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  1. ZQVOL: IF those two cruises are in Oct or Nov of 2020..I'd say the chances of either is zero. My sister and b-i-l were booked on a cruise over Thanksgiving 2020. Last week they rcvd notice that the cruise was canx.
  2. I can still remember some aspects of the ship. We left out of NY in June to go to Italy. WHen we had heard the news, my grandparents, aunts and uncles and must about everyone in the town cried the entire day. Afterall, it was the pride of Italy and I think the first newbuild after WWII from any country.
  3. Just an "FYI". I didn't realize they were not processing passport renewals as they had been pre-pandemic and I sent away for a renewal on April 1st. The new passport arrived today...July 25. Not that we can go anywhere right now...bu t just to let you know what the current timeframe is.
  4. And today marks the 64th anniversary of that tragic accident.
  5. It was announced that most cruises will not be sailing until on/after Sept 15. (Initially, it was July 15). As the Bermuda cruise season pretty much ends mid/late Oct (yes, there are a few exceptions) Realistically, I don't see a a 2020 Bermuda cruise season. We are supposed to go there early Sept. We've not been contacted by or T/A yet, but I'm waiting for that "your cruise has been cancelled" call.
  6. According to currency converter, $12 in 1980 would be $25.90 in 2020. A far cry from $200 !
  7. Good question! A while back I asked my TA "when it comes to "fees and taxes", exactly who gets what"? SHe didn't know but suggested I call the line. I did. When I asked, the first thing they wanted to know my name, sailing I was going on, and booking #. After being transferred to "whoever", I was told that that was not public information. When it comes to Caribbean sailings, once upon a time we were just tendered in to a small little dock. Now, the ships dock at what resembles a "mini mall". I'm guessing WE are paying for that in the form of "port fees". I think the last Caribbean cruise we took "port taxes and fees" were upwards of $200. An old ticket I found a while back from a cruise over 40 yrs ago, the port taxes/fees was $12.
  8. Actually, they're not, considering just about everything is included (air, transfers, tours and excursions, beer/wine with meals, etc etc and there isn't a lot of nickel and diming and "optional" add ons. Of all those that we've been on (and I think it's now about 8) our final on board bill was around $100, and that was for the both of us.
  9. Lois R: A couple of years ago we did take a barge cruise in France. It moves VERY slowly and being a week on it, I don't think we were more than 60-70 miles outside of Paris, and it ended there with a week in that city. . It was a WONDERFUL trip! 18 passengers and we stopped at all of the towns the French impressionists either painted or lived in and local guides gave us an in depth tour of each place. I would do a barge cruise again.
  10. Somewhat off topic, but if I could turn back time, I would have LOVED to have sailed on the "Normandie". Now...maybe one of the Virgin Voyages ships, either the "Scarlet Lady" or the "Valiant Lady".
  11. RCI "Empress of the Seas" sails from NJ and docks at both Hamilton and St George's. Apparently that ship is small enough to dock there rather than spending the entire time at King's Wharf.
  12. Cruise line approved hotels? Kind of like cruise line approved shops.
  13. When all is said and done, I wouldn't be surporised if those at the top of the list with the most cases will probably end up being the most sanitized.
  14. Many, many years go (Sometime in the 80's) on Home Lines "Atlantic". We paid for a minimum guarantee and ended up with a suite, 2nd category from the top.
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