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  1. Realism: It's wonderful! Good luck, and a safe journey home!
  2. I was on the Transpacific last year. Internet is fine. Are those people incapable of buying their own internet, assuming they want/need to??
  3. An awful lot of "what if" and other speculation here.......
  4. Called Holland yesterday (what a concept!). Chatted with an agent, asked "(sic) Are they adding Tamarind to the Westerdam in this drydock?". His answer was "(sic) "It seems so". I then asked "Where is it located on the ship?". His answer "Looks like it is on deck 2, but it is not on the deck plan yet". So we still don't know for sure. Only way we will know for certain is to hear from someone who is actually on the ship this week......
  5. A is the alphabetic for 10......
  6. Anything new, confirmed or real about this??
  7. "Limited" is the key word. Some cruises do, some don't. Some go into the engine room, some don't. About 12 people per tour, $150 pp. when offered....
  8. Some people would ***** if they were hung with a new rope!
  9. Nothing like a FRESHLY prepared omelet in the Lido.......
  10. Our experience with Capt van Dreumel and HD Belleghem (numerous TAs) have been nothing but excellent. Both have always bee courteous and caring at all times. Can't imagine the being as described here.....
  11. Not at all. Engine room we were in ( there are 4) was not operating. at the time...
  12. Apparently they do on some, not on others.....
  13. Too bad you missed the engine room. Highlight of our K tour in 2016. Over 2 days about 8 hours total... # 1 & #3 Engine #2 Azipod control motor
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