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  1. Wow well I’m learning something new every day, I’ve never heard of it. CA
  2. Not Bath abbey but our local medical groups second surgery not fancy but functional. Daisi so many people consider themselves entitled look at the gatherings in Chelsea and Kensington I feel sorry for the police having try to stop them and run the chance of catching COVID. CA
  3. Just had the phone call both husband and myself booked in for our COVID jabs this coming Friday and we are both early to mid 70’s. CA
  4. According to an expert from the Cranford Institute very early on the team from the U.K. negotiated on delivery not on price and the EU teams negotiated on price. The U.K. lot also realised that there could potentially be a shortage of containers so set the production of more of these up in Wrexham Wales. So we could be paying more for the same product that the EU has not okayed yet, bye now pay later in more ways than one. I also have sneaking feeling that this may also be a by product of Brexit. Still there will be so many different stories some interesting some a load of tosh. CA
  5. Absolutely rcaruso it’s the Sao Bento Station in Porto reputed to be the most artistic in Portugal. Each tile picture depicts part of Portuguese history but I cannot remember the story of this one. The tiles are made in Portugal but the style is Delft there’s a story behind that as well. Your turn now rcaruso. CA
  6. I really thought this would be a bit more straight forward but there again it’s in most probably the last place you would think off. CA P.S. Our snow is thawing rapidly but dogs and children of all ages have thoroughly enjoyed it especially and the lock down has helped.
  7. Correct country Notamermaid but where in that country? CA
  8. For all those well traveled out there another wild card easy one to keep you going, I’d say country easy ? But the rest ? CA
  9. Have searched for the reasoning behind the Astra hold up but none of the news feeds seem to know, although I didn’t realise that technically the EU hasn’t okayed it for use yet. Interesting I think not. CA
  10. There said it was easy, interesting but touristy luckily we arrived early and left before lunch. Comparing English and Dutch windmills made it more interesting. CA
  11. I expect the gathering of details is also to keep track of where the vaccines have gone. On a lighter note we have snow about 2 inches (5cm) not an every year occurrence for us and certainly not as much. The dogs and kids are out and a few adults wish I could go sledging again. CA
  12. Waiting for my appointment hopefully my DH and I can sort a joint appointment we will most probably go to our doctors second surgery which is a vaccination local hub. We don’t have to pay due to our NHS system. (Basically the cost of the National Health Service is part of our tax system.) Let’s hope the vaccination system works and we can all be a lot happier. CA
  13. Notamermaid you’ve been watching to much Wallace and Gromit but yes a really nutty piece of Wensleydale would be very nice next time I’m in Bath I’ll see if Paxton and Whitfield have any. DH says you’ve got fantastic sausages and so don’t need any chipolata’s must admit I prefer them for breakfast. We’ve just hit 6 million vaccinated and 1/2 million 2nd jabs. Only 60 million to go. Although sceptical me isn’t to sure if it’s true. CA
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