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  1. I'm not sure MSC had ship named "Monterey", but long ago, the only MSC cruise ship I'm aware of was the "Melody" which was the former Home Lines "Atlantic". Perhaps that's the ship you're thinking of. We took a cruise on her in 1999 or 2000. And yes...she has since been broken up.
  2. Sad to say that many of the lines are no longer sailing Italian Line French Line Greek Line Sitmar HAL Princess Celebrity Crystal Celebrity Chandris Louis Cunard NCL MSC Dolphin Regency Hawaiian Eporitiki Home Carnival Costa American Export Viking
  3. If you want to do it on the cheap, take the "Sunrail" (train) from MIA to FLL and take an uber or lyft from there to your hotel.
  4. I find that the biggest disadvantage booking directly with the line is that if you need to contact them for any reason by phone, plan to be on hold for at least 15 minutes (and that's on a good day!)
  5. I was watching Youtube yesterday, about NCL acquiring the "France" and before they did, they approached the Italian Line considering purchasing the Michelangelo or Raffaello. If they did, they would have put portholes on the passenger decks that had cabins that didn't have them. It went on to say the reason those decks didn't have portholes is the Italian Line wanted the ships to have a sleeker look. (wrong idea, I think) Don't recall who it was but either the Italian Govt or the Italian line said "nope". And once upon a time, Home Lines looked at them, as well.
  6. As the ship is pulling out, "Bye Bye Baby" from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes always comes to mind.
  7. Most memorable...actually two. 1) Ephesus in Turkey 2) Abu Simbel temple in Egypt
  8. On an other note....I don't know if they had early and late dining seatings for dinner. We chose "any time" anyway, but in the daily program for the main dining room for the dinner hour, it just said "5:30 to 9" it did not indicate something like "fist sitting 6PM Late sitting 8PM. At any rate, we never had to wait and some nights we dined at table for 6, some nights just the two of us. Some nights they asked if we wanted a large table or a table for two, some nights they didn't. When the didn't ask, we were always seated at a table for two. I suppose upon entry, we could have said, 'we'd like a larger table with other guests, if we so chose. We dined one night in Pinnacle .......nice experience!!!
  9. No...did not take a Covid test prior to or during the cruise. Were never asked to.
  10. We've just retuned as we spent a few days with friends out on Banbridge Island and a few more post cruise in Seattle. We had a great time! While in Alaska (on our sailing, anyway) the temps were always in the 60's. We had only one day of a little drizzle. The ship does not dock in "Downtown" Seattle. The cab from our hotel in Seattle was $14 to the ship. $20 from the ship back to Seattle proper. Boarding was quick and effortless. One must show proof of vaccination and even though you don't go to a foreign country, you do HAVE TO have a passport as the ship sails into international waters. (at least that's the reason we were told) The ship is beautiful and the fit and finish are what one expect from HAL. The cruise director did an EXCELLENT job relative to some of the lectures with interviews and slides in the main theater. If you are an oceanliner buff, you will particularly enjoy the talk on "The 150 year history of Holland America LIne". Although there was no self serve at the buffet, staff was most accommodating to your requests and quite expeditious. Disappointed that there weren't and live bands for dancing pre or post dinner, other than occasionally in the BB King lounge. There was a wonderful piano player in one lounge pre dinner, but nice easy listening music only. IN Alaska masks were required upon entering any place indoors. We always prefer the self walkoff and there is usually a long queue with folks shoulder to shoulder waiting for the "you can get off now", announcement. Self walk off was anytime you were ready between 7 and 9:30. it took us about 2 minutes to disembark with no line, no waiting. All in all...it was a great cruise. Staff was most accommodating, Alaskans were SOOOO glad to see us. I hope everyone who will be taking this similar cruise over the next few weeks enjoys it as much as we did! And if it's not too late to make arrangements to stay in Seattle pre or post cruise, please do...it's a great city to explore! Any questions.....I'd be happy to answer if I can.
  11. I think today (July 18) is the date that the AD left Italy for it's ill fated voyage across the Atlantic in 1956. Geeezzzz.....65 years ago!
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