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  1. For any who have been on before. Entertainment in the evenings. I assume as smaller ship entertainment is more low key, maybe show in theatre and live music in lounges? Thanks think it’s great lovely choices of speciality restaurants if want to do them even though smaller ship
  2. Thank you for the photos. She looks beautiful
  3. Sorry not sure how to delete. Ignore above please 🙂 loved reading review again.
  4. Hello 👋 Reading your review again 🙂 Was your final price after PIF? Thank you
  5. Nextholiday?

    HALF day RTH

    Hello 👋 RTH brilliant reviews but wondering if anyone has done the ones classed “half road to Hana”. If so did you enjoy. Thank you 😊
  6. Via the US site at the moment they are allowing two certificates to be used even on non balcony Does the UK site allow this please Thank you 😊
  7. Hello 👋 Is luggage included or is that an extra please
  8. Totally agree with both of the above leonards do one special flavour a month as well I believe. Pumpkin 🎃 once and coconut filling once we have stayed at outrigger and love dukes plus their hula pie 😋 We like cheese cake factory but I think that’s because we are not from the US
  9. Last time we did old Lahaina luau wondering since overnight what people do of an evening there
  10. Hi 👋 not me but hubby might. Thank you 😊
  11. thank you we did a beach last time but was close to other port so couldn’t have been that one
  12. Our first cruise we docked at KAHULUI This time Lahaina and overnight stop so there two days I know the Old Lahaina Luau is close Just wondering what others did when at that port Any beaches you recommend Also if looking for locals who do tours how do you find/any you can recommend Thank you 😊
  13. Thank you 😊 just tried ringing visa and shut 🤣 will try tomorrow thanks again think wrong of NCL that cannot speak to them after the cruise
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