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  1. Thank you! We celebrated yesterday as we are flying today. Ah, Columbus Day! Explains a lot. I emailed my PCC app HAL yesterday about the sale thatโ€™s on, and got back a canned answer that she was out until Tuesday. I said to myself โ€œHow dare she take OUR Thanksgiving Day off!โ€๐Ÿ˜€
  2. Well, Iโ€™m in Gander and had to go through 110 pages out of 184 on my little phone, but I found our cruise, and it seems to have gone down quite a lot , so I emailed our PCC and also about a couple of other cruises. So thank you Tony and Jacqui. We will be in a bunch of airports tomorrow, so I hope I will hear from her. I think we are also within 60 days f returning from our last cruise...
  3. Thank you all. Wish you were travelling with us.. Oh, right, some of you are - but wish it were more.๐Ÿ˜€
  4. Bon voyage! We will be on the Koningsdam also. We are looking forward to the cruise.
  5. One time our station mustered in the dining room, another time in the casino. I still have no idea where the actual boats were. Next time I think I will check where the boats are.
  6. After hoping I would be here for sail-in, we went out... And now she is hiding. I would opt for the King, too, rkacruiser, out of those two, although I do like the Westerdam. Just so much more in the way of eating establishments on the Koningsdam! But my favourite in Alaska is always 2 weeks over one, so I think we will be looking at Maasdam next year. (Is it Maasdam doing the two-week cruises next year?)
  7. Thanks, Kathi, for the reminder, and all the information. I hope to be here today. We won't be here for the start of the Caribbean season, unfortunately. We will be in Rome, waiting to join the Koningsdam on the 18th, probably sleeping off our jet lag!
  8. The kids in Boca da Valeria want new dollar bills. I also took stickers for the boys (I cut the sheets up into smaller pieces beforehand) and hair bands for the girls. I was mobbed. But dollar bills are the favourite. PS The school and sewing supplies we took were collected in boxes near the Front Office and taken ashore by crew.
  9. If you are going to clean your room with disinfectant wipes, you might as well do the whole ship!
  10. We disembark Zuiderdam in Boston on September 7 next year - we will try to keep it neat and tidy for you.๐Ÿ˜€ We have cousins on the Hurtigruten Flam doing the northwest passage right now - I thought of you.
  11. Where are you off to next, Roy? You mentioned QM2 and Crystal?
  12. Yes, it was really bad in Anchorage when we were there in August. My eyes stung for 2 days afterwards! The shuttle busses were late to the port as they had been helping with evacuations! And here is Oosterdam!
  13. I think it may be smoke, or else glare - possibly they've moved the webcam indoors?
  14. On my screen, it looks almost like smoke wafting across - anyone else see it? Coming from the right and moving left.
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