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  1. Just heard yesterday afternoon that my English cousin, who I thought was arriving after the middle of June, is coming here on June 3! So I guess no cruise for us. Sorry ‘bout that.😧
  2. Me, too. What a lot of noise those float planes make. I'm tempted to try the NA for Alaska. The last minute prices are pretty good! We've never been on the NA.
  3. That would be nice - but if they did today, I wonder why more people weren't out there, and the one person I did see seems to have disappeared, although earlier, it looked as if he was taking a photo.
  4. One person out on the bow. I wonder if it is a passenger or crew member.
  5. Bon voyage, MissG! We did the same itinerary a couple of years ago, on Rotterdam. Enjoyed it very much. There was a place mentioned in Montreal or QC, I can't remember, as we didn't get there, but I'm still thinking about it, that has poutine with confit of duck!
  6. Maasdam is very early - Webcam operator may be out for lunch...
  7. When my daughter was flying in Alaska they only had VFR; she wasn't flying float planes, but the company she worked for closed - for safety reasons. Her boyfriend was killed, also another pilot. I was overjoyed when she switched to ATC! This brings back some really bad memories.
  8. And almost every big city (provincial capitals?) in Canada has a "Netherlands carillon" (bell tower) donated by the Dutch government. We have one down by the Legislature. I think Butchart's imported about 150,000 tulip bulbs last fall - probably Ottawa gets even more.
  9. That should be just about it here, too, for the tulips and rhododendrons.
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