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  1. If beach is your main priority, Mambo beach area is fun and has very calm water.
  2. Yes, this was reported here in Curaçao a few months ago. Keep in mind this resort was having financial problems before the pandemic.
  3. Look up Irie Tours. I live here and they are very reputable.
  4. Todd all is continues to be calm here as of today.
  5. All is and has been calm here for the past 4 days. No curfew at all now (we only had an evening curfew for 2 evenings).
  6. bup1224


    We do not have parasailing in Curaçao at this time.
  7. With absolutely no traffic it's about 25-30 minutes. The closing time is the closing time, regardless of a cruise ship being here.
  8. At this time, permanently closed. Hopefully if the situation in Venezuela changes, it can be reopened.
  9. I live here so happy to help. What date are you coming so I can check the time for you. If your ship gets in on time (which the past few months the Carnival afternoon arrivals have been later than scheduled), you would have possibly have maybe an hour to 2 hours at Shete Boka if that, it closes at 4 pm and you have to leave by 4:30, no you can't stay in there after that. The private tour companies know what they are talking about regarding this.
  10. You can also visit the Blue experience in Punda for a "shorter" version. It's not the distillery but gives most of the same info.
  11. Blue Bay is not all inclusive at this time.
  12. Some of the vendors along the canal on the Otrobanda side are usually there. The Marshe Nobo (round market) on the Punda side is closed on Sundays.
  13. A taxi to Porto Mari is $50 each way, $90 each way to Grote Knip. Porto Mari has an entrance fee and a chair rental fee, Grote Knip no entrance fee but a chair rental fee. I would suggest renting a car (much cheaper and you can beach hop) or stick to Blue Bay.
  14. Glad you enjoyed our island. The Floating Market has been closed for over a year (sadly). While there is a negative impact, our locals have adjusted as needed. In Punda (the city center as you call it), our trash company picks up trash daily (Monday-Friday) in the afternoons typically. I know as I work in Punda on most cruise ship days. There are also employees who do "clean up the steets" on a daily basis there as well.
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