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  1. If you enjoy museums and like modern and contemporary art...... the Perez Museum is worth the trip.
  2. Our experience has been that even if a country does not use the Euro, most will post prices in Euros and accept them. Other than street markets and the like, at most establishments...use a CC. Even some vendors at street markets accept them.
  3. That's true on sailings out of US ports. In Europe they don't serve "regular tap" water and they sell bottled water. Out of US ports many Europeans on board opt to buy bottled.
  4. Do you remember a while back someone brought a pot belly pig on a flight saying it was an emotional support animal and it pooped just before takeoff! It (and it's owner) were removed. I think some folks bring a cat or dog as an emotional support animal as if that's thier claim, the animal goes for free. If you bring a small dog or a cat in a carrier, most airlines charge $100. Claim Fido's going for emotional support.....save $100!
  5. It's ALWAYS the right time for an "adult beverage". Anyway...we prefer the late sitting. On port days, there is no rushing to get back to the ship to shower and change if you chose early sitting. We don't usually eat that late when home, but on vacation, nothing is our "normal" schedule. We prefer a set seating as the wait staff knows your preferences (like if you like iced tea with dinner, it's there right away without asking for it) and we like the camaraderie of the same staff, same table, every evening.
  6. Last time we were on the Divina (Jan 2019) children were not permitted at the Adults only pool and it was enforced. There are no pool towels available near the pools. Only the ones placed in your cabin. Believe me....your account is charged even if you wait until the last moment to register your card. We are sailing on the the Divina again in Feb 2020. I'm hoping now you can just register your card at check in, but I don't think they've instituted that, yet. There is comp soft serve ice cream available, but the really good gelato is for purchase. I think I notices a couple of tables for two in the MDR, but there were several table for 4 where there was only 1 couple sitting. I'm not big into the casino, so I can't answer any ???'s pertaining to it. A lot of folks have not been complementary on thier reviews. However, I found no issue with service, food, staff, etc. This will be our 4th cruise with MSC and 3rd on the Divina.
  7. Anyone have some new info regarding the ship's future?
  8. I have to agree. We've left some shows on the above mentioned lines and didn't' go to some of them, either. We thought EVERY show we saw on the Divina far better! The only show on another line I really enjoyed was the ice skating on RCI.
  9. Not so much a lobster roll, but you can get a lobster dinner at the Black Pearl...and it's within walking distance of the tender port. You can check out their menu on line.
  10. I'd plan to arrive anytime after 1. Traffic will not be "rush hour" The initial rush will have boarded and you probably will be through the check-in process if just a few minutes.
  11. The bus is also an option. If you're staying on or near 17th St in Miami Beach the bus stops at several stops along that street. Also around $3, but not the most convenient if you have more than carry-on luggage.
  12. We did something like this a couple of years ago for our "Friends and Family" cruise. There were 24 of us. Keychain mini flash lights, which came in particularly handy for those who booked inside cabins. A box of 24 took up very little space in luggage.
  13. I guess it depends on how you look at it.. Our neighbor bought a Porshe Boxer baseball type hat for $65K......but got the car for "Free" with that purchase! LOL
  14. Ferry or bus to St George. Ferry is MUCH quicker. It's a fairly easy (15-ish minute) walk from the center of St George to Tobacco Bay. Take the shuttle or "regular" bus to Horseshoe Bay. Depending on ferry and bus/shuttle timing, allow minimally an hour or so between leaving Tobacco Bay and arriving at Horseshoe.
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