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  1. Be sure to request something like this a day or two in advance.
  2. Someone recently said he was in the one called Waves.
  3. Please try to speak with the Maitre d or head waiter about the food allergy. Also, large groups take much longer to get orders out But still speak to the head waiter regarding your experience. Hope things improve.
  4. Could you tell us which social media sites to find more pictures of the island. Thanks.
  5. Right now the feedback is only on the Bellissima. No other ships at this time.
  6. Butlers and the jr butlers are assigned a certain section of cabins so requesting a particular one will upset the apple cart If you have a real problem with one, please let the YC director know so something might be done to make things right. I don’t agree with naming “bad” ones as what one person perceives as bad, others may find awesome. Everyone can have an off performance at times due to unknown circumstances. No excuses, just facts.
  7. Friend just got off and stated they had to leave by 9:30. The year before they stayed till 10:30. People don't realize that customs will not let boarding start till ship has 0 out. Even back to back have to leave ship and be escorted back on once customs clears ship for boarding. So late leavers delay the entire process, turnover of cabins and boarding and reboarding.
  8. Yes, I would think that is a totally different situation. That would be like another port of call and not the home port.
  9. When we were docked overnight for 2-3 days no one was allowed off unless going home. Once you left ship, not return. Due to customs control.
  10. I feel sorry for those trying to decide what to do. The roads will be packed and gas stations are running out of gas, hotels are full, etc. Same scenario as during Hurricane Irma. I'd rather be on a ship in safe harbor than fighting those circumstances.
  11. This is from the Port of Miami Miami - PortMiamiWebcam.com CARNIVAL VICTORY | 16:00 NAVIGATOR OF THE SEAS | 16:30 MSC SEASIDE | 18:00 NORWEGIAN SKY | MIDNIGHT
  12. Those on board got a letter. I'll try to post the link to it. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10219937880261943&set=gm.2329364300639136&type=3&eid=ARCtz29TWafzH7dHSqtTT1FO0Z-VN9Xt9xkWGzaxmR2M73gYiIbe3RxdQ2K61Pk0bfdyC31HrETQBsL1&ifg=1
  13. The ship is scheduled to leave Miami tonight at 1800. Just keep checking the MSC website for updates regarding your cruise. It will most likely be canceled.
  14. You will be well taken care of Give Maria our best and a big hug from Mary Ann and Tom. Enjoy Cozumel. The crew will love being there as they can come and go as work allows. Be safe.
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