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  1. Looking forward to this. We sail on 9/29. Did you reserve any entertainment or is not necessary on this ship?
  2. I swear I read somewhere that Los Lobos was going to be added to the Joy during the renovation. I can't seem to find that online now. Does anyone have any info?
  3. We just booked a 2021 cruise that includes round trip air with NCL to Miami. I’m wondering how people who have used this option felt about flight times, selecting seats, etc?
  4. I just booked today a 2021 cruise and air was included. I think it would only have been a $50 reduction in price if we opted out. We did pay an additional $25 pp to fly in 2 days early. I’m interested to hear experiences with those who used the air addon as far as flight times, etc.
  5. I’ll hope for a good promo in April. I like the pick 2 promo. Just feel like this added air has caused too much increase.
  6. I keep hoping the "ends in blah blah days" and "extended for a limited time" is really going to be the end. I am waiting for better pricing that doesn't "include" all of the things I don't need that have driven prices through the roof. Anyone else feeling the same? If they would let me choose with the airfare when I wanted to fly in and back out that would be one thing but from what I understand you have to fly in the day of the cruise and fly home the day you depart.
  7. I haven't price shopped for a while but the current pick 5 promo prices seem very high. I am thinking they are adding a premium for the included airfare. I do not want the airfare so plan to wait to see what happens when we get back to a pick 2 promo.. just wondered if anyone had experience with how this is running.
  8. Are there umbrellas available at Brewers if the shade trees have been damaged? I can't sit in the sun. Would it be easier to find shade at another beach if umbrellas are not available there?
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