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  1. Hi, obviously that does not apply in the U.K. It would seem that reading through the cruise critic pages the questions about refunds also applies to other river cruise companies. CA
  2. Well done YORKI1 we are really lucky in the U.K. So many cruisers from around the world having problems with refunds from various different river cruise companies but we have the law on our side. We’ve just started looking at what’s available for next year, ever optimistic. CA
  3. Layers and more layers of natural fibres. Silk socks are lovely and silk underwear I.e. long johns and tops. The added advantage of being ultra light and pretty as well. It’s what’s got me through winter camping over the years not recently though I’m a bit passed that I like my luxury that’s why I river cruise. CA
  4. A tour guides not for me to many places to see and people to meet so lucky to be my age and able to do it. The next wildlife on my list is the Great Bustards they have re-introduced to Salisbury Plain. CA
  5. There talking about reintroducing wolves into Scotland! We’ve had a Stork producing young for the first time since the 1400’s, unbelievable! We have Beavers doing very well in various places around our islands so our wildlife is surviving. Planning for after Covid 19 seems to be leaping ahead more power to their elbows. I think one of the worrying things at the moment are the reports of food going to waste across Europe no surprise with hotels and restaurants being closed but somehow it must be usable somewhere. Must go for my daily walk it’s a beautiful day. CA
  6. Loads of Blue Tits in the garden and our nest box full of Great Tits has just fledged I hope there not dying! We just. had one holiday well two in one May Bank Holiday and VE Day. Next Monday is another one late Spring Bak Holiday. We should be on a barge in France on the Canal du Nivernais at the moment sadly not possible hopefully next year. Fingers crossed all that things progress and we will be able to go to our place in Scotland in. September. We seem have a similar situation in the U.K. as you do in Europe with the shengan borders hopefully it will all be resolved amicably. CA
  7. Latest on the so called quarantine measures, I’m beginning to lose the will to live. Something about, couldn’t organise a —————- in a brewery comes to mind. Good luck all Government backtracks on French quarantine exemption https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52682411
  8. We live about 15 minutes from Bath ( on a good day) but cannot go in just yet, my colleague lives in Bath and he says it’s really weird with no tourists! We’ve got so used to the constrictions of lock down it’ll take some thinking about where to go when we can. Plus welcoming visitors again. CA
  9. Your right, it’s ordering beer on line so texts and emails between friends recommending obscure breweries abound, it keeps our other halves happy. As you might have noticed I am involved with a museum or I should say an archive as we cannot at the moment access our database answering queries keeps the brain working. People still have questions about canals. We’ve been asked not to use the tow paths for walks. Although last Friday was interesting with everyone sat in their front gardens obviously keeping social distancing toasting with champagne. Evidently we can now travel to France and the French to us without having to do the 14 day quarantine. This could be interesting. CA
  10. This is the BBC report on the app being trialled on the Isle of Wight. CA Coronavirus: Contact tracing app to be trialled on Isle of Wight https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-52521526
  11. BBC phone in programme (radio 4) just on now about cruise refunds, basically if you want a full refund it is you right although the worry is the length of time you may have to wait, this is where you contact the ombudsman or maybe the BBC. Riviera paid up after they got on their case. Some companies are implying that they are adhering to, non existent new ATOL scheme by refusing a refund. Most lines both river and ocean are offering incentives i.e. 125% value, or exchange with a family member. Evidently there is a lot of discussion on how the companies can go forward. CA
  12. Here is the BBC report, I must admit to forgetting (how could I) that EU law is still in force. CA Coronavirus: Watchdog threatens legal action on holiday refunds https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52483453
  13. I think I’ve worked out why we aren’t seeing much U.K. input, I think it’s to do with consumer law here. CA
  14. When! this challenge is under control our next challenge will be to support our businesses hopefully there won’t be great holes where to many have folded. Challenging times for all of us. CA
  15. Exactly I’ve still to work out how to pack the butler to take home. Happy days CA
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