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  1. If you end up not going to Bermuda, my guess would be New England. Which ever ports you can get to and back in 5 days. Maybe Newport, Boston. Portland, or maybe a port in Maine?
  2. We've been using the same TA for several years, now. I really don't know if they are a "high volume" agency, but anytime I see some "deal" offered. I call them and they've always matched the price and sometimes offered perks the other agency didn't. We've always gotten a better deal, be it price or perks when dealing with this agency rather than booking with the line.
  3. The "Oceanic" has been scrapped and the "Homeric" is now the "Marella Dream"
  4. Car rental is probably your best bet, but 2 yrs ago I took a cruise out of FLL and then was going to spend a few weeks with family near Tampa. SW had a flight for $47.
  5. Have to agree with TruckerDave. If you arriving in Bayonne, by the time you get into Manhattan and allow for time to get back to Newark Airport, you're not going to have a lot of time to see/do anything. And with the cost of getting to/from....Just not enough bang for the buck to make it a worthwhile experience. Not to mention the fact of what to do with your luggage.
  6. We've taken a Caribbean winter cruise now for several years. We LOVE the port days when everyone else is off the ship and we stay on board and enjoy the quiet, uncrowded pool deck. No problem getting a lounger, no crowd at the lunch buffet. Last two years, we never got off the ship.
  7. Same as with other lines. We're "elite" on Princess and became that after 15 cruises. We've now been on 21 but don't get anything additional.
  8. After reviewing this thread, make a list of what is applicable to you and check things off after you've completed that task.
  9. Last time we were on, someone noted, "they're Americans....they're not...they are, they're not, etc etc. I said, "how can you tell?" and she said, "They dress better".
  10. We're supposed to go there mid Feb 2020. I wonder what kind of activities they have planned as we're scheduled to be there from 9AM to 11PM. will they have anything going on on the island in the evening? As it's the last day of the cruise and it's proximity to MIA, I guess that's why they can stay so late.
  11. Depends on which ship and where your'e sailing. We've sailed on MSC only out of Fla. From what others have posted, it's a different experience sailing MSC in Europe. 2020 will be our 4th cruise on MSC. We sailed several times over the years on NCL, but only once since they introduced "Free Style" and won't again. I forgot which ship but we thought the MDR dinners were not very good. Service was awful bit not the servers fault...they were WAY understaffed! We were on the Divina 3X and thought there was more night life going on, on MSC Music and dancing at cocktail hour and music for dancing in 3 lounges after dinner. We've not sailed on Carnival for several years, so I don't know if the overall decor has changed, but the Divina is a less garish than the Carnival ships we've been on and over fit and finish is a LOT nicer. And as someone above has stated...the best pizza at sea!
  12. Personally I wouldn't take a river cruise if it were free. We've done 7 river cruises in Europe/Russia/Egypt and piggy backing on the above statement that I cut and pasted...I wouldn't take a European "ocean liner' cruise on any line...period. We did once. You only see port cities, you're only there for a day (in most cases, ) you usually get to a couple of sites to see, and rarely have opportunity to see/participate in any night life, and sometimes you actually dock an hour or more from the city the brochure says you're going to. A river cruise is the ONLY way I will cruise in Europe. Pretty much all tours and excursions are included while on an "ocean liner" cruise to Europe, sometimes the tours/excursions cost almost as much as the cruise. For us in Europe, it's either a land tour or a river cruise. We've done Vantage, Grand Circle and Viking and would recommend any of them.
  13. In answer to OP's question...probably not. Years ago we sailed O/W on the QE2 and they had a deal to fly the other way on the Concorde. If I was paying the price irrelevant of the "deal" Cunard offered, I'd rather spend 7 hrs in business or 1st on a "regular" plane than 3 on the Concorde. Small cabin, small seats.
  14. When are you sailing? If the ship is sailing with a lot of empty cabins, particularly higher categories than you booked, they may contact you to "up sell" before sailing date.
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