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  1. While these photos are a few weeks old, still wanted to share here. First photo- Anthem, Odyssey and Jewel meet up at Poole Bay near the Dorset coast for crew transfer. Second photo of Odyssey leaving Poole bay on her way to Gibraltar. Photos- courtesy of Cruise Ship Profiles
  2. On Adventure and Mariner there are four JS on the Starboard side of deck 11. They are very private, especially the back three. With JS 1100, one can look into your balcony if they are in the open deck starboard forward near the peakaboo bridge. On Voyager Class ships, the pool deck in on 11. So deck 10 is below the pool and sport deck.
  3. For me, unless the Voyager class ship I’m booking is going to Labadee and because I want the Suite Perks of being able to use Barefoot Beach coupled with a reasonable price then I would book a GS. Outside of that, and already being a Diamond member, I would always book a JS. Our last sailing was on Adventure and we had JS 1106 and loved it so much we booked it for our Mariner cruise. The JS Balconies on deck 11 are bigger if that matters to you. While JS 1100 has a bigger balcony, the cabin is not as big as 1106. If you look at the deck plans, you can see how the cabin size gets lager after 11
  4. If I’m not mistaken, three of the four in the front part of the ship are Tenders. However I’m not sure if that is the reason why those face forward.
  5. Video of Odyssey OTS anchored in Gibraltar. Those that have a balcony cabin can most likely find their cabin as this video circles the ship at least twice. Video courtesy of Gibraltar Yachting
  6. Oh wow I didn’t realize that and surprised there wasn’t a fee. Are they still like that or have they switched to reservations now?
  7. Makes sense to me that reservations are required and a fee to rent it. Can you imagine if no reservations are required and open to first come first serve. Some would spend the night and never leave.
  8. Here is another good drone video I just came across. Video courtesy of EaglexVision
  9. Great Teaser video Lloyd. I could finally take a screenshot shot of my cabin balcony. Thanks
  10. A good video capture of Odyssey sea trials with horn blowing on 3/19/21. Video courtesy - Tsepeto Gaming
  11. Makes me want to get on the ship (or any ship) right now. Thanks for sharing.
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