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  1. Captain Smit (I'm not sure which of the two HAL captains of the same name) must get a lot of the credit for keeping the passengers advised, and for steering the ship finally to port!
  2. And I'm so happy you were able to tell Orlando Ashford about your appreciation of the crew. Hopefully something special will happen for them!
  3. Yes they are home, and send their regards to all! They are self-quarantining for another two weeks because of Martha's aged mother and their grandchildren, but they tested negative every time, and really are not worried. They said HAL upgraded them on their long flights, and they were very happy about the treatment they received. Edited to add, they are in touch with others on their roll call, as some have not arrived home yet.
  4. Looking on the HAL website, all the cruises are still there, from March 14. You'd think they would have removed them...
  5. On our news this evening they said not likely to have been passed through the air conditioning system, as it is spread by droplets and not aerosolized. You need to be fairly close to the person who might spread it to you. at least that is what they said.
  6. They may be stuck somewhere. I emailed them both today in the hope they were on line! I did get emails from them on Thursday - They said they were fine.
  7. If there has to be another quarantine on board for 14 days, they will have to cancel the 29th cruise, I would imagine. There really would be no sense to deep clean until after the quarantine is over.
  8. And kind of puts paid to the sail away out by the seaview pool. Haha! Everyone talking at once...
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