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  1. I got the twist off 16 oz cans for the miller products on my cruise in January. Hopefully that doesn't go away.
  2. We docked at the overseas terminal on the Ovation. It is right across from the opera house and the harbor bridge. Perfect view of both landmarks from that spot.
  3. Did anyone get any clarification on this? I will probably end up calling royal and seeing what they have to say. I am planning a cruise in January with our approximate 7 month old at that time and we have day one departing Florida followed by two sea days and then an island day. When we called to add the infant to the booking royal never said anything to us about it.
  4. stock price seems to be on a steady decline lately.
  5. I am hoping they can start paying dividends again in the next few years
  6. Marine traffic shows her heading into port
  7. We tendered on Ovation in New Zealand and it was almost as fast as walking off the ship on a dock.
  8. Now that you mention it I remember them selling them on the website from third party sellers. I also see Rolex on it as well. Cheapest carrera I found on the site was 2200. Might snag that as a cheaper work watch.
  9. where are you finding a new Carrera for 1500$? The cheapest one I've found is 3200. Either way Tag is a higher end watch company, Its no patek philippe but it still not citizen or seiko.
  10. I didn't know that lobster night was only a US sailing thing. That explains why it wasn't offered on my Ovation sailing in Australia.
  11. I'm not a fan of the way they did the salads on my recent cruise. They poured the dressing in the bowl and then dumped the lettuce on top of it for all of the salads, even the Cesar which was always tossed in the dressing before being plated.
  12. I just got off the ovation and we got "east coast" brand bottled water. Supposedly a local brand from Australia.
  13. lately for me it has been cheaper to book while on the ship. I just got off a 12 day sailing on the ovation and did chops 3 times. All three times we went around 6-630pm and we were one of only 5 or 6 tables eating at that time. They seemed dead every time we walked by and were more than happy to make a deal with us to get the business.
  14. I have used them numerous times for onboard credit, they give you the option when you apple the gift card.
  15. yup, I had to redeem my last one two weeks prior to my sailing.
  16. https://www.royalcaribbeancertificates.com I've used this site many times
  17. I have taken port on board with me numerous times. They don't even look at the bottles.
  18. I'd buy it now and if it drops in price just cancel it and rebook it.
  19. Ok. For some reason I can only see up to October 24 on royal site.
  20. any idea what itinerary symphony will be sailing in January and February 2025? I wasn't able to find it on royals site.
  21. I was able to select a few march 2023 oasis cruises on that site
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