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  1. I wondered if I'd just missed this the last visit. I'm still exploring what 'to do' and will wait until my brother decides if he's going or not (don't want to book and then find he & his wife can't join me). Have used this site a little already, but thanks for the share. I liked ISP too and am thrilled to be going back. Am hoping to stay on a smaller boat for whale watching than they offer. And, who knows, maybe I'll like one of the ship's tours :-} Thanks again!
  2. I hope it does too, but one way or another, I'll enjoy being there. I may wind up staying with Sitka for a marine wildlife tour -- or doing that in both places, if Glacier Wind goes out. Can you tell me more about the local woodcarver? Permanent shop or street market? Used to collect carved eagles, but haven't gotten one in awhile. This will be my earliest trip to Alaska and I'm really looking forward to it! I like seeing spring there.
  3. Didn't really follow this post for ideas...1st post was a reply to the OP's inquiry & said I could give a lot of suggestions (i.e., I'd been there a few times). I saw the two favorable Glacier Winds posts, so I checked it out, then asked for a follow up suggestion when it wasn't available (although, as I said, it might work out). The wildlife hike was through the ship. Took a bus through town then did a walk through the rainforest. A couple pics attached. Would not enjoy the scene you described though. Many, who have only visited Alaska once or twice, have told me I've been lucky with the weather. As my husband used to say "it's better to be lucky than good."
  4. I'm sure the ship will offer tours too, but it's too far out for that right now. The ISP wildlife hike I did previously was great and I know I'll find something. This is my first April cruise, though I've been there at least a part of each month they're welcoming visitors and I can't say I've ever had bad weather. A little haze once, mist a couple times and some light rain, but nothing that dampens my enjoyment there. I am a frequent visitor...did my "in case I never go back" trip a few years ago...so no need for a bucket list.
  5. This may work out after all...or at least could. They offered to start a waiting list of sorts, so that if they see whales prior to our arrival, we can book just before reaching port. Incredibly flexible and I hope it works out! If not, I'd be happy to hear other ISP tour suggestions you might have. Last visit there, we did the wildlife hike...was wonderful! Thanks!
  6. AlanF65 & Italy52 ... got another suggestion for ISP? Glacier Wind won't be open for tours when our ship stops there (April 30th). The date wasn't available on the site's calendar, so I emailed & was told it's too early for a good chance to see whales, so they won't go and disappoint customers. That's nice, actually, but I'm looking for a Plan B now :-} TIA!
  7. You are correct -- they're not comparable and perhaps the routes are different. While I enjoy taking the train for trips (STL to CHI or KC, for example), I'm not fond of being on someone else's schedule if I don't have to be...or on taking the same route both ways if I want to take a detour.
  8. Could give you a lot of suggestions, but will just do one small one for Ketchikan: Ride the funicular from Creek Street up to Cape Fox Lodge then walk the Married Man's Trail back into town through the rain forest. In August, you should see plenty of spawning salmon.
  9. Rent a car and do the drive on your own...much less expensive and you can do it at your own pace. Have done it three times and enjoyed every trip...Emerald Lake, Caribou Crossing, the wildlife museum!
  10. It'll be fine! In 2017, I did a 10-night that started September 23rd and ended October 3rd. It was misty/rainy in Ketchikan September 25th (used a poncho and wore water-treated shoes) and was chilly in Icy Strait Point September 29th (we wore layers and jackets and were fine). The rest of the time, it was great weather. We rented a car and did the drive from Skagway to Whitehorse September 27th and were thrilled to see fall colors! Trust me, the tour operators will stay open if they know there's a ship coming in :-} Another plus of being on one of the last cruises are the sales...brought home hoodies and fleece jackets for my family that were incredible buys!
  11. This will be my 7th visit to Alaska...will be on the NCL's first sailing there in 2021: April 27th. I'm feeling pretty good about it, but final payment is way off and I've got insurance (1st time ever). I've never booked this far out before, but the offer they extended made it too good to pass up.
  12. Have only done Misty Fjords out of Ketchikan (also with Island Wings). Was there mid-June. I wouldn't think time of day would matter a lot unless there's a drastic weather change from morning to afternoon. That said, most Ketchikan stops aren't very long, so you may only be looking at the difference in morning or mid-morning OR mid-morning or early afternoon. I went in the morning, because we docked at 7am and our back on board was 12:15pm. Michelle, the pilot and owner, showed immediately that she wanted us to have a great tour....did a quick circle back over the Narrows so we could see a pod of Orcas she noticed. The day I went, it was overcast with just a mist of rain. Wondered how good the views would be as we boarded, but I shouldn't have. I truly believe she would've given us the chance to cancel if she thought the weather would impact our views. If I go again, I'll do a repeat with her.
  13. Thanks...this is not that group...listed as Southern Caribbean, but are east of the ABC Islands. Hitting Dominica, St Kitts, St Maarten, Antigua and St Thomas. Love that it's out of Ft Lauderdale instead of San Juan. Also booked Alaska in April/May...9 nights on NCL. As much as I love the Caribbean, Alaska is my favorite destination.
  14. My next solo is not until February 2021...10-night southern Caribbean on Vision of the Seas. Practically free, so I had to book it!
  15. Looking for info on bedding configuration. Anyone sailed in this cabin? Wondering if there are two pullman bunks or just one with a single sleeper sofa. TIA!
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