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  1. Magic I guess 😎, the angry gods of IT must of had a day off. The photos were taken on my IPhone and did require a bit of resizing using the crop editing feature on my phone.
  2. I believe that chance to approximate that of winning the big jackpot in the lottery. If they did that in my cabin they would be subject to the horror of watching me lounge about in my boxers. For more intimate encounters of the cabin variety one could always drape the duvet over the TV; and as always line your hats with fresh tin foil. 😁
  3. Was Ella Ryan, an Irish singer, performing on your sailing?
  4. They have your personal information or else you don't sail. You need the medallion or your card to make any purchases onboard. even during pre-medallion times, so your arguments are not very valid. The entity is hardly unknown.
  5. We book for itinerary, not the ship, which is why we have been on the Caribbean Princess 3 times and soon to be on the Crown Princess 3 times also. Our only one time has been on the Regal Princess, but may not be the last.
  6. I am just curious as to why you didn't book the category and cabin you wanted in the first place?
  7. In all of our cruises we have found little use for the extra items suggested for convenience in organizing. In any event, they would take up far too much precious space and weight considering airline charges for overweight bags and limiting the number of bags by way of escalating prices for additional bags. We use packing cubes and have a mesh bag to store dirties is about it.
  8. On our upcoming cruise I checked EZAir daily until flights were available. I believe it was 320 days or so before sailing. I booked them then and there and got a great price, less than what the airline or several of the major booking sites had for the same flights. The EZAir fares were flexible fares, which mean that they can be changed up to 45 days prior without penalty if the fare drops. So far I have seen a fare for the same flights $7 cheaper, not worth the effort and the chance of losing our good seats.
  9. I happily ceded control to get the much lower EZAir flex fare on my next cruise.
  10. WHAT??!!! You forgot to include your usual grumpy instruction to Google something. You are slipping dude.
  11. You can only be seen by those you allow to see you.
  12. Oh Goodie ! Just what we need, another "I ate theH Medallion" thread.
  13. Really???? Frankly I have heard better excuses, especially factual ones, for leaving Princess,.
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