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  1. I think the location you have on deck 6 and being on the hump is good. At that location you get good views of the forward and aft port side of the ship.
  2. Too funny. Something about those cabins on deck 10 as we are also holding one for March 2022 Please let me know if you see anything and thanks.
  3. I am still trying to find out about the layout/size of those Aft JS's.
  4. While I have not yet sailed on Quantum Class, I am booked on Odyssey and have been studying deck plans and pictures of Spectrum OTS which will have some similar cabin/balcony layout. For me, if other cabins were available, I would not choose deck 6 unless it's one of the mid ship JS. Many of the balconies on deck 6 will have some obstructed view due to the Life Boats and or davitts. Even the J1 and J3 on deck 6 will have some obstruction. So like others here, I would opt for a higher deck. I would also keep checking and maybe a JS will open up. Good luck and have a great cuise. Edit By the way I'm not sure if you are doing a search using the RCI website. In my experience lately, when searching using he RCI website, some JS specifically J1s (for Odyssey) are not displayed. However if I use any other travel site all JS categories are displayed. I mentioned this to a RCI agent several weeks ago but it still happens.
  5. @Twangster - Wow! What a great review and fantastic photos. You truly bring out the best of these ships with your photos. Looks like you had a great time and thank you for sharing all the info. I have followed the Quantum Class build for some time now and looking forward to sailing on one soon.
  6. Interesting that after all these years Quantum may be back in the US for some time. What ship would be replacing Harmony in PC when she heads to Barcelona?
  7. https://www.instagram.com/rachelmayatsea/?hl=en
  8. Edit I don't recall those glass panels on Edge. Looking at the photos again, it looks like Edge. Look at the one in which she is standing with a family member, perhaps her mom. The other thing they may want to change is the cushion color/covers in the same area. On the Edge some were stained with sud from maybe the smoke stacks.
  9. When Edge was being built the same thing was also brought up as we saw the Aft view. The slant on the outside almost follows the angle of the inside ramp (mentioned above by hcat) in Eden. While not symmetric from the eyes view it's all "straight" if you will if you look at the glass from the bottom, top line and each side. It's a beautiful ship.
  10. She is coming along nicely. It will be great to see the overall look once the covers are removed. Thanks for sharing.
  11. You are welcome. Only a few more months before she sets sail.
  12. Recent photos from Jan 15 and 16, 2020 Courtesy - Shipsptiing _ brunoh
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