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  1. I wonder if the chaise lounge in the picture was not set up at an angle that may be two loungers could fit there. Like you, I would prefer two as well. I booked this exact cabin based on Rick's recommendation and John (John & Lala). They both thought that 1106 offered more privacy. John also shared photos of cabin 1100 balcony. see attached. Hopefully Rick will comment some more here. I found this side image of the 4 JS on Google recently. These two photos below, courtesy John (John & Lala) are from balcony 1100 of Adventure OTS that he took recently.
  2. Good point about T18. Not sure what the current schedule is but, since there will only be one Oasis class ship sailing from FLL, one of the weekend spots should be available
  3. Great thanks. I'm on Adventure this coming December for 8 Day S. Caribbean. Hope Odyessy does some different ports if S. Caribbean is one of her routes. If Odyessy can go to Cuba, now that would be a game changer and serious competition for Virgin.
  4. Any idea from what port? What it you that mentioned Odyssey is booked in Grand Cayman every other week? Thanks
  5. The only current cruise terminal in Jacksonville is west of the Dames Point Bridge and only smaller ships (Carnival fantacy class ships) can fit under the bridge. For bigger ships, it will require building a new Terminal.
  6. And things will be interesting in Port Canaveral going forward. Besides an Oasis class ship, RCI will more than likely have another big ship there for the weekend savings. Could that be Icon? Or does RCI put her in PEV.
  7. Tonnage over 250? Wow! That going to be something. I guess they are pushing to top Oasis class and anything else from other competitors. Since these are being built in Findland, I guess they can't make them too tall due to the bridge, just like Oasis and Allure had to go through.
  8. I was looking forward to the Odyssey deployment next week but with the recent announced change "Coming Soon" who knows when they will reveal it.
  9. I think that one of thee things that will change on Apex is the interior furnishings, at least on thee Sky Suites. I understand that some of the furniture is already being replaced on the Edge. So with that, Apex should have better and more appropriate stuff one would think.
  10. Now that is different from the original Voyager Class classic car in the RP. Also very orange. I would have expected this car on the Celebrity Edge
  11. AdamsAway - Great aerial photos and thanks for sharing. Those forward Junior Suite balconies are huge and will have the best forward views.
  12. From Shipspotting.com Courtesy - Christophe Dedieu Courtesy - brunoh
  13. Very true on that. RCI has not really shared any details about Icon class. As they've done in the past, they may just surprise us all.
  14. Good point. I also noticed what was said on the first paragraph of that article. Quote: "The sixth Oasis-class cruise ship, ordered on Monday by Royal Caribbean Cruises from Chantiers de l’Atlantique, will also be the biggest cruise ship in the world when she debuts in 2023."
  15. It will be very close between the two ship classes Also from Cruise Industry News "Number six in a series, the ship will get larger, expanding to 231,000 tons, compared to the 2018-built Symphony of the Seas at 228,081 tons." https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/20394-sixth-oasis-class-ship-to-be-largest.html
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