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  1. I just can't imagine uploading bank statements or pay stubs to a foreign web site. Talk about the risk of fraud or identity theft! OMG. But I understand that travelers will make their own decisions based on their individual risk tolerances.
  2. The current WC (in progress) is not full. There were some segments pretty full, but at its height, there were only around 360 full WC guests. The numbers drop off some in Capetown, and further once the ship reaches Lisbon. The final leg from Lisbon-NYC is pretty wide open at the moment.
  3. https://edition.cnn.com/brazil-visa-us-citizens/index.html From April 10, 2025, citizens from Australia, Canada and the US will need a visa to enter the country. You'll have to upload your last three checking or savings account statements, or your last six payslips, and travelers will need an average of at least $2,000 showing in their account. Those who don’t meet the requirements must get a sponsor to sign for them, showing their finances instead. Good luck with this, Brazil!
  4. How about Navigator is being sold and a new build announcement.
  5. Super duper FANTASTIC! I completely agree!
  6. Do you know if Drew, the Asst CD is staying on or will he be leaving in S’Pore also?
  7. I was on this segment of the World Cruise also and concur. In terms of decor and upkeep, it reminded me of staying at a higher end JW Marriott or Ritz Carlton decorated in the 2000-2005 era (colors, artwork, fit/finishes), was well used, but maintained to a high standard. The food was excellent in general with only a few misses and many hits. Service (mostly) outstanding throughout. Have booked two more World Cruise segments this year and very anxious and excited to get back on board in about 10 days. Having said all that, a renovation is definitely in order and Regent is certainly pushing the envelope with a refurb, especially for a ship in the luxury category.
  8. Thank you for those details. See you soon and continue to enjoy!
  9. Cruisin7, if you have a chance, would you please ask how many new guests will be joining in Singapore. We will be 2 of them, re-joining your wonderful adventure… after having a super time on the San Fran to Papeete segment. Your posts continue to be spectacular and much appreciated!
  10. We still had a wonderful time on the Mariner, but it could have been any Caribbean destination during a tropical storm or hurricane. We booked (on board Mariner) a Papeete to Auckland cruise in Feb 2026, but canceled it once back home.
  11. We just left the Mariner in Papeete 10 days ago. When you read about their wet season in Jan-April, believe it! Winds, blinding rain, and nothing like what you come to expect from Tahiti or the beautiful South Pacific. I’d avoid this time of year on a cruise ship, unless you like lots of missed ports, extremely choppy seas, and getting drenched!
  12. The sales agent on board Mariner (Eddie) had no pricing and was unable to book these new segments this afternoon.
  13. Am on Mariner now in the South Pacific. Our toilet on 9 was out of service once so far. I expected more disruption. The ship itself has some bumps and bruises, and the decor/colors in certain areas is reminiscent of the timeframe she was built. But it’s spic and span, has great Starlink wifi, and honestly, it’s kind of difficult to find much to complain about. I’d prefer to change out some of the senior staff, but that’s another story and not the fault of the ship itself. For the right itinerary, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose the Mariner again.
  14. On Mariner now in the South Pacific and Starlink is working very well. A few areas on the ship where the signal is weaker than others, but otherwise no problems.
  15. Weather and seas are beautiful today, but FYI, not sure how Tropical Cyclone Nat will impact things as we get closer to Papeete. Hopefully the worst will have passed by our arrival in that general area. https://www.rnz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/508490/tropical-cyclone-nat-td06f-upgraded-alert-in-place-for-southern-cook-islands
  16. The food has been wonderful so far on this segment. The Head Chef is very approachable and is always interacting with passengers as he passes around the ship. Last night in Compass Rose: Chateaubriand, Pad Thai, and fresh Hawaiian Blue Marlin.
  17. Yes, also noticed that today. But yet, got an insert in our Passages tonight (on Mariner) advertising the special discounts on these Mariner and Navigator sailings that obviously are not going to go as planned. Shows wonderful ship to shore communication (not!).
  18. That sure was something this morning! All of our Vero water bottles and water glasses on the nightstands crashed to the floor! And by the sounds of it, so did a lot of other items in adjoining cabins. Wow. I wonder if we’ll possibly get an extra stop in French Polynesia since we will hopefully be arriving in that area a day or so early. That would be a nice bonus.
  19. All true and I appreciate the complexities. But why have Cunard, HAL, Princess, Aida, MSC, Silversea and others been able to announce their March/April ‘24 plans for this region? Regent and Oceania (and Viking and Crystal) are the laggards at the moment. Even a short communication would be appreciated - something like “… we expect to make a decision by February XX”.
  20. And many thanks cruisin7 for your beautiful pics and commentary along this incredible journey!
  21. Holland America also announced their revised Grand Voyage itinerary today. This one may be closer to what Regent decides to do.
  22. Cunard is out this morning with their WC itinerary change. Hopefully Regent will follow soon with more details on their plans for the Singapore-Abu Dhabi-Rome segments. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2988666-queen-mary-2-world-voyage-2024-itinerary-change/#comment-66841186
  23. It's great, Terry, how you are keeping the parallel threads updated. Thanks very much.
  24. If the WC ends up even going to Abu Dhabi, that is. I have my doubts, and I’m on that prior Singapore-Abu Dhabi segment. Following closely what Silver Moon is doing. It appears from that discussion that Regent ships could go from Colombo straight to S Africa and then up the West Coast to the Med so as not to impact the season there. This would bypass India (bummer) and the Middle East stops (not a bummer) entirely. I would be very interested in staying on for the potential new route around Africa.
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