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  1. Why would you expect to see one in the waiting area?
  2. Doug R.


    In my experience the app does not show personalizer complete until you make final payment. They probably could explain that better.
  3. Apparently if you book with a TA, all notifications go to the TA. This is is consistent with their not willing to talk directly to you about matters concerning your booking when you have a TA.
  4. I do not use a TA and I got an email this week from Princess about a change in my flights for my March cruise. Sounds like the problem was with your TA and/or an over sensitive spam filter. Have we come to the point that we always presume Princess is at fault?
  5. Just happened to me yesterday for my March flights on American. One of the flights, they changed aircraft type and we were moved to different seats.
  6. If you are Elite, I believe that you were directed to the Elite line by a non-Princess port employee who really had only one thing in their mind and that was "Elites go over here." The people at the desk followed their directions and presumed that you weren't fully Ocean Ready for some reason and that is why, despite having your medallions, is why you were sent to them. I would mention this to Princess and they may pass this on to the port personnel who may not be totally used to the relatively new Medallion system. An example of similar is port employees insisting elites go in a busy elite line when there was no line for the non-elite.
  7. Glad that works better for you, I would do the same thing in that case. However, I need to address the statement "I am in control of my flight times". EZAir does allow you to control flight times, unlike old time buying the plane ticket through the cruise line and getting an OMG time and routing. If you have a flexible fare you can cancel or change up to 45 days prior to the first flight. Unlike others, I have found domestic fares to be cheaper on EZAir, but then again I have a pretty straightforward non-stop routing between PHL and FLL. I have been checking but so far EZAir beats them all for my upcoming cruise except for a couple of outlandish routings with multiple airlines and some less than an hour transfer times between flights. I will stick with my EZAir reservations on American unless I find better.
  8. Doug R.


    Despite your stubborn insistence, Having sailed on Royal since the installation referred to in the eight year old article I can say with confidence that Royal uses the Coke Freestyle Machine, not the soda fountain you illustrate.
  9. Doug R.


    Royal Caribbean uses the freestyle machine which is not the one you pictured. It is controlled by chip in the provided tumbler.
  10. If and when Princess stops the free first drink promotion you will hear the usual suspects moaning about "Another Princess Cutback."
  11. Doug R.


    If that upsets you so much, might I suggest you move on and leave Princess in your rear view mirror as you head for happier shores. I doubt that they are going to use the fountain you picture as it has no controls to make sure only soda package users have access. My guess is that they may install those machines behind the bar with only bar staff having access. Regardless of the method of dispensing, I do not see this as a dramatic cutback or even a minor causation of distress over the reduction of the "glamour of cruising."
  12. Doug R.


    I missed @pablo222's point also. If you are going to spew anti-Princess venom at least make sense.
  13. On our Regal cruise we mustered in the casino, not bad, every slot machine had seats and you only had to stand if you took your sweet time to get to the drill.
  14. You do not have to stand in a line, once you sign on to Medallion Net you will be presented with the options you have for connectivity. It is a rather easy seamless process whether you opt to pay for unlimited or decide to stay with your Platinum/Elite minute allotment.
  15. Isn't this reaction a bit extreme based on one posted experience?
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