, although our cabin was perfectly fine and we got freedom dining.
  3. I am on this cruise and another at Christmas and although disappointed in the change it seems Carnival are making a stand which I support. A cruise ship is bringing a lot of money into each place it visits, I know we usually spend around £50/100 in a port. The cruise ship has to pay berthing charges and provides jobs for people in the port. From what I understand Amsterdam have increased their port charges and implemented a cruise passenger tax. Even €8 per person is still a lot when multiplied by all passengers and if they start at 8 it will soon increase and other ports will look at Amsterdam and think they should do the same. Before long it will become increasingly expensive and this will be passed on to the passengers. No other tourist sector was levied with this tourist tax which is unfair, especially considering the amount of money each ship brings in. This stance by the cruise lines might make Amsterdam reconsider and hopefully put other ports off doing the same thing. The new port will probably be interesting in its own right and as there are free shuttle buses into Amsterdam I look at it as a free excursion. The shuttle buses work very well in Zebrugge and we often prefer just getting into Blankenberge than going all the way into Brugge. I read it was a good 20 minute walk into the centre of Amsterdam from the ship so an extra 20 minutes to be dropped right in the centre is ok by me. I was also worried that our Christmas cruise into Amsterdam might not happen if there are strong winds so at least I know we will definitely get in.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-PCS-Smile-Face-Toothbrush-Cover-Holder-with-Suction-Cup-Bath-G8C5/323301198861?epid=1351299052&hash=item4b4640cc0d:g:OA0AAOSwE-xbImgp Hope this helps. Fiona
  5. I have lots of things that are useful for us, although others might not think so! Here is my list:- Antibacterial wipes for the aeroplane- tray, armrest and tv control/screen as I worry someone might have had travel sickness on the plane before me. A can of the Dettol spray for the cabin, I use it on the a/c vent and the cabin surfaces. It also stays in the bathroom and gets rid of unwanted smells. Large sunbed clips for beach towels. Toothbrush covers with suction cups that attach our toothbrushes to the mirror and are out of the way. A hanging organiser with multiple pockets which I hang in the wardrobe, it’s ideal for sunglasses, tweezers, lip balm, hairbrush etc. A magnetic backed digital clock which goes on the wall - mobile phones don’t update at sea and we don’t always wear a watch. The battery operated tea lights for the bathroom at night as well a small torch to keep by the bed. A tin of our favourite coffee as we aren’t fond of the sachets in the cabin. Basic first aid kit, indigestion tablets, pain killers, antihistamines and bug spray if going to the tropics. Wall magnets, useful for putting paperwork on the wall. We take a map of the area we are cruising in and put it on the wall so we can plot our course. Binoculars - great for looking at passing islands or other ships when in port. Strong magnetic hooks which go on the wall and I hang costume jewellery on as well as hats. Lanyards for cruise card - tried not using them but soon got fed up looking for my cruise card every time I wanted to open the cabin door or get a drink. They also get hung on a wall hook. A lightweight beach bag or backpack as handy for taking towels, books and sun cream when on the ship or going ashore. Laminated copies of our passport page as useful to carry and means we can leave our passports in the safe (unless we are told we have to take passports with us as some places do) We also store the ships phone number in our phones and take a photograph of the port agent details when we go ashore. Reading glasses (and a spare pair) Peanuts - we enjoy a drink on the balcony and a few peanuts are nice. I have just ordered some reusable stainless steel drinking straws as I don’t want to use the plastic ones, not tried it before but will see if it works out. Charging cables for phone and iPad - have never needed the four way gang extension but there are only the two of us in the cabin. Ziplock bags for putting phone in on the beach. Also useful for bottles that might leak and wet swimwear. Some sweets as P&O don’t seem to provide them anymore. Some cheap fridge magnets which go on the outside of the cabin door - easy to spot your cabin when walking back as they all look alike. A few cans of soft drinks and tonic water. Local currency as the exchange rate is poor on the ship - also small denominations as useful for tipping. Wet wipes for when out and about and unable to wash hands. Non of this is essential but works for us, most stuff I get from EBay or the £1 stores. Our next cruise is to the Caribbean and I am getting a cooling towel but have no idea if it works but will give it a go. My husband thinks I am mad but admits it does make things easier - although the maps are all down to him but he is a sailor so enjoys plotting our course. We always joke how the Captain has done a good job.
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