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  1. I substituted pictures of two of our dogs for ours during our January cruise on the Regal.
  2. That is a serious allegation. Do you have any facts to back the allegation?
  3. I was on the Regal in January with the medallion enabled. Magnets still stick to doors.
  4. Really???? Like they have thousands of people manning monitors watching each individuals every move. What do you guys do onboard that you are so afraid that Princess might find out?
  5. Your card collection is complete. You can now move on to saving medallions.
  6. My wife is still laughing that anyone would think that there was such a thing as too much OBC. She ranks it right up there with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. 😁
  7. This thread is an excellent example of how tipping culture has gotten totally out of hand. What's next? Tipping the Captain to ensure an excellent cruise? The Hotel Manager? The Cruise Director? etc. I am pretty sure the poster who hands out $50 bills to every outstretched hand would get the same service if no tip was offered up front. I can see rewarding those who moved heaven and earth to meet your needs.
  8. Good idea but with 1 pm becoming the standard for rooms being available it will be too late to have lunch in the MDR.
  9. I knew someone would post this as people have in every Thanksgiving thread. The world does revolve around the customers and on many if not most of Princess cruises they would be from the United States. I realize you are in Australia and that is not the case in Princess Cruises in your country. There is no need on these boards to express Anti-American sentiments or anti-any nationality for that matter. I would gladly celebrate ANZAC day if observed on board.
  10. My wife has always been thrilled and I impressed by the quality of the Princess floral arrangements.
  11. From my observation on the Regal in January, the others in the lounge did not look all that sociable, and in fact some looked downright miserable.
  12. Disclaimer: You might dismiss this as a jealous rant from a mere platinum member. I find some of the posts here complaining about the size of the loyalty OBC. coming off sounding like a pouting child on Christmas morning whining because they thought they should have gotten more presents. Princess does not have to give you anything, just like they do not have to give me and other vets OBC in recognition of our service. Be grateful for what you get.
  13. Use caution while checking airline sites after making EZAir reservations with a flexible fare,. American Airlines shows that I need to contact them to finalize the reservation. This will not change until Princess tickets the flight at final payment. Seeing that notice could startle those who do not know better into paying the airline direct. Once you pay and are ticketed the flexible part of the fare is gone. A poster who got reservations with United got an email requesting payment. It appears that the airlines systems do not interface well with EZAir at this time.
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