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  1. We did the very first scenic Gem cruise and we would do it again so far we’ve done eight scenic cruises. The Australian memorial and museum day was long but so worth it. We were the only takers for the Bolbec excursion we had our own car and guide it was so interesting even my husband enjoyed it. Have a wonderful cruise. CA
  2. Wow what an example to choose and how apt, we as a nation could well use it today. And all because we agree on standards! CA
  3. Now that would be telling wouldn’t it! Ah what would we do if we couldn’t blame predictive text, when it’s only my awful spelling, comes from reading obscure legal documents where f’s are s and s are f’s. Thank you for pointing out my foot in mouth moment. CA
  4. A few years ago a German tourist visiting ‘The Barge Inn’ on the Kennet & Avon Canal confused the locals directions (not a difficult thing to do) and on leaving the pub drove straight into the canal indicating a left turn. So, yes parking by the canal not ‘in’ the canal, and our canals are tiny, not huge as those in Europe are. CA
  5. Okay it’s amazing watching on the River Severn, google Severn Bore. CA bit like a tidel wave on a river.
  6. Okay it’s amazing that what is expected of ‘excuse ‘ me customers when the majority of river cruise companies work on a 90 day or less payment expectation prospective cruisers still fall for the Viking expectation. Research, research, research, CA
  7. We did a similar cruise with Scenic and you spend as much time on the estuary as the river. At no time did I feel as if I was at sea, it’s a huge estuary and the only time I think you might feel anything is if there is a bore running which I think would be quite interesting, watching the surfers riding the boards, what a rush. CA
  8. Make a friend share a glass with your neighbour it’s not all doom and gloom, just make sure you get your glass back, your on holiday! CA
  9. This is true but if a captain feels that a manoeuvre requested puts his or her ship and passengers in danger he or she can refuse to carry it out. CA
  10. We were in PA this year the nearest aft for the first time and I would say there is slightly more noise than nearer the bows but other cruisers who have the C cabins have said the facilities and views make up for it. I also understand the newer the boat the better it is. CA
  11. The first time we cruised with Scenic we started from Budapest and actually left our mooring just after dinner so basically did the cruise by default. The second time we cruised in the evening after arriving and mooring during the day, this was the end of the cruise so a special event and a superb experience. The final decision about where and when the boat moves and travels is the Captains regardless of what the company wants, his or hers expertise is the final arbiter. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Budapest authorities effectively caused all evening cruises to be stopped so how we did it during our first cruise could be seen incorporated in more of the cruise companies agendas. I completely understand why the Viking captain was arrested he was in complete charge of the vessel. CA
  12. Will now defiantly have to twist my husbands arm to go again. Say hallo to Calgary for me it’s many years now since I was there. CA
  13. Have a great time it’s a super cruise we did the first Gem cruise and as the French authorities had not signed the permission to dock in Honfluer we will have to do it again, oh dear, never mind it will add to the eight we have already done with Scenic. No need for a suite especially in the summer the only need for a jacket is the air con can be just a bit to efficient so a wrap is useful for the ladies. Smart casual and just a touch of bling works well. Enjoy. CA
  14. Scenic WiFi gets better every year. Yes there are problems in locks and some of the more mountainous regions. We had problems in the past with so many on board Skyping but this has certainly improved. I’m not downloading just contacting and checking news and weather but I would say it’s quite adequate for my needs. CA
  15. Capt John just that what you want in your in cabin bar is usually what you get. CA
  16. Have a chat with the guys at Scenic a couple of years ago on our cruise with them one of our compatriots used a mobility chair, absolutely no problem with the crew they helped when required, the chair was charged in reception(he could walk short distances). He with his wife’s help made it to the organ recital at the top of Viviers no mean feat I can assure you. Lovely guy nothing stopped him. My advice discuss. CA
  17. Capt John wish you cruised with Scenic you’d fit in really well! CA
  18. Good grief, a vest, meant to be worn under a shirt to keep oneself warm. Therefor an item of underwear for men or lingerie for women, although I believe in the USA. a vest is a waistcoat. One the absolute dregs of a well dressed man the other the epitome of the well dressed man, I certainly know what I prefer. Thank you for your clear and so what graphic explanations. CA
  19. Okay two countries but supposedly the same language, I think not what on earth is a ‘wife beater’, answers as clean as possible please for my obviously gentile ears 😇
  20. Gnome 12 I will take that as a compliment, thank you CA
  21. Whoops should have been achieve, frodian slip. CA
  22. I once had one of my Girl Guides turn up to camp with an almost full length mirror she also managed to get to an indoor event at least three muddy fields away in an all white outfit without a mark on her. An awesome achievement, superb girl and she managed to live down the comments. Needless to say she went on to Archive great things and I was so pleased to have been her guider. CA in the US Girl Scout
  23. Actually no we arrived on board late on Easter Monday morning our cabin was a ready so we were unpacked by lunchtime. CA
  24. Believe it or not it was really hit and miss there was no norm. The Labour day bank holiday is very much observed throughout mainland Europe but is usually on the day of May 1st, in the UK it’s on the nearest Monday. We weren’t cruising on Whit Monday. CA
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