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  1. Just a quick note Notamermaid although Byron was a Baron his honorific address was ‘My Lord’ so Lord Byron is fine. It’s not considered rude if you don’t know the titles of those you meet so don’t use the honorific, it’s never worried me at all!
  2. Not Wait Staff, which seems a bit short and curse but actually not bad or rude but that other one which I don’t actually want to give credence to. I’ve been to South Africa and never heard the expression so my - across the road neighbours who are South African and regularly go home were duly asked she was horrified and thought maybe it was a Johannesburg thing. He had heard it in what he actually said were so called young yuppie areas. So I reckon it’s one of those, wait for it, attempt at a de-gendering word. Crikey we’re not going to be able to open our mouths soon without wondering if we’ve been upsetting someone’s ego!
  3. This expression seems to similar to the raised arm and the clicking fingers to me. The expression about it would be unprintable.
  4. If your on a Seine cruise including D day this year look out for this it will be near Gold beach. D-Day 80: Servicemen silhouettes assembled near Gold Beach https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-68853855
  5. I can think of a few guys I’ve known or know who were or are still that wonderful quote ‘mad bad & dangerous to know. Plus Byron coped with the world with what was then classed as an awful deformity.
  6. Drachenfels sadly because I quite like it is not considered one of his best poems and I really had not connect Aida and Byron until now, why I don’t know. What a huge gap in my education. Thank you Notamermaid it certainly woke up a few brain cells.
  7. Last year we treated ourselves and had our suitcases couriered oh so decadent and well worth it.
  8. Just a small example of something left of the submarine pens. So much improved from when we went so will try to twist a certain DH's arm to do the cruise again.
  9. All I can come up with is ‘Lords’ Ladies as is a Countess the Romantics as in Poets, Byron & Shelley oh and maybe a bit of lace. I’m no good at these so most probably way off or Drachenfels.
  10. That’s at least two of us the!
  11. Just heard a little whisper if your having a challenge, strange as it may seem, give Barclaycard a ring.
  12. Try fairly early in the morning in winter. I know awkward but a certain artists sunflowers in the flesh are stunning.
  13. Yup changing from the BlackBerry to Nokia and in a very short time to iPhone almost fried my brain.
  14. Must admit we’ve heard the same excuse. If everything was listed that we supposedly should steer clear off discussion wise you’d have forgotten the beginning by the time you got to the end.
  15. Daisi not quite there yet but I figure I’m okay as I switch regularly between Apple and Microsoft systems. Apple at home and Archive all Microsoft and now the two have sorted out their differences with cross overs the world is a much happier and secure place, fingers crossed!
  16. Daisi we can’t have the guys experiencing eyesight problems now can we!
  17. 1of4 I completely understand. I would do the Bordeaux cruise again for their similar ex-submarine pens experience. To see these paintings sat down in comfort would be to my mind absolutely the best. Why mess with this. It could be the most amazing immersive art experience ever. I’m glad you’re home safe and sound and I’ve enjoyed so much your journey with you. Thank you.
  18. Scenic once offered canoeing on their Rhône cruise, I didn’t do it as any of my Guides would tell you I go round in circles, much to their delight.
  19. Agree with Jazz but I’m pretty sure the one item of luggage is to do with the staff rather than storage you’ll have all of under the bed to use. The Orient Express is where you really must follow the luggage rules.
  20. One of my son in laws introduced me to the Aero Press and it’s in my collection but I must admit to having a few battles with it so I tend to use my Brew Stick when travelling.
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