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  1. Ok I see and thanks for the clarification.
  2. I think there is also an Ownership or Citizen requirement for the Corparation that it is at least 75%.
  3. And they are most likely paying a Commitment Fees for having lenders secure and make such funding available.
  4. The way I read it is, The RCCL loan is guaranteed by Celebrity Cruise Holdings Inc., Celebrity Cruises Inc. and certain wholly-owned vessel-owning subsidiaries of RCCL. So if they (RCCL) defaults the guarantors listed above become responsible. In the next section you reference, it talks about how it will be secured and the assets that would make up such secured loan including a mortgage of the vessels. Typically, all the vessels in the fleet have an appraised FMV that may go up or down depending on recent upgrades and drydock. Such valuation may be used to derive the $$ of the collateral pool subject to the Mortgage. Some lenders may allow 100% of the collateral value but, in most ship financing its less than 100%.
  5. That is great that you were able to get a GS for just $50 more. Good timing. It doesn't look like they are reducing pricing though for Odyssey OTS.
  6. Good question. With all that is going on in Itlay one can see the sense in closing for a while. I'm sure all shipyards in Europe are now taking taking necessary steps to ensure the wellbeing of their workers. To that end, some delivery dates may be pushed out.
  7. Thank you all for your feedback its much appreciated.
  8. It's currently between $49 - $50. I purchased a while back a bunch of shares at around $33. While I'm in it for the long haul, I'm starting to wonder whether I should sell now and keep a little gain or wait it out again for the "long haul". Appreciate some feedback from some of the experts here. Thanks.
  9. Brandis - I appreciate you taking the time to provide some feedback and share more of your photos. Those are very helpful. As you noted earlier, RCI hasn't provided much correct details about these Aft Juinior Suites. You have provided more detailed than I have seen anywhere. So thanks for that. Yeah, the J1 would be the cabin on the edge/corner next to yours, like 9724. May be one of these days someone will have photos of those. Once gain, many thanks. Edit - Looks like one of the photos you provided 9724 is actually a J1 per the deck plans. So for Odyssey, I would guess the Aft J1s on decks 10, 11 and 12 will be similar layout. I take it that 9724 also had a seperate Bathroom and Toilet?
  10. @Brandis I just ran into your post from a few months ago regarding your Silver Junior Suite J4 on Spectrum OTS. I have been trying to find more info and photos of these specific aft JS as the layout is diffent from the other JS on the Port or Starboard sides. We are considering the aft J1s or J4s for Odyssey which are similar to Spectrum. I would appreciate any additional info and photos you could share of your J4 Cabin and Balcony and if you were able to see and comment on the layout of the J1 next to your cabin. Thanks very much.
  11. Indeed it is a good post. Thanks for sharing. I would definitely give VV a try.
  12. See today’s article from Porthole https://www.porthole.com/captain-wendy-williams-quietly-leaves-virgin-voyages/
  13. I agree with Biker about the rounder roof line. You could probably say Odyssey has three pods (or one big and long one) compared to the other with two. Because the pods are connected on Odyssey, there is more shade under them. Odyssey Seaplex has a more expansive glass area and therefore better sea views. Could be because of the angle of the photos or stage in the construction, but looking at the pictures the Seaplex of Odyssey looks slightly higher.
  14. You are right, it was a big PR thing. And now there is complete silence about it as far as I now. For other cruise lines, there is usually a big press and photo op (with the CEO, other Corp Officers and the Ship Catptain) when a ship is first delivery from theYard but, in the case of VV I don't recall seeing this. It's possible I just missed it.
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