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  1. Im not so sure, the NCL Bliss docks in Ketchikan and she's 167k tons, basically the same as the Quantum Class. Unless the Bliss tenders????
  2. Celebrity groups come with Sail plus or 2 perks, when they run the special of 3 perks you get that promo. It really shouldn't matter if you book 3 perks on board since they will convert your pricing to a group price (hence 3 perks). But remember there are only certain categories that get group pricing, not every cabin category will be offered. They can always move your current reservation into a group ant your current rate and perks to get the extra $50 obc. Here is a good example of group pricing, 15 night South American Cruise. You can see only a C3 is offered in the Concierge categories with group pricing. Look at that price difference, the group price comes with 3 perks, the 1st column is the 1 perk promo NRD. CRAZY!! So in this example if you had a c1 booked and wanted to keep it, you keep your current pricing and perks but you can get the extra $50 obc. Not all group pricing is this good, this is a really good rate. Hope that helps
  3. Have fun, we just got back from the Refection, had a great time. BTW, Silvermoon was the best Catamaran trip we've ever taken.
  4. Not quite sure what your saying here, yes the cruise would have to end in Ensenada. It would have to sail empty from Ensenada to LA. The Ovation stops in Victoria as a port stop, not to satisfy the PVSA, it ends in Vancouver to satisfy the PVSA.
  5. Can't do that itinerary, against the pvsa. Maybe it will end in ensenada and sail empty to LA. It will probably do hnl to Vancouver, then Vancouver to LA
  6. Just off reflection today and they never printed out 1 slip, not even for a drink that was over the $9
  7. Just off the Reflection, it worked really good especially for the texting feature. The planner unfortunately doesn't show all the things that are happening. The Xpress pass worked great as well. You don't have to purchase the wifi but u do have to be on the wifi system. It will come up with 2 choices, too "purchase wifi" or "use the app for free" the texting feature was just great to see where people are
  8. Yes both the captain, staff captain and cruise director are all leaving today. Gusseippi is going to the edge today in GC. The captain is on vacation and the staff captain is taking on a new roll in Miami, something about being in charge of the captains in all the off brands, tui, pulltimar, seaborne and azamara.
  9. If there are any cabins left in the group you should be able to get the 4 perks with the price u are paying now. Another advantage of a group booking
  10. This is what is was showing a couple days ago too. I didn't show the voyage because we only have 1 day left
  11. Here are the specialty restaurant menus
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