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  1. Doug R.

    Norwegians get to enjoy coffee-why don’t we?

    It must be tough living your life in constant fear that everything is harboring deadly germs that will kill you by just looking at them,
  2. Doug R.

    Where to buy Ocean Medallion clip

    You need to buy nothing to use the medallion, we were provided a lanyard and holder which was illustrated in a previous post. You can detach the medallion and stuff it in your pocket or purse if desired.
  3. Doug R.

    Where to buy Ocean Medallion clip

    Same on the Regal in January
  4. Doug R.

    Wait to get in room

    We boarded the Regal in January at 11:30 and the rooms were open and ready for us.
  5. Doug R.

    Norwegians get to enjoy coffee-why don’t we?

    I have used in-room coffee makers in hotel rooms and on NCL dozens of times and have yet to catch some dreaded disease.
  6. Doug R.

    Specialty dining and gratuities

    Although it is served in the buffet, it is table service. On our January Regal cruise we called the dine line early, or so we thought and were only offered 8pm and later. Reserve early!!!!
  7. Doug R.

    Smart Phone Ocean Ready

    Never said it was.
  8. Doug R.

    Embarkation Time - how strict?

    It is not mandatory, you can board in enough time to enjoy the MDR lunch.
  9. It is quite a popular diner breakfast item here in the northeast usually served with home fries. Yum, now I want some.
  10. Doug R.

    Embarkation Time - how strict?

    No worries. You can board anytime after they start boarding. I am always assigned a later boarding time and am one of the first on board. No one has made me sit around hungry until the 2 pm boarding times I have been assigned. If Princess were to try to enforce these assigned boarding times you would hear an uproar on this board that would make the 40+ pages on the removal of the barrel chair from the cabin seem like a minor issue.
  11. Doug R.

    Norwegians get to enjoy coffee-why don’t we?

    No, since coffee and tea are readily available from room service 24/7,
  12. Doug R.

    Smart Phone Ocean Ready

    If you have a smart phone you can set it to airplane mode and not be bothered with the outside world, but you will be able to take advantage of all the applications associated with the medallion. I found it very handy to check the schedule onboard. As stated by others you do not need to have or use a smart phone to use the medallion.
  13. Doug R.

    Traveling w/ Insulin & Needles for Diabetes

    The only thing that attracts extra attention from TSA is if you have an insulin pump. It does set off the detector and therefore you have to submit to a very intimate scan and pat down,. Otherwise pump supplies, needles and lancets do not attract any attention when going through x-ray scanners. The refrigerator in the cabin is sufficient to protect unopened insulin vials. I see no need to notify Princess in advance as the steward will supply a sharps container when asked. Since I have a continuous blood glucose monitor that I read via my smart phone and I change my pumps infusion set once or twice on a 7 day cruise, I generate so little sharps waste I don't even ask for a sharps container, I just toss the waste in a zip lock bag and dispose it when I get home.
  14. Doug R.

    Chairs removed to make more room?

    Obviously you are an affluent cruiser. However those of us who are middle class have fewer options than you. We are at the mercy of the mainstream lines and cannot flee to the luxury lines. I still love Princess, although I am cognizant of the cutbacks, and will continue to sail with her, unless Celebrity or another line has a more appealing itinerary.
  15. Doug R.


    OK then, your bad.