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  1. I cruised in 2013 with my 17 yr old and his 17 yr old friend (cruise was their graduation gift). When in Cozumel my husband and I remained in port for another hour or so to finish up shopping and the boys wanted to get back on the ship. I took them, in a taxi, back to the port and they boarded without an issue. We got back on a bit later and never thought twice about it. Now I would say they were strict about the under 18 yr curfew for sure but not about boarding without us. And not judging here but I would not have allowed a 10 yr old to tender and board the ship alone. But of course that is just me.
  2. No idea! We got off the ship on a Sunday (this last cruise) and when checking on our reservations for our March 2020 cruise, 5 or 6 days later, I noticed our points still hadn't posted. They did however, post the next week.
  3. For comparison, on our 2020 Freedom cruise: UDP $168pp Chops +1 $65pp 3 Night DP $79
  4. I am not sure why the TA has not handled all of this for you or given you the same advice that we have. I would go back to them and ask the TA to handle the linking of the reservations. But if you do not want to do that you can link them yourself in the cruise planner. I just sailed with three rooms, 6 people, and we were linked up through the planner by me. I linked us all and when we got on the ship I made our MTD reservations and I took our cabin numbers and made our specialty dining reservations also. Took just moments and was no problem at all. Don't let it stress you too much, it will work out!
  5. I think it just depends on the LA on that particular ship, at that particular time. We were cruising with friends that "turned" Emerald midway through our cruise. They went to the LA to see if they could get their pin/status changed and the LA did it right then (on Brilliance). We tried this (on Allure) and were told nope, gotta wait the "up to 10 days" that it takes for points to post to your account. It did not matter that the LA could see our C&A account and points...not a big deal or anything, we were just excited🤷‍♀️
  6. Just do as Twangster suggested and connect everyone onboard at one of the specialty restaurants and you really did not have to buy the dining package anyway if you were only doing so due to dining times. There are plenty of places to eat at on Allure...before or after 8pm.
  7. Just curious, @DragonOfTheSeas someone on this cruise is stating on another page (which I will not/cannot mention) is stating that RCCL is not going to refund ports taxes/fees from Halifax even though the ship was unable to stop there due to the weather. Is that correct? I really thought they had to do that but obviously I could be wrong. Thanks for the review and pictures!
  8. We purchased the clear tag holders from Amazon (got the wide ones to hold any cruise line's tags) but we also have permanent luggage tags with our address/return info on them just in case. When we are not cruising we have the tags in a bag inside our suitcase along with various other cruise items (towel clips, large sun hats, etc.). If we use that suitcase for travel other than a cruise we put that bag to the side and then replace it when we get back home. Easy to keep up with. I do always write our names in because I have never thought of typing it in but I will try that next time!
  9. Just back from Labadee on Allure last week. We had a beach bed on Adrenaline Beach and loved it. Came with two loungers, two floating mats, a cooler of Evian water and a bar attendant. The beach/water entrance is rocky for a bit but then evened out and the swim up bar is a novelty but after one drink there I preferred the beach bed and attendant. You had to climb an awkward ladder for the bar and the beverages were very limited, not to mention the crowd of people that surrounded the bar itself. but the beds were nice and in a peaceful area. You could occasionally hear a zipliner screaming as they flew by though, ha ha. I would definitely rent a beach bed again.
  10. Maybe it depends on the ship but I know for certain it comes up when sea passes are scanned, at least on the ships I have sailed. I always wear a sun hat, fedora, ball cap, etc. and am constantly being asked to remove it when my pass is scanned at the beginning of the cruise. Once I have frequented a certain bar/shop enough that I am familiar then I do not have to do so any longer unless someone new is at the register. There would be no reason to scrutinize my face and ask for me to remove my hat if my picture wasn’t showing.
  11. Also, your picture comes up every time your sea pass is used so if someone else tries to use it....
  12. Coffee in the MDR is usually Illy coffee which is excellent. Not sure what is being served in the WJ but the Cafe Promenade serves Seattle’s Best.
  13. Just got off Allure this morning. Facial recognition made the process very smooth and we were off the ship within 30-40 minutes.
  14. @tennislvr8 The first time it happened yes but since then no. It seems to depend on whether or not security escorts me to customs or if customs meets security/me at the ship and walks me down. The former is faster, the latter not so much.
  15. @legaljen1969 I didn’t know that about Global Entry. May have to try it and see.
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