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  1. what about shampoo? Is it prepackaged now?
  2. All cruiselines removed straws. We cruise with 8 of them. 4 actively. I love change with a soap. Enjoyed it on several other good lines. Things change. Otherwise we would still have ships like ones in Love Boat. 😉
  3. I think 48, or so we were told last year by Royal.
  4. Obstructed balcony of course. XB is a guarantee balcony so ....
  5. My husband will hate it! He thought he could have my attention at least while we off the ship. 🤣
  6. Photos. It is form some other website where people upload pictures taken of cabins and other places.
  7. This will be our 3rd TG on Anthem in a row and probably 6-7 with all companies. Anthem is great for TG. It has amazing Solarium and on TG surprisingly it is easier to find space there as there are many families with kids and they are not allowed in Solarium, but ... but there is another indoor pool right next to it and it is nice. We find it one of the best weeks to cruise (we do 5-6 a year and to spread vacation days we always attach them to holidays). Also this year I do not have vacation days left (we will have two more cruises for Xmass and New Year) so with only 3 work days that week we decided to book a cruise and I will work there. 🙂
  8. I didn’t say this. Cabins you asked about are on startboard side, but pictures are of port side. For New Jersey departures I prefer port as it features Manhattan’s views.
  9. For our sailing (very soon) many people from our roll call here in other groups had XB and majority got nice assignments. Closer to the middle of the ship on 10, 12, 13... some on 6.. I’m excited! After 3 insides on Anthem first time in balcony in great location.
  10. Royal or Ruby? They have very different design. Each has own strong and weaker points. Crown/Ruby/Emerald/Caribbean as other sisters has 4 different pool areas, Royal and sisters have 2, but larger buffets and atriums.
  11. We sailed twice (Poesia & Divina) from US ports and while food is not their strong point and on the bottom of 8 cruiselines with which we sail(ed), we never were hungry. We also like Royal definitely for its food, better, but also not a strong point. MSc has amazingly beautiful ships and amazing entertainment. They are trying to hard to cater to us North American crowd and lost some of their Italian flare, but still daily production shows are great! Also I’ve not experienced it personally, but they created Yacht club experience (zone includes even insides). Even Celebrity suite folks are living it, so probably food isn’t a problem there. We won’t chase MSc on purpose, but won’t avoid it either. I think it’s pretty much in line with Royal, NCL with own pros and cons.
  12. Of course MSc is still establishing their presence here, but people are trying. This program is not only for US, but for Europe. Also used by other European companies. I’m btw not a huge fan of it as we are looking for more adult experience
  13. Celebrity is more refined in terms of accommodations, food, service, pax, but entertainment is weaker. If you are Diamond or higher you will be Elite there automakers and they also have nice loyalty program.
  14. You can call Royal and ask. I recently called as my reservation did not have C&A (loyalty) number attached and they added it. They will help you
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