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  1. Those and a few others on the back hump would be the ones to choose for that category balcony cabin.
  2. That had to be their original mindset. Take the square footage of one cabin, make it into two and charge more based on balcony and location. You are right. Now they will have to do capacity control to limit number of passengers. I think going forward, the idea of taking a ship into dry dock and adding cabins in what use to be public space may no longer be a preference given today's Social Distance requirements.
  3. Sample of some changes. Ovation decks 12 and 11 (top 2) vs Odyssey decks 12 and 11 (bottom 2)
  4. This ship in general has less of the higher suites than the other Quantum Class ships. On the sister ships, were you had some types of suites around mid-ship, on Odyssey those were replaced with extended balcony cabins or Junior Suites. You will also notice that all the sisters had JS with a big angular balcony on just about every deck mid-ship at the beginning of the hump. On Odyssey, two extended balcony cabins have been put in those locations. The J1 Junior suites on deck 6, are not in the same location compared to the other Quantum Class ships. I haven't done the count, but there may be more "balcony" cabins on Odyssey compared to the sisters due to reduced bigger suites.
  5. Great. Another mystery solved. Hopefully soon we can see some deck plans from Royal
  6. Great work Lloyd. I would guess that this windjammer could/should be bigger and more open than the other sister ships. Putting into consideration the whole idea of social distancing they may have had to make some adjustments/changes to Wonder.
  7. Very interesting observation and point Ken. To me the Oasis class had set the high bar for cruise ships thus far. To top it (if that is part of the intent), they have to build on its successes and elevate it to the next lWow evel.
  8. So is the basketball court and surf simulator now on deck 16? Plus the area of deck 16 aft under the loft area seems to be now open according to those photos. It's a total change in the Windjammer for sure.
  9. Based on that particular rendering, it looks like it does continue to loop around to the left. On other Oasis class ships, the white section above on the same left side is were the ship name is displayed.
  10. You make a good point. Some of those water future shapes makes you "wonder", and especially those that are near the balcony railing.
  11. I just was looking over the photos Lloyd and realized that this photo is on the aft facing side and not the forward suite section.
  12. There is a lot of kid stuff there for sure, which also shows they are even more focus on family friendly cruises. I image the mid ship pool/play section that use to be for kids on the other sister ships may be also different on Wonder given this new space in the aft.
  13. So this is what is on the Starboard side that kept us all guessing. I would have never guessed it right. With a lot of kids stuff here, I can see why the Suite area was changed. Looks like the premium Lofts are now forward instead of the back like the other Oasis class.
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