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  1. Great photos. The ship looks good. Your cabin and view from their is fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to seeing some photos of he Extended Balcony Grand Suites on deck 5, 5343 and or 5342.
  2. That would be very helpful. Thanks for offering to do that. Have a wonderful cruise.
  3. Does anyone have pictures yet of the new Extended Balcony Grand Suites on deck 5, 5342 or 5343? Thank you
  4. The first three Voyager Class ships (Voyager, Explorer, Adventure) have balconies that are part of the superstructure of the ship. They are mainly steel on the sides and about half the front facing the sea with the top being glass. See sample photos. Navigator and Mariner, the last two in the series have balconies built outside the superstructure and are all glass facing the sea.
  5. Either way I appreciate your efforts and thanks.
  6. If possible, pictures of the inside and balcony for both the Extended Balcony Grand Suite on the aft of deck 5 and the Grand Suite on deck 7. Thanks.
  7. Thank you for doing that. Have a great time at the Naming Ceremony.
  8. Hahaha Actually I am looking forward to a radiant return after a long hiatus. I am booked on Carnival Radiance next year. So since Sunrise and Radiance will have almost the exact same enhancements, I have a keen interest to see how the refurbished Sunrise looks. So I look forward to seeing the final product of Sunrise.
  9. I hope you are right that it will be better than what we can currently see from the pictures. Would appreciate getting your feedback when you sail in that cabin in June. Thanks and have a great cruise.
  10. Try this site I found last night. I think some of the crew have been posting to it. http://www.instazu.com/tag/carnivalsunrise Some Pics from that sight.
  11. Those new Extended Balcony Grand Suites on deck 5 don't appear to have a big balcony as shown in the new deck plans. Also, it appears that most of the new Aft cabins on deck 5 have mostly steel balcony instead of all glass.
  12. I have to say that those Excel Suites really look great, and the added perks are a plus. Congrats to those of you that were able to book one. Does anyone have an idea when Carnival will release more sailing beyond April 2021 for Mardi Gras? Thanks
  13. Wow! Great pictures Lloyd. She looks great. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see what they do with Odyssey.
  14. Thanks for checking. I had a feeling it would be. Is there a link to the flyer that you can share? Thanks again.
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