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  1. If the OP already knew (first post), why did he bother to report it???
  2. Not necessarily true. In trying to book flight for my Transpacific next April (Yokohama-Vancouver) FlighttEase offered destinations all over Asia, but only Tokyo in Japan. I wanted to go to Osaka, took two tries with different agents before they booked it. Nothing is easy there.....
  3. Do we REALLY need this thread????
  4. "Blame the line. " How about just NOT "blaming" anyone. Wear what makes YOU fell comfortable. If it unacceptable, someone will let you know. Beating it to death here will not solve or change anything.........
  5. "Little things that have disappeared". I was just reminded: $ 10 charge for the second entree......
  6. Edge is new, Zaandam is 20 years old, 2500 less passengers, and not the class of ship HAL is spending money on. Very unfair comparison
  7. 30+cruises. NEVER had dining staff push anything! If they tried, it would only be one time!
  8. Thank you, but they don'e seem to get the message.....
  9. Imagine a picture of a man beating a dead horse....
  10. Here we go again... Sorry I don't have access to the man beating the dead horse!
  11. No bathtubs on the Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam..... Showers only
  12. OK. M apologies to those of you I may have offended. 21 TA, 1 TP (and another coming), we walk a lot, Never had a problem walking in 68 days on the K and NS. Being able to sit on the promenade was nice though. I still would not condemn HAL over it though. Verandahs - I choose my side carefully depending on the itinerary. Aft is good for most...
  13. Plenty of place to sit/lie on the upper decks. Have you ever heard of a verandah cabin?
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