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  1. No need to be snarky. I asked here while waiting for a response from my PVP, thinking someone may know the definitive answer but of course I got more than one answer/response and they were not the same. So which experienced answer should I have believed? I came back and reported what the PVP told me to clear up the issue. It is confusing in my opinion because I specifically chose a Havana cabin and clicked through to choose the "offer" where a guarantee option came up. I could have chosen a regular cabin and then picked guarantee and that would have been understandable but when you pick a Havana cabin and go through to the offers and see guarantee then you would of course think it is a guarantee in a Havana cabin. Apparently I am not the only one that though so too. But regardless I now know.
  2. Yes, I totally agree that it is misleading. I will just book a Havana at the higher rate and be done with it but I wonder how many people have been stung by that? Oh well...
  3. I booked FTTF for our February 2021 cruise recently and found it under FTTF in an email from Carnival about excursions/prebooking dining, etc. Later I saw it under the Charleston port as a shore excursion. Just keep checking, even if it sells out sometimes there are more added.
  4. Okay so my PVP got back to me and said that the even though I initially chose a Havana cabin and clicked through to the offers if I choose guarantee at that point then I will only receive a guarantee with the cabin category of my choice (meaning interior, balcony, etc.) but not Havana. It does not make sense if you have already chosen Havana, Spa or whatever but apparently you have the ability to basically drop back to a general guarantee in the offers screen. So thank you all for your help and now we have an answer!
  5. Unfortunately when I looked again today at possibly booking an additional cruise at these excellent rates they had all gone up and the offered OBC had gone down...way down. One rate on a cruise I was looking at (while comparing two) actually changed in the span of about 10 minutes time! Now I’m only seeing $100 OBC being offered and that along with higher rates just isn’t very exciting🤷🏼‍♀️
  6. That's what confused me, I specifically chose Havana at the higher rate and then chose guarantee from the offers page. I emailed the PVP to ask her but I think you are correct and I will have to call Carnival to find out after work. Thanks.
  7. Well to be honest I have gotten a loooot of calls, ha ha. I am very familiar with Royal since we have cruised with them many times so I do not feel like I need much help there but I am pretty new to Carnival and I thought it could not hurt. I may start going direct very soon though!
  8. My first Carnival cruise I booked us direct but we have since used a PVP (we will be taking our second Carnival cruise in February) so I am not fully schooled in Carnival website workings. I am at work right now on a break and have computer access but cannot use a phone (stupid work rules 😄) so I was perusing the site and found a cruise I was interested in placing a hold on for our PVP to book later this evening. My issue is that I got a little lost when I tried to follow through to the end and I was hoping someone could help me out here. I was looking at a Havana cabin on Horizon and I chose an interior Havana as we typically book for the ship and trip, not the cabin itself. When I went through to the page with the various offers I saw three or four different offers and one guarantee cabin offer that was much lower. I chose that offer and of course it gives the spiel that I could be assigned anywhere basically, yada, yada. I am fine with this as I planned on an interior anyway and moved on but at the end of the booking it never says that I have a Havana guarantee...just a guarantee. That concerns me because the guarantee I chose was 1. supposed to be a Havana and 2. more expensive than the average interior. Any ideas? Am I missing something? I am totally fine with you telling me how I messed this up but I just cannot figure it out (the website changing the price in the ten minutes it took me to compare Mardi Gras Havana cabins to Horizon Havana cabins is another story).
  9. November 1, 2020 Freedom of the Seas out of San Juan February 6, 2021 Sunshine out of Charleston I hope....🙏
  10. We have only cruised Carnival once but received a really good offer the other day. I clicked through and got a 5 night cruise for $655 (tax/fees included for both of us) with $500 on board credit. Could not pass it up! We have been wanting to cruise out of Charleston as it is the closest port to our home so this was the perfect time to try it.
  11. So this post tells me why I have gotten no "perks" from my TA then, lol. My husband and I typically research cruises to the nth degree for these types of deals (so we can cruise at least twice a year and still be able to take little trips throughout). I wondered why I kept seeing all these posts about amazing perks from TA's yet I have not seen any. Granted our cruises have been from $655-1500 so no big prize but still... Of course to be fair he did send us a gift card to a local restaurant for $25 when I sent a $10,000 booking his way😄🤷‍♀️
  12. Our November cruise has dropped in price quite a bit over the last two weeks or so (over $300 off at this point) and the drink package went from $55 to $41.
  13. Flew from Asheville to FLL 2/29 and the plane was not full but had many travelers. Trip home 3/7 the plane only had 4 empty seats.
  14. I have sailed Brilliance and Empress (just got off Empress this past weekend) but will not sail on Freedom until this November. Brilliance was a lovely ship and I would sail her again tomorrow but my biggest issue with her is the casino. The Brilliance casino is super smoky and since I have asthma myself it was near impossible for me togo in there. Also the way the ship is designed the smoke travels out into the centrum. As for Empress, yes it is older and small but the crew was just amazing and the ship does not feel or look worn. The rooms are very small so that has to be considered but the casino is smoke free so we could go in there and there was no smoke to travel around the ship. Hope that helps!
  15. Not sure where you are located in Tennessee (we are northeast area) but our roundtrip flights to San Juan out of Atlanta were less than $800 total. I looked at all surrounding airports and ATL was the cheapest, (though I see you've said it is harder to get to for you guys), but you may want to also check Asheville's prices. We are flying out of there this weekend and prices were much, much better.
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