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  1. Thank you for your answers.Do they take credit cards for payment?
  2. With being slightly disabled cannot get up steps in couches.So was wondering if when one gets of the ship to catch a cab on my own?
  3. False information fed to me by the news agencies then?
  4. How neat.Did you a have photo of you taken.?
  5. Hum not an admirer of PC Burns but loved Kelvin Joy the ED.Kelvin was the best of best CD I've ever had so hope he sparks up P C Burns...😀.
  6. I have heard Dubai is a fun place we are also stopping there.
  7. Then you should have explained yourself more clearly.That expression can be taken both ways. At the moment in Vancouver some folks are worried that the non refined oil approved by the Government to be shipped by pipe to Vancouver from Alberta to fuel Ships might spill and ruin the environmental waters and kill wild life and plants in waters.
  8. We are not stopping at Egyptian Ports .We are stopping United Arab Eremites and Jordon. In this big World of ours no matter what country there are always the few that are rebel rouses .Most of us are nice folks whatever nationality .Thank Goodness.😊.
  9. I personally don't think that it sucked.Oil on the hull getting into the waters will pollute.Does that not bother you?
  10. Wow how wonderful for you to take her Graham..I am really looking forward to this adventure 37 days except for France and Portugal all new to me. Plus if we have a good head chef on board and CD .Good grub and great good for laugh entertainment on days at sea days will just suite me
  11. I love sitting in sunshine on my balcony reading and nodding off.I wonder if we will be allowed on the Suez ?
  12. I have booked about 3 independent excursions but in Europe not in that area reason being I cannot climb steps onto coaches and Princess will only allow Wheelchairs not strollers on their wheelchair trips had no choice.I was not going to stay on board and miss all the fun😊 .Otherwise booking in Middle East independently I might have been hoisted on to a camel and carried to a Sheiks harem.(Chance would be a fine thing)😉
  13. I have read the decisions are made by the Maritime Insurance .If they feel it will be unsafe they usually stop the cruise.For me this cruise is one of a lifetime for my being over 80 and one I have always had on my bucket list to see the Middle East.Loved the book and movie about Lawrence of Arabia..I also have never really seen all of Europe ,Gibraltar,Rhodes so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will still be deemed safe.
  14. Today oil fields in Saudi Arabia attacked set on fire by Iranian drones.Our ship Sapphire sets sail through the area where oil tankers have been attacked in November.I have just been looking at the map.Should we still feel safe as this problem in the Middle East seems to be escalating?
  15. One solution is that the ships continually clean out the air conditioning and vents on the ship that carry viruses so easily if neglected. They always mention they do????? Don't think they have time and man power to do this.
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