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  1. In an ordinary year, after the books are sorted by subject, school librarians are allowed to take whatever they might need for their schools, then sales of the remaining books are open to the public, and proceeds go to the schools for whatever the schools need. This year, however, the books have been sold in bulk to a local book store which has always had a large used book section, to benefit the school libraries.
  2. It took us about 40 minutes at Ogden Point to drop off our books at the book drive. The line snaked through the big parking lot and around in circles! The volunteers were masked and gloved and the books were loaded into grocery carts and taken into the big Customs and Immigration building. There must hav e been over 100 volunteers around directing traffic, etc, everyone waving and saying "thank you". We didn't have to get out of the car. It was sad going through town. Beacon Hill Park has been taken over by the homeless - tents and tarps and dilapidated furniture all over the place. There were some tourists in the Inner Harbour, mostly locals probably, but I did see license plates from Alberta and Saskatchewan. Mainly a parking lot for many tour busses: The "Welcome to Victoria" building is all shuttered up: Volunteers taking the donated books to Customs!
  3. @Seasick Sailor, so sorry to hear that Allen is back in the hospital. I'll say a prayer. Thanks for The Daily, Rich. Today is our giant book sale collection day - usually the newspaper sets up a huge warehouse for sorting and then re-selling (to support libraries in the local schools) . This year, collections will be today at Ogden Point (no cruise ships!) and one of the local bookshops is going to buy everything in bulk to resell themselves.We will go down about 10 with the three big boxes we have to donate. Just have to hope the whole of James Bay is not lined up with cars waiting to get in! PS We broke the law for 20 years in Virginia!
  4. My tomato pie - DH said it was good, even DD enjoyed it!
  5. Good morning all, and thanks to Rich for The Daily news! The question is - Tomato Pie or Caprese Salad? Yesterday, a gust of wind knocked over my tomato (think 6ft. bush) and I had three ripe tomatoes, plus about 14 green tomatoes rolling around the courtyard. Some of the green ones will ripen, I think. So I have had to tie up my top-heavy plant and hope it survives. Plus I had other tomatoes in the house, so I think tonight it will be - I think maybe the tomato pie.... I'll let you know.
  6. Lovely! Happy retirement to Captain Jonathan. I wonder how Captain Schuchmann is feeling about all this, just as he takes over the Amsterdam....
  7. In case anyone is not following the Amsterdam thread, here is the last post by the Captain before retiring:
  8. Good morning, all, and thank you, Rich for the Daily News. It is interesting to see the ships on the move. Roy, I am thinking so much about the people of Beirut after that terrible explosion, perhaps we could add them to the care list for a bit. Hope the tooth extraction goes well. One of our neighbours (in our exercise group) is going today for a covid test. He had to call off golf today with my DH. Then he has to self-isolate for 10 days. I'm not terribly concerned, as we have only had one case on the island in some weeks, but...
  9. Thanks, Jacqui, a very nice picture. It is strange how some people can see some pictures and others can't
  10. Wonderful news @Seasick Sailor! We may have a bottle of prosecco floating around somewhere... I couldn't see the photo either, not even in the quote.
  11. I wonder if Westerdam is planning to go through the Suez Canal and into the Med? I can't think of why else she would be visiting Mombasa. I don't imagine anyone will be going ashore - and Mombasa has endemic malaria, we always had to take a prophylaxis before we went there when we lived in Nairobi. And I wonder if Koningsdam is sitting in Balboa waiting to see if there is going to be a Caribbean season, or if she will just wait for the Spring and stay in the Pacific. Roy, good luck with the extraction, and thank you, Rich, for the Daily. It is nice to keep in touch with cruising news and friends!
  12. Did you ever use the "Navigator" app when you cruised? I'm finding I have to use the password from that now, rather than my old password that I used for the website...
  13. Just checked now, and I have a couple of FCDs (purchased ones). I had a session with our PCC yesterday trying to book a cruise, and she said we had no FCDs. I had the paperwork, maybe the night auditor has been checking things! There is nothing from our cancelled Rotterdam cruise in August 2021. I did fill out the form, and we should get our FCDs back with the FCC, plus the FCC from a previous cruise, cancelled by HAL which she had applied to the August '21 cruise. I'm finding it all very confusing, and the website is not making it any easier. I'm finding I must take a screenshot of any information I need to be aware of, at least then I can use it as evidenced if I need to!
  14. Good morning, all! Thank you, Rich, for the Daily News, as usual! I went to the grocery store early today (they have seniors' hour from 7 to 8), and I bought oatmeal raisin cookies, Pat's favourite. They will have to masquerade as chocolate chip! My tomatoes in the pot have started to ripen, but I have decided that "Super Fantastic" should not be in a pot. Next year I will just get a patio type of tomato. Super Fantastic turned into a jungle, I had to prune it furiously, and I need to water it two or three times a day or it gets very unhappy. When we lived in Virginia, I always grew "Fantastic", but when we moved to Canada I couldn't find it, and had to move up to "Super Fantastic" (and "Sungold"), which grew well in my bigger garden in Oak Bay, but now, with hardly any space, I will just have to settle for something smaller. I've had a good crop of zucchinis, but the beans weren't great, maybe 4 meals off each potfull, and nothing to freeze. There are some artichokes coming, and the rhubarb I planted in the spring is happy - I should be able to harvest some next year. It is called "learn by doing"!!
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