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  1. There is a big difference between prudent caution and unreasonable panic born of fear of what might occur in the worst possible instance.
  2. Don't have to wear mine, I have it tattooed on my forearm. When my status changes I simply go back to my favorite tattoo artist for a recolor.
  3. I reviewed their 4 posts and I concur with your conclusion. All 4 are on the medallion and the fact that all the employees know your personal data.
  4. We have arrived as early as 10:30 and boarded immediately or very shortly thereafter. I believe the porters accept luggage earlier, however you may end up waiting for the terminal to open.
  5. I was relating to my worry about coronavirus as it relates to my next cruise and the answer stands. Unless you are cruising in Asia your concerns should be minimal despite the sensational press about this disease. A guy of Asian descent posted on Twitter that anytime someone of Asian descent sneezes people are going to panic whether they have been to Wusan, China or not. I am aware of the incident aboard the Costa ship in Italy, that may be an outlier. In that case caution was advisable. It is not time to panic, but to take rational precautions. I have lost count of the number of diseases that were going to cause mass fatalities that eventually proved to be less than the sensational press made them out to be.
  6. I mentioned the title of this thread to my wife; she is still laughing.
  7. You contact your TA and if you self-booked call Princess. I have no idea why this isn't available on a self-book or on the personalizer after you book.
  8. Great review. I will beware of Rene just in case he transferred to the Crown for my March cruise. 😂
  9. I used OBC to book shore excursions for our upcoming cruise in March.
  10. People who tip in $2 bills are just showing off.
  11. If there really was a bedbug problem that was widespread on the Emerald it would have been a hot topic here accompanied by outraged chest beating from the usual suspects whether they were on the Emerald or not.
  12. The app did not show complete until I made final payment, note not the final payment date but the date final payment was made. I made the payment several weeks in advance and within seconds literally all the circles went green on the app.
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