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  1. Thank you! I've only ever done 4 days on Disney before, so I appreciate the info!
  2. Are the menus always the same (with the exception of pirate night) in each MDR? So for a 7 day cruise, would you each the same menu twice in the 3 restaurants?
  3. Actually one of my favorite things about your review is that you include the journey to and from!
  4. Thanks for posting! Seems like they charge a premium price, but based on the service & menus you posted, it seems like they fall well short of premium.
  5. I've been successful in Haven with a couple hundred dollars over the min bid. This worked once for me last year (when they had a lot of Haven rooms open) and didn't work for me on my cruise last week. We had a mini suite and it was fine, the larger bathroom was really nice.
  6. Just off Breakaway, I ate in Cagney's and did the upcharge $5 for black tiger shrimp cocktail and $19 for surf and turf. The lobster tail was grilled and fantastic, the filet was solid, but it is a notch below you'd get in a nice steakhouse (i'm talking Chicago steakhouse nice), but for $24 additional, I was pretty happy. NOTE - My UDP was included in my cruise fare, I booked and just got all the perks, if you were going to pay for UDP and then pay upcharges on top of that, the value might not seem as good.
  7. I just emailed this quote to my wife - we're headed on the Breakaway in 10 days and we're 100% doing this. You are a hero.
  8. I hope you're all right haha - I guess I can see it both ways - on one hand, I get the bigger ship getting the dock and tendering less people overall, on the other, the Oceania ship's guests are paying a premium. If we have to tender, we tender, I loved Harvest Caye and am excited to go back!
  9. Headed out on the Breakaway in about 11 days and looking at the cruise time tables and noticed we'd be in Harvest Caye the same day as the Oceania Insignia. I've been to Harvest Caye before on an -Away class ship, and it didn't look like there was room for both, so assume one will have to tender, anyone have any experience with this on a prior cruise? I would think the Luxury line would get the berth priority.
  10. I'm booked in a mini suite on the Breakaway in a few weeks, and was starting to worry about the sleeping arrangements of my 3 year old and 1 year old.... basically they get along a little too well haha, every time they see each other they light up, which is....difficult for bed time. So had an epiphany that it may be a better idea to just swap the room for adjoining rooms (inside or oceanview). So, if you've had adjoining rooms on these ships, can you leave the door open between both rooms at all times? Has anyone done similar with any success? Will be my 3 year old's 7th cruise and 1 year old's 2nd!
  11. Looking forward to this review! I enjoy your format and I am going on Breakaway for the 2nd time in November. First time was my honeymoon, this time we've got two kids! Time flies...
  12. You should play in the NBA with that kind of reach!
  13. I won! Now going back to re-read your review to hold me over until Sunday!
  14. See Epic departing now, two tugs on the stern... Problem must not be entirely fixed
  15. The AIS shows a tug currently alongside - tugs wouldn't show up early enough to sit and wait for 3000 people to disembark in my opinion...
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