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  1. Looking for info on bedding configuration. Anyone sailed in this cabin? Wondering if there are two pullman bunks or just one with a single sleeper sofa. TIA!
  2. Learned today it IS available for cabin delivery @ $45 + tip, but only by calling ship's services.
  3. Thanks much for the replies. When I saw it could be purchased by the drink onboard, I called ship's services and it is available for cabin delivery/consumption, though not always offered as a pre-cruise purchase and, when it is, it must be ordered by phone.
  4. Anyone know (maybe you're on board a HAL ship right now and can check) if Tito's vodka is available on Holland ships? They don't offer it as a pre-cruise purchase (for in cabin delivery), but maybe it's available on the ship via room service? Thanks for your help!
  5. Everything associated with insurance and health care in the U.S. is expensive!
  6. Cruise insurance premiums, generally (based on internet information) are about 3-10% of the cruise cost. The money I haven't spent on insurance has probably paid for several other cruises. Still, it's not cost that has driven my decision not to buy it...I decided long ago that if I ever missed a cruise, the reason for not making it would be far more important than worrying about the money lost. I don't talk about it often, and am knocking on wood as I type this, but not only have I not spent the money on it, I've yet to need it. And I'm even one of those dreaded 'fly in the day of the cruise' crazies! That said, I rarely sail more than a week long itinerary and am a fanatic for finding bargains, so most of my cruises don't have staggering price tags.
  7. Using their "Find a Cruise" section, just put in April 2021 departing from Ft Lauderdale then scroll down. It's the last (9th) cruise listed (Azores & Spain Transatlantic). An inside is coming up at $1418 for a solo booking. Have fun!
  8. I think that's true for a lot of people (not liking to fly so much)...I'm the oddity...enjoy it!
  9. My next cruise will only be my 6th solo, so you're actually quite a bit up on me -- especially with three more booked :-} Most of my 37 were with my husband and I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it without him, but my daughter and friends and family have helped and I'm still loving it. And to really make you feel good, my first was in 1977!
  10. Plenty of time after Miracle to catch Zuiderdam :-} Are you west coast based?
  11. Thanks so much for making the extra effort!!
  12. I shared something similar from Oosterdam -- that's how I knew there had been a change :-} Thanks though for trying!
  13. Good for you! I think I'll make 40 (January is 37), but no expectations to reach 100 :-} Nice video. Hope I meet you onboard sometime, just to say hello and pat you on the back! Will be on Zuiderdam January 25th...will you?
  14. I see you happily sailing away so often, I'm wondering (if you don't mind sharing): How many cruises? How many of them solo?
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