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  1. One thing we particularly liked about sailing on the MSC Divina. We've taken a 10/11 day cruise in Feb for the past 3 years now and they've had 4 live bands playing in 4 different lounges every evening.
  2. I do remember when the "Norway" started sailing, they did have some top name entertainment. I recall Phyllis Diller being on one and whilst we were on, Vic Damone performed. On a "QE2" sailing we were on Bert Bachrach and Carole Bayer Sager were the entertainment. Both were back in the 80's. Since then I don't recall any "big name" entertainers on any cruise we've been on.
  3. There would always be some green vegetable on the table, but no matter what the occasion or holiday, they would always be prepared the same way.....sautéed with olive oil and garlic. But alas.... we digress from "Great Cruising Memories". But reconnect....I do remember long ago, we took a cruise on the Greek line's "Queen Anna Maria" out of NYC. The ship was nothing to write home about, but to food served was WONDERFUL! So many fantastic Greek specialties that I can pronounce, but wouldn't begin to try to spell!
  4. Going back to Thanksgiving dishes, the ONLY thing that never was and never will be allowed at our Thanksgiving table is that "green bean casserole". As my grandmother would say "Mer-i-can"
  5. Don't have clue as our November cruise was canx and a couple of weeks ago we got notification that our April 2021 cruise was canx.
  6. And another one bite the dust.....our March, 2021 HAL cruise was canx.
  7. And I guess they're not alone. We were notified last week that our March 20 HAL cruise was canx.
  8. Weekly Bermuda cruises start April-ish and Alaska May-ish. Have any lines made definitive decisions regarding sailings to ether of these two destinations?
  9. We were just notified yesterday that our March 20, 2021 HAL cruise has been canx.
  10. And just an "FYI"...right now, the pound is $1.31 - US dollar and $1.72 Canadian dollar. Interesting...but kind of digressing from "Cruising Memories", isn't it?
  11. Song of America was our first time on RCI. Everyone always talks about being upgraded.....we were downgraded. When we got home, I contacted our TA. She got no answer from RCI, I contacted RCI, they said contact your agent. I even wrote to the Ombudsman at Conde Nast. He contacted RCI and they told him to contact the agent. Never got an answer, never got the $$$ difference from the category cabin we paid for the category cabin we got, even though I sent copies of invoices, confirmation letters, etc.. This was all years before the internet. It was over 20 yrs that we went on RCI again.
  12. Not actually a cruise, but......sailed to Italy when I was 6 to visit family. Hooked on traveling by ship every since!
  13. Not so much cruise related, but I've heard too many times..."I'll never fly on "X" again. There was a blizzard and they canx my flight". I guess they ignored the fact that EVERY OTHER AIRLINE also canx flights out of that airport that day.
  14. Compared to most others, our dining experience has been pretty boring, though lots of fun. We take a "Friends and Family Annual Winter Caribbean Cruise", and have for almost 40 years now, and the "friends" are mostly folks we've met over the years on cruises, from all over the country and it's our "reunion". Over the years we've all visited back and forth, attended weddings, anniversaries, christenings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and unfortunately....... funerals. Until just a couple of years ago, one couple we met LONG ago on the "Oceanic" (it was the Empire State Masons Annual Cruise) that we too
  15. While hunting though cruise memorabilia, I came across a record album of the Zielli band. They played on the Home Lines "Oceanic". I listened to it while looking at the Limoges plates, hanging on the wall in our dining room. They were gifts for repeater passengers, as well as a delft plate, the size of a salad plate, depicting the "Oceanic". (Hanging on a wall in our den, along with many cruise photos, a Normandie and Titanic poster) an alabaster thermometer, coasters, a change purse, key chain, scarf, and cologne (the cologne is long gone, now). All gifts for being Home Lines repeaters.
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