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  1. Just wanted to give some hope to others waiting on their refunds. We got off the Ruby Princess in Sydney on 11th February and just received a cheque today for our refundable onboard credit. It arrived in a mark envelope from Carnival Australia. I did send an email on 01 May to Department, Customer Relations (PCL) <customerrelations@princesscruises.com>, to which I received an automatic reply, and nothing else. Much slower than expected, but it has arrived, and I know they are dealing with lots of refunds at the moment.
  2. This has been our experience bring spirits onboard when boarding and at ports in Australia / New Zealand.
  3. CORRECTION: on both cruises it was another tube of "lotion" not conditioner.
  4. This is what we received on the Ruby Princess this year (without the mitt). We received everything in the photo on the Majestic last week, and 2 sleeping masks were also included.
  5. So, thank you for your responses.... Astro - same number with A&B - same name and same address - single credit per cabin NearPDX - same number with A&B - different names and addresses - two credits per cabin JF - Completely different numbers, no A or B - same name and same address - two credits per cabin memoak - Completely different numbers, (no A or B ?) different names and same address - two credits per cabin I'm not seeing an obvious answer here! except the more differences (number, name, etc) the more likely Princess will consider you separate and the more information that is the same the more likely Princess will consider you both to be a single customer. The reason for my interest is DH (18 cruises) and I (20 cruises) are looking forward to this additional perk this year (and not looking a gift horse in the mouth, just curious). Our situation is ....different numbers WITH an A & B, same last name and different mailing address. Anyone care to guess? One credit per cabin or two? I guess we won't know for sure until DH catches up. Haha
  6. Out of interest please 🙂 in each instance JF and Astro, could you please check your "member number" / unique identifier for husband and wife? Is the number the same with an "A" / "B" the only difference? Or do you have completely separate numbers without an "A" / "B" at the end?
  7. I used a free online service to fax within Australia, but found the same issue faxing to the US. Remembered that the "multi-function" printer also claimed to be a fax machine, plugged it into the land line (yes I still have one but don't usually use it - hahaha) and sent said fax. Even remembered that the international dialling code was different for faxing! 0015 instead of 0011.
  8. Hi nnps I sent the required info for a Japan cruise to Sydney office, on the same fax as info for an Australian cruise. The Shareholder credit was applied for the Australian cruise within a day but the credit for the Japan cruise was not. A fortnight later I faxed Japan cruise info to US. Within a day the credit was applied for the Japan cruise. The Sydney office never responded as to why they did not apply credit for Japan cruise.
  9. Hi beachgirl Brisbane Ubers are very reliable. There are also several taxi cab companies. Alternatively, you could investigate the Brisbane "ferry" call City Cats. There is a jetty a small walk from the Brisbane Cruise Terminal (Brett's Wharf): https://jp.translink.com.au/plan-your-journey/timetables/ferry/T/citycat (I don't know if your Celebrity ship fits down the river? or is it too large to fit under the bridge? In which case you will be further out than the city cats go.)
  10. Thank you OzKiwiJJ. It is listed in the Cruise Personalizer’s “Onboard Services” & then “Culinary Delights” for embarkation day, but I thought that would be a stretch 🙂
  11. Thank you Astro Flyer for your advice. Have you ever booked onboard for the first night? i.e. the day of embarkation? We are not boarding until 4pm and I am concerned it will be too late. Hoping to be enjoying dinner on the balcony as we sail out of Sydney Harbour.
  12. Thank you geordiebing for starting this thread. Unfortunately I cannot answer your question regarding the Diamond Princess, but I thought I would add information on a couple of other ships and hope others can fill in for the whole fleet 🙂 Sea Princess - free sauna and steam room inside the ladies (assume gents too) toilet deck 12 aft Sun Princess - free sauna and steam room inside the ladies (assume gents too) toilet deck 12 aft Golden Princess - free sauna and steam room beside lap pool and spas deck 15 forward
  13. I found this also: " #On Golden Princess, Sapphire Princess and Star Princess: guests receive 5000 minutes of internet access per person per cruise across multiple devices. On Sea Princess, Sun Princess, Majestic Princess, Diamond Princess and Pacific Princess: the Premium PrincessCONNECT Internet Package applies and usage is unlimited across multiple devices in a stateroom (accessed through one device at a time only). All Medallion class ships: unlimited MedallionNet package applies, which is limited to 1 device per passenger and up to 4 passengers in the stateroom. For full conditions including usage limitations, visit the Ocean MedallionNet page.
  14. I have been in mini-suites on the Sea Princess, but I think the Sun Princess would be the same (some-one jump in if I am wrong). The mini-suites mid and mid-forward have a separate shower (and are lovely!) (photo of tub no shower with "stain" window panel) The aft facing mini-suites have a shower over tub (still lovely). (photo of tub with shower with plain light window/light panel) As waltd says above, they are definitely different than the mini-suites on the Grand Class.
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