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  1. Reception have them to have on loan. They also have European style usb plugs. CA
  2. We have done 8 cruises with Scenic but never with Tauck so I think your most probably down to which cruise content suites you best or find one of each that suite and compare costs. I must admit I have yet to run out of options with Scenic and have done one cruise twice as there were so many choices. CA
  3. Luckily this happened so close to the Netherlands, just about the most expert lock gate constructors in the world. Also regardless of where or what type of lock it is there is no way it can be ‘off the shelf’ ever gate will be bespoke. The other problem is the canal profile, although it might look plenty wide enough to turn a river craft the majority of a canal profile is a gentle curve not straight up and down at the sides so the turning of boats is stuffed. Reading the previous report again it sounds like the fixing (it does have a particular name) at the top pivot point was badly damaged, not really a surprise which would mean that the bottom pivot point would also be compromised, on British canals this would be the quoin and quoin cup but most probably not here as our canals are just a tad older that this one. Still they are doing a fantastic job getting it completed so quickly. CA
  4. Try locating her on Marine Traffic or Vessel Finder, CA
  5. We have just finished our eighth cruise with Scenic our first was pre all inclusive but included gratuities. I can assure everyone that all inclusive means what it says on the tin. Many years ago there was a slight push by the cruise director who then disappeared half way through the cruise with no explanation, during the first couple of years if we tried to give any member of the crew a little extra for exceptional service it was always refused very politely. The only charge we have ever had was laundry in the past, items from the on board shop and treating myself to a manicure for example. All inclusive gratuities also extends to tour guides and bus drivers. So believe the brochures in this instance it’s true. CA
  6. Wow wow wow, I have never cruised with Viking and as I’m not enamoured of their cruise content I don’t expect I ever will, but having river cruised for quite a few years I can assure you that when you see a ship with a dent or a dink 10 to 1 it’s a Viking ship and the maritime crew on our ship will take great delight in pointing it out. If it’s correct that this is the same guy then he must have been cleared by the relevant authorities to continue captaining river cruising vessels. This whole event has potentially caused a huge lose of custom from the Eastern countries of our world so regardless of the hard work done by the marketeers it may have solved the over toureesting problem. CA
  7. Absolutely awful my condolences to the family’s of those lost. If anyone knows anything about boats looking at that piece of film will realise that the two ships are far to close together, the larger would tend to suck the smaller towards it! Plus considering the river conditions both trying to go side by side though one arch of the bridge is asking for trouble. It will be interesting to read the final report. CA
  8. On the ETIAS website it actually names it as the Schengun Visa, work that one out! CA
  9. Well we will see first hand from Easter Monday as we start our Soane and Rhône river cruise with Scenic. France is supposed to host more visitors than any other country on earth you would think they would be more happy about the influx of the foreign dollar etc. But things are in just a we bit in flux at the moment so therefore some are wary and the holidays that appear to be on the more expensive side will be the first to suffer and they are river cruises. Happy cruising CA
  10. Oh sacrilege no messing with books pleaseeeeeeee. I have several from Scenic each updated from the previous one. I also keep a small, usually pink, notebook for extra bits including moon phases, nothing like cruising under a full moon! Also useful for noting those little tit bits of interest. These make interesting reading in future years. CA
  11. Find someone who has cruised with Scenic as you get a guide book in your cabin for each cruise you do.. CA
  12. Will let you know in about 3 to 4 weeks as we leave for our cruise with Scenic on Easter Monday. In the past it has depended whether the holiday is religious or not but shops and markets are usually closed whichever the holiday is. Cathedrals are often closed on Mondays as well regardless if it’s a holiday or not. CA
  13. Thanks FuelScience, I’m so happy that Emerald is still cruising, as Scenic Emerald she was our introduction to river cruising, before the introduction of all inclusive and butlers on all decks. She has certainly moved around Europe even in France on the Soane & Rhône where we are off to in a few weeks time. Continue enjoying your cruise. CA
  14. Fantastic thank you so pleased she is still cruising, as she was our introduction to river cruising. CA
  15. Does anyone know where or what has happened to Scenic Emerald after she left their fleet. CA
  16. Well the gods are not happy with Viking at the moment one of their river boats was in a collision this morning. Let’s hope that everything is resolved both on sea and rivers and all cruisers are well. CA
  17. Copyright and intellectual property rights can be extremely convoluted and as long as you are not making profit from and anyone else is not using your property for gain you are usually okay. Most holiday images wherever they are taken are fine but I can see with the advent of social media into all aspects of life challenges arising, I.e. other media using your images etc it’s your copyright, do you challenge and then gain from your image. Discuss. I really do hope that everyone involved in this incident has no lasting complications, the expert contributors have been absolutely excellent, carry on the good work, but I still will not be taking a sea cruise it’s the rivers for me, far to much deep sea experience in the past. CA
  18. Have a look at Emerald, it was launched as being aimed at a younger demographic and has a cinema which becomes a pool during the day. My eldest daughter went interailing at about that age so river cruising would be a good introduction to Europe have fun choosing and cruising. CA
  19. The tugs assistance would certainly help with a tighter turn but as with all things physics plays a big part. The Navel architects that design these vessels work to extremely strict parameters but as with all construction can this be checked at all levels. One of the best things to come out of an almost catastrophie is the amount of actual footage that can be viewed for future reference, I’m not saying for litigation but future design and hopefully safety. Thanks to all the marine rescuers risking themselves, the Viking people’s spirit lives on. CA
  20. Go to Marinetraffic.com and put in Viking Sky and you should get the details there are various other sites that you can get the info from. CA
  21. Incident happened off western coast of Norway, latest all passengers off, thank goodness only a few injuries. The vessel initially lost power to both engines then managed to restart one which enabled them to get some steerage way. A freighter went to rescue also lost power so a couple of helecopters were diverted to assist her. Seas looked pretty high not surprising this time of year. Fingers crossed all is well for all. CA
  22. Don’t know if Viking have in cabin safes if so put them in there or phone Viking and ask if they want them handed in to be looked after by the staff until the end of the cruise. If that’s the only thing you need to be concerned about before your cruise you’ll have a fantastic time. CA
  23. This year we are re-doing the South of France, the first time was before the re-fit and one of our excursions was to the Paul Boucus institute in Lyon a must for all foodies (I do dislike that expression). This year Scenic now has the Culinaire experience so they really do have to rise to the occasion, we will see. We survived our chef buying cheap Brussels sprouts at the wrong time of year, what a mistake to make! An evening of seafood was superb. With Scenic there is always a choice of chicken, fish or steak other than the set menus if that’s what you want. On one cruise one of our Australian friends wanted Lamb chops at breakfast and he got them. Don’t forget if you are allergic or particularly dislike anything let the restaurant team know they will remember. Happy cruising CA
  24. Oh see what you mean, there’s not much clear wall space in a Scenic cabin I usually prop them behind the keyboard underneath the tv/computer screen, which also shows the view ahead of the vessel, mind you the cabin staff are so conscientious they are usually tidied up and stacked neatly. CA
  25. Why would you need magnets? There is loads of storage space and plenty of room under the beds for suitcases. CA
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