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  1. Thank you so much! We board YC tomorrow on the Seaside room 16007! Thank you for all the wonderful info-I hope I don't burn up at the pool! #shadelover Hope to take some extensive photos of YC menus while onboard for everyone inquiring!
  2. Following along, we hope to do this in October ourselves (brrr)
  3. Fantastic job! Enjoy your Africa trip! Thanks for all the super helpful info for the last two weeks, this is one of the most nicely done reviews I have read in quote awhile.
  4. Wonderful review so far! Excited to follow along!
  5. Thanks everyone, the Bar Hop sounds really fun and a new way to see the island! Plus we are going back in Dec so we can always go back to Nachi then lol. We ended up on all western Carib trips this year!
  6. We are a husband and wife (42 and 56) and we enjoy an all inclusive beach club type experience. We don't have kids and are pretty laid back. I enjoy hanging on the beach but need shade! We have done Nachi Cocum 3 times already this year and we enjoy the experience but wondering if we should try something new? Any thoughts? We are headed back ate July on MSC.
  7. Frequent RCCL cruiser but new to Mariner of the Seas. Any tips on Junior Suite selection? I notice there are some on the Aft and of course on the sides and even towards the front. Any pointers on which ones might be the best!
  8. Anyone have a favorite pre-cruise dinner spot? We like to have a great meal on the night before our trip (kudos if it has great drinks too!) We are staying at Harbor House next week but have no issues with Ubering etc.
  9. We are currently booked this Fall in 9660 for a NE/Canada trip, but now 8168 has become available, should we swap? Thanks in advance for the advice, we have not been on this class of ship in the aft before.
  10. We asked for no snacks on our last trip and I was so glad we did. We aren't big snack people.
  11. Let me see if I can find the other post I was referencing, I just searched in the Royal forum for Star Class Transatlantic. Didn't mean to start a big fuss or anything. We are excited to be eating ourselves crazy for 14 days ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. I didn't mean it like that, I was just meaning anything special anyone did differently since it was a longer trip.
  13. I do know there was a recent thread involving some issues with Star Class on a TA that was pretty negative. We just booked one for 2020 and are hoping to hear if anyone has any specific positive things about a 14 day TA in Star Class (Allure). We did a Star class 7 night in Sept/Oct (also Allure) and there was so much to do that I don't feel like we took advantage of it very well, we were exhausted when it was over lol. It's a big gamble for us to be gone that long (we own our own business) but it was a killer deal.
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