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  1. In those countries only by land or sea, not by air.
  2. 1. Medical emergency. 2. Yes, it applies to DL and birth cert.
  3. No I appointed myself Emperor of All Things Cruising......Thats why.😎
  4. That was very responsive to the OP's inquiry. πŸ™„
  5. Last time I used Mobile Passport the agent asked for the physical passports also. I said "Old school eh?" He replied "Yep." Did not delay us at all.
  6. My only real close encounter with French-Canadians was at a Lowe's near Cape May NJ (one of their favorite vacation spots). I was loading a big flatbed of paving stones into my SUV. A gentleman who was loading things into his car with Quebec plates spoke to his two teenage sons in French and they came over and helped me finish loading. Much appreciated. There are good people in every ethnic group.
  7. It was our first stop on our Regal cruise to the Eastern Caribbean this year and will be the first stop on our Southern Caribbean 10 day on the Crown next March.
  8. There are many old time cruisers who post here and some, not all, of them are very bitter about the changes in cruising since "The Good Old Days." The cruise ship companies are trying to hold the line on cruise fares and must out of necessity cuhingst some things while charging for some other things. This has been branded as "Nickle and Diming" by those who remember when such things were free. However, if on the other hand, the lines include the former perks and freebies but raise fares to reflect that, the very same old timers would lose their minds in Cruise Critic forums and reviews. It is a no-win - no-win situation. One way to read critical reviews is to follow "Doug's Law of Reviews" : Throw out the everything is great review and the worst cruise/ship ever reviews. The truth lies in between. The passenger who had one or two things not go their way will magnify everything they find wrong. For example: If after their particular negative incident they spot wine that was spilled a few minutes before that wasn't magically cleaned instantly becomes "The carpet was stained and dirty." If a couple of workers pushing carts don't smile at them becomes "The staff was cold and unfriendly." You get the idea. Hope the OP has a great cruise.
  9. That is a real stretch of even the wildest of imaginations.
  10. I experienced the reservation system on the NCL Getaway and liked it to an extent. The way it worked is you could make advanced reservations for a show. You needed to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance, earlier if you wanted a specific seating area. Your reservation was loaded on your cruise card which was scanned at the theater entrance. Any reservation not claimed 15 minutes prior to showtime are cancelled and all remaining seats are opened to those without reservations. Where it did not work as well was in smaller venues such as the comedy club. The lineup of those who were waiting for general seating tended to cause congestion near the venue entrance and an unruly surge when it was opened.
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