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  1. Here we are just a quick one. So country, river and go on try to name this edifice.
  2. Thank you Coral, that’s exactly what it reminded me of but for the life of I could not remember the name Hummel, you jogged the little grey cells, a very good friend of mine has the most amazing collection of the figures. CA
  3. Precisely, but back to the Port, only joking. One of the highlights was at the top of the navigable part of the river the excursion to Salamanca. History, architecture you name it in one superb package. To just sit in the square with a glass or cup of something really Spanish, people watching was a privilege. On the way there we were held up as at one particular narrow section of the river you definitely have to book a time slot for the lock well we had to hang around as the boat coming towards us was late (luckily an Emerald boat so the same company) a passenger had somehow wondered off and d
  4. Beat me to it, I remembered it from years ago but forgot from where. The brains not what it used to be. CA
  5. I would give a vote for the Douro, okay maybe not quite so much wine but more than made up by the excellent Port tasting. We discovered Pink Port on our cruise super chilled slightly on a hot day. The Portuguese are very friendly and proud to show case their country. I didn’t realise that Port could be used in so many recipes. Beautiful country. CA
  6. It’s fascinating sitting in the wilds of Wiltshire listening to the police chases in the USA especially when you’ve actually driven down the roads they are reporting about. Oh the things that keep one occupied during a pandemic. Hey ho. CA
  7. It’s interesting because at last they have agreed that among the reasons for the Indian variant is multi generational living and failing to restrict those returning from India sooner. The powers that be are speeding up vaccinations where the incidents are most prolific. CA 20,000 were allowed at Wembley and the snooker seems to have been a resounding success it will be interesting to see the final findings. CA
  8. Watching the FA cup final - soccer, Chelsea v Leicester, it’s heaving down with rain. Snacks and very good bottle of Malbec there is even 20,000 at the game no score yet We are closing the gap between Covid jabs to try to counter the Indian variant and younger people are to be offered the vaccination. CA
  9. Pity you can’t fly into Lisbon. Fingers still crossed have a great cruise. Scenic where the first to own their boats on the Douro. Not that it matters just enjoy. CA
  10. Thank you Travelingirt, food for thought, I’d love to do a full cruise. We’ve done a day one from New Orleans and it was great fun. Will have to talk to DH. CA
  11. Keep an eye on Portugal they’ve just changed to May 17th, my fingers are crossed for you. CA
  12. In my youth I worked for an electronics company as a technical illustrator mostly on satellites, in the early days at least all the hush, hush secret squirrel stuff inside was held in place safely by expanding foam. My office was on a mezzanine floor above the chemi lab where they developed this stuff. So much fun to watch and listen to getting to the how they wanted it to work. Over expansion was a favourite along with hollow shells and exploding versions until it worked properly, there’s R & D for you. CA
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