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  1. That is interesting because unfortunately I have a picky stomach so on an all day it would be great to take a power bar with my water.
  2. This must be sheer ignorance on my behalf maybe due to the fact I haven taken many cruises but only one before that went to European ports.If these folks travel farther afield the no food off ship would surely apply.
  3. On another website especially for UK Princess passengers one asked if food could be taken off like bags of chips and such for shore excursions.I replied no there was always someone at exit checking that the passengers followed these rules. An answer to this was never been stopped ever.They asked were I resided and then stated different Agricultural rulings ?
  4. How does Princess arrange travel from London to ship for disabled folk.I don't have a wheelchair but use a walker and cannot get up steps like Coach steps?
  5. I am an 83 year old with osteoarthritis and a couple of compound fractures on my spine.I cannot walk up steps. I use a walker on board to get around plus use elevators. Princess has always insisted folks in my position with carry on luggage are wheel chaired to cabins. At least I am trying to enjoy life and go on the cruises which I love.πŸ₯° Freedom of speech as always I accept.πŸ‘. Thank you all for replying to my contribution to this thread. . Enjoy your cruises as I will mine😊.
  6. Not for getting up to the cabin.You get wheelchair preference right up till they place you at the end of a long line up for ship crew to take you to your cabin .I was in a long line up for at least 45 minutes to one hour .Was first come first serve. This was at San Pedro waiting to get on Royal Princess this May.
  7. Wheelchair passengers get no preference whether they are Elite or not .
  8. As a Veteran you deserve an extra perk.☺️ This all boils down to those that although they have the 500 days specials and get the special lunch they still feel they should get more OBC and a Super Elite status than those who have not obtained 500 days. I say lucky for them that they have the time and means to reach 500 days. Princess has shown appreciation of their loyalty.
  9. Yes so true. It is great that these days cruising is affordable for all. When I was younger I used to watch The Love Boat and dream. It is now reality for everyone.
  10. OK let me reply. Personally I am quite satisfied with the perks Princess gives us plus everybody else on Special Promotions. Cannot honestly understand why folks would like a level above Elite and more OBC. Next year I am going to try out a 7 day on Club Class and I am paying for it. Just curious to find out what it is all about. Just something new.😊
  11. I also brought several packets of Ghirardeli chocolate back on board plus from Honolulu a couple of Papaya's when on that trip.
  12. I would also be interested in what the CD and Entertainment was like?
  13. My latest cruise is booked for May 2020 one can book directly now with Air Canada .EZAir in a few weeks time. I asked Princess if I booked EZAIr with them in a few weeks time and quoted in Canadian dollars would they charge me at $1.35 she said yes. The flights to LAX are usually full so I doubt they would have price discounted.Iam booking this one direct.
  14. If you have booked in Canadian and waiting for EZ Air to be released.I f it is released after June 6th it will be quoted to you in Canadian dollars at the $1.35 rates according to the Princess representative who checked with customer service.
  15. For what reason would those with many shares and cruises want Princess to give them more perks and OBC ?
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