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  1. At the moment, we are using cloth masks with a replaceable (paper?) filter, and under that we wear a surgical-type paper mask, so I figure about 5 or 6 layers in all! Every little bit helps. My doctor makes you wear an N95 mask in his office, but I'm not quite sure if it's because he's scared of his patients, or if he's protecting them, as he works two afternoons a week in the Covid Assessment Centre... Forgot to say, our Chief Medical Officer for Canada, Dr. Tam, said to use polypropylene filters - actually that is interfacing from the fabric shops. I plan to get DD to get some
  2. DD (who lives with us, and "takes care" of us) advised us yesterday that there is a new recommendation that everyone should now be wearing N95 masks. She ordered some on line (C$120 for 20 masks) - I feel a bit guilty as I know they should go to medical personnel, but if they arrive, I will wear one. Also a face shield - that is, when and if we go out. We want to stay as healthy as possible until we get vaccinated. We may get ours around the end of February, if more vaccine comes in.
  3. Jacqui, @kazu, I'm so sorry about Jose's sister. We'll be praying for all your family. Rich and Roy, thanks for the Daily news and everyone for sharing. What a great group we are! The eagles are busy today. Dad brought in a lovely fish, and took a few minutes to persuade Mom to get out of the way so he could feed the babes. Now they are resting.
  4. The first night onboard, the dining room can be a bit chaotic - or a lot chaotic! If there is a Tamarind on board, we always book that for the first night. If you are eligible to dine in Club Orange, why not try it? I believe it's the same menu as the dining room, with an additional choice or two. If you don't enjoy it, then switch to the MDR for other nights. I do think, in Covid times, that a smaller venue, hopefully with good ventilation, would be safer.
  5. Prayers wending your way for your brother, Roy. Both eaglets have hatched! Less than 2 hours apart, E17 and E18, Harriet's babes with her mate of, I think, three years now. They are fantastic parents.
  6. Egg No. 2 now has a "pip"! The eggs were laid about 4 days apart, and amazingly, the birds know how to delay incubation of the first egg, so the second can "catch up". We went out to Butchart's for lunch, It was frosty when we first arrived, the lawns were white, and very pretty, like a dusting of snow. The bulbs are starting to poke their noses out of the ground, and snowdrops and winter jasmine were in bloom. Very quiet out there, just a couple of dozen cars (one from Manitoba, naughty, naughty.)
  7. Here in BC, the next group is going to be the 80+ year olds, then they are going to go downward in 5-year increments. That is, after they finish all the people living and working in care homes, and most of the indigenous population, who seem to be particularly vulnerable.
  8. To enter the US now, the new rules are a covid test before arrival, and a quarantine after (similar rules to Canada's); who knows how long those requirements will last. We have a QM2 crossing booked for July, and although I would accept having to have a covid test before leaving Canada, and even another one before boarding the ship, I don't like the idea of having to quarantine in NY. I hope that having a covid "passport" will be enough by then. Canada is being slow with the vaccine, but plans for BC were announced yesterday, and it sounds like all the seniors, anyway, will have
  9. Good morning, all, Happy Saturday! Thanks to Rich and Roy and the drinks ladies for the Daily news. We also had good news yesterday, a Covid vaccination plan for BC has been announced (of course everything depends on getting the vaccine), we should get "done" next month as we are both over 80. The eagle is hatching:
  10. @kazu,Jacqui, tell Marley from us that he is a good, brave boy! Happy to hear the good news. Oh, boy, @rafinmd, Roy, more changes coming? We have a QM2 in July, wonder what will happen there.... and the Rotterdam premiere cruise in August...
  11. I have definitely had plenty of biopsies! They've come back about 50/50, so far. Exciting about the pip, isn't it? And just a couple of days for the next one, hopefully.
  12. We've done that one, and really enjoyed it, circumnavigating Cape Horn was exciting, and something we didn't do on our Antarctic expedition. (As we had "done" Antarctica previously, we didn't miss it.)
  13. I would have to say No. 1 would be any and all Mediterranean cruises. We do them over and over. No. 2 would be Antarctica, as an expedition, but I only need to do it once (and we've done it)! I would be happy to do a real cruise, but just for the cruising. No. 3 is definitely the 14-day Alaska cruise, I'll do that one over and over (already done it twice, just hoping it comes back). No.4 would probably be the Amazon, but there again, I only want to do it the once. Very memorable, but also very hot.... No. 5, gee, I think that might be any cru
  14. Good morning, all and thanks to Rich and Roy for starting the day off right! 😄 Roy, my father would be very approving of you - he always wanted to do a recce for any new appointment or outing. And Jacqui, I will be hoping for a good result for Marley, and praying for your BIL's mother. The doctor "zapped" a couple of bumps on me yesterday, one on my scalp and one on my hand - he said if the one on my hand comes back again, he will have to do a biopsy. My previous doctor said I had a lot of "barnacles" on me - so I guess I am just an old ship... Poor old Canada got
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