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  1. I guess it depend on individual situation and number of points (how close you are to the next meaningful level).
  2. We cruise a lot (5-6 times a year) and we always get out in all ports unless I have to work from the ship that day) At this point I am ready to have a cruise to nowhere! I'd say Anthem would be a perfect choice.
  3. 1. What is your next 'booked' cruise? - Anthem, January 15 2. What is your next 'booked' cruise that you think will sail. - I hope this one will sail 3. Of all your 'booked' cruises, which one will devastate you if it gets cancelled, or you decide not to go - unlike in previous years I only have 1 booked (as we kept booking and they kept cancelling). We are missing cruises dearly, but at this point we won't be devastated if it is cancelled. We got used to it.
  4. Eh... why should it be on the bottom of the list? We became much more loyal to Royal around reaching DL, because Royal benefits add a lot to whole experience.
  5. Thank you We will probably make it to Florida for camping someday. Love campgrounds we saw (on internet so far) on Florida Keys.
  6. Thank you. I guess we should call it.. Vista of the Seas. Name is Vista and we love RCI... 😍
  7. We worked from home whole "lockdown", although I am not sure we could call it a lockdown as we were not locked in our homes. We would work whole day and then walk around neighborhood. On the weekends we would drive to Cape Code. It is our ocean place, 45 minutes from us and just watched ocean go buy. In the summer we started camping and decided that we are missing 5-6 cruises this year so we can/should improve our camping experience and we bought camper van Actually it was just a regular cargo Ford Transit 250, but we are converting it into a camper As we are really missing our cabin and Caribbeans we decided to decorate it accordingly It is our "ocean-view" cabin till hopefully we get to real cruises!!!!
  8. Diamond with RCI. And RCI beats at least Princess and Norwegian in this department for similar level (on Princess Elite is much more difficult to achieve too). +/- on par with Celebrity Elite.
  9. We sent our passports for renewal a month ago, so we will need to wait for them (although I heard that Naturalization papers might work 🙂 ) , but as soon as we get them and cruises start we are ready!!! After 6 cruises last year with the last two for Christmas on Explorer and New year on Crown Princess we took a break till Grandeur in April which never happened. We kept booking and rescheduling cruises.. and currently have one cruise booked on Anthem in January. We would love to cruise even before! I used whole 3 days of PTO this year. Have 18 remaining. We bought camper van in attempts to replace lost fun, but IT IS NOT ENOUGH!
  10. It is too far away. They do not have schedules for entertainment etc yet.
  11. I’m sure it will be possible to use traditional card etc for people who want to be technology free.
  12. Nice to see RCI is trying to keep up with technology! Our last pre-Covid cruises were Explorer for Christmas and Crown Princess for New Year and while Explorer surprisingly won in several departments where we did not expect her to win, Princess app (and medallion) were absolutely amazing! Well surprisingly internet was cheaper and a bit faster too. But I am more than OK with last two on RCI ships.
  13. Just like all trials, not only vaccines. We regularly read about lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies, because of something happened after all trials. For example Xarelto. Everything has some side effects of some people. It’s not a reason not to use it.
  14. I understand ... just saying why production is happening before approval. Vaccine must be ready.
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