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  1. marco

    Weather Cruising to Nassau

    The above post is pretty much what the weather SHOULD be like, but we have been in Nassau in Jan/Feb and it's only been in the 60's and quite breezy and other times when it's been around 80. It's fairly close to the east coat of Fla, and if a cold front moves in, then it might be a bit chilly than "normal". As is the case with anywhere, it's hard to predict and guarantee the weather more than a few days out. (And sometimes that's not even accurate)
  2. marco

    St . Thomas dock question

    Last year on the Divina we docked at Havensight (I prefer docking there) Unless things have changed, I believe Princess and HAL use the CrownBay docks. At least over the past 5 or 6 years when we've been on a Princess or HAL cruise that stopped in St Thomas, that's were we docked (Crown Bay)
  3. marco

    Panama Canal full or partial transit

    I don't mean to b the naysayer but: We've done both. Full once, partial several times. If the purpose is to experience the locks, on a partial, you go in, you go out and you experience the locks both ways. On a full, you go in one end, out the other and number of locks you experience is pretty much the same. The cruise down the river is slow, hot and humid with jungle on both sides. Depending where you live, it might mean a cross country flight to or from which means a day of flying and most likely a substantial additional cost. On a partial out of Fla, you stop at several Caribbean Islands as well, which we much prefer to the west coast Mexico ports of call. If it's important to say "I've gone from the Atlantic to the Pacific (or vise versa) through the Panama Canal", then do it. If you just want to experience the locks, a partial out of Fla is my 1st choice.
  4. marco

    Precruise Currency Exchange

    Seems ATM's are even more prevalent in some European countries than they are, here. We get some of "thier" money upon arrival at the airport and then "as needed" while traveling. We don't seem to need a lot, mostly for very small purchases and local market vendors, as most places like stores, restaurants and the like accept credit cards. Even many metro/tram/trolleys accept CC's.
  5. marco

    hotels near fort lauderdale airport

    There are many hotels in both FLL and MIA. Check out Expedia (even if you don't book with them) they show hotels, prices, location, proximity to airport, comp shuttle or not, amenities, etc. You can Ube/Lyft, cab or car service to MIA and whether you stay in FLL and go to MIA the next day, or go to MIA upon arrival depends on what "deal" you can get in either place. The cost of transportation between FLL and MIA is going to be pretty much the same whether you do it the day you arrive of the following.
  6. marco


    I think NCL is only line that offers ONLY "free style/anytime" dining. Pretty much every other mainstream line offers it as an option.
  7. marco

    Train from FLL to MIA? Pros/Cons?

    We use the Tri-Rail frequently. Also, because we usually fly on SW on points and they offer the most service at the best prices into FLL (They don't fly into MIA, at all) . The Tri-Rail train runs from MIA in the south up to as far as Magnolia Park to the north, so even if we're going to the Palm Beach area, we fly into FLL and take the Tri-Rail. It's a little bit of a hassle, but if you have time and saving $$$ is the name of the game, it's the way to go. You have to take a shuttle from FLL airport to the train station (it's complementary). You may have to wait a bit for the shuttle and again for the train. Take the train to MIA and then your hotel shuttle from the MIA airport. We usually only have "carry on"...that makes it a little less of a hassle. It's not "awful", but with schlepping luggage and waiting it's not the most convenient, easiest or quickest option, but it certainly is doable and like I said, if saving $$$$ is the name of the game, it's the way to go.
  8. marco

    Honest Divina Review 12/20-12/30 cruise

    Obviously...... not everyone perceives everything the same. (Which is a good thing) We did our "Friends and Family Annual Winter Caribbean Cruise" on the Divina last year. Everyone enjoyed it so much, we (26 of us) are sailing on it again the end of the month. We thought the shows were some of the best we've seen at sea. Food was fine, no better or worse than on any other ship/line, cabins, service "same". Pool areas nicer than some others and the ship itself, public rooms are some of the most attractive and best laid out. Having been on well over 100 cruises or TA's on just about every line (current or now defunct) I have a lot to compare to.
  9. marco

    European River Cruises

    We've been on Vantage, Grand Circle and Viking....more than once on all, and on all of them all of the passengers were from the US.
  10. marco

    Civitavecchia to Rome

    No Snafus, self walk off, private transport.....it's doable. As other's have stated, most likely NOT doable if you were planning on the train.
  11. marco

    Money concerns

    Assuming you have US $$ and just want smaller US $$, yes, you can exchange on the ship, but why wait in a queue......just bring smaller bills with you. We usually bring a lot of $1's and $5's for when in ports in the Caribbean for tipping, a beverage, something from a souvenir stall.
  12. marco

    Parking at Manhattan terminal

    I'd take the train, either Metronorth to Grand Central or Amtrack to Penn Station. Hopefully, a friend or relative can take you to a train station and a cab from either station in the city will be about $15 to the pier and cabs are easy to get at either. Depending where you are in CT, train and cabs R/T will probably be less than $100 for 2 people.
  13. marco

    Quality food?

    I also have a LOT of the Oceanic menus. They were printed on board. The front covers were suitable for framing, inside, on top, it would say something like: "Sunway Cruises - en route to St Martin - January 26, 1978
  14. marco

    Cruising in the 1970s

    I remember when you rented a deck chair. You had an assigned deck chair. They were nice, wooden chairs with a cushion and the deck attendant would come and put the cushion on the chair for you when you were ready to sit and he would move the chair if you wanted it relocated. I think it was $5 for a 10 day cruise, or there abouts.
  15. marco

    Why does everyone hate Nassau so much?

    We don't "Hate" it, it's just that because of it's proximity to Fla, many 10 day cruises stop there on the last day of the cruise. We've been there many times..... seen it, done it and we'd rather just stay on the ship and enjoy the amenities with they other folks who have been there too many times and don't get off, either.