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  1. Initial post reminds of of friends who will NEVER fly on American Airlines again because their flight was canx.....because of a blizzard! When weather trows a monkey wrench into the mix....maybe it's not the carrier's fault?
  2. MSC is not alone. Friends were to take a cruise on RCI which was canx. They got a 100% FCC, but no refund.
  3. We've cruise to Bermuda a little over 20X over the past 40 or so years. Hope to be back in September!
  4. marco

    Save the Date

    It was such a popular ship back in the mid 20th century and nicknamed "the millionaires yacht"......Caronia
  5. We are booked for a T/A sailing the end of July on the QM2. Final payment is not due until late May. We will decide then to canx or not, as well as what the status is of travel in and around the UK for while we plan to be there.
  6. Wasn't really a cruise...early 60's, as a kid, sailed to Italy to visit family with my parents. What an experience for a kid and it got me hooked on traveling on a ship, and have been every since. Sailing on a "ship of state" with all officers, staff and crew from that country was like going to that country for 8 days.
  7. So what are some airlines doing? Flying to the US empty and flying back to Europe with passengers? Just wondering how the cruise lines and airlines are dealing with this.
  8. We were on a Caribbean cruise last month out of Fla. There were a good number of Europeans on board and there probably were and are on other ships, as well. With the current air travel ban, for these folks who quite recently ended a cruise....I'm wondering how and when are they going home?
  9. Our favorite ship and favorite line that doesn't sail anymore: Home Lines "Oceanic".
  10. Check out some Bermuda guide books, determine what you want to see and where you wan to go and get a 2 day bus/ferry pass for about $30 and go to "where ever" and stay as long as you'd like. The bus system in Bermuda is very easy to use and routes will take you to just about everywhere. We've done that and left fairly early in the AM, had lunch somewhere on the island and returned to the ship in time for dinner.
  11. We prefer the buffet for breakfast and lunch. We're not big breakfast eaters, so some fruit (and we can select exactly what and how much) and a yogurt that we can eat in a few minutes works for us. Lunch, the selection far exceeds what's in the MDR. Dinner, we always dine in the MDR or alternative, but our observation has been that the evening buffet is what is served in the MDR, along we other offerings. So...what ever works for you. Don't like buffets?.....don't eat there.
  12. Same for us. We prefer a balcony, but if we really, really like a particular sailing, we'll take whatever is available if a balcony cabin isn't.
  13. We've been on a LOT of cruises, some lines only once or twice but we're top tier on 3 line. The perks are nice, but not a deal breaker. What's most important is the date/itinerary/price. regardless if it is or isn't one of those top three lines and their perks.
  14. We were there last month. Yes, it will take a while for all of the vegetation to grow, but aside from that it was the nicest "Private island" we've been to. Plenty of loungers, beautiful beaches (yes, plural) many activities IE: Kayaking, jet skying, paddle boarding, sunset champagne cruise, several dining venues not just a beach bar-b-que, light show at night. We had the beverage package and beverages were included on the island. Best of all, we docked....no tender! IF there was a hotel there, I'd go and stay for a few days.
  15. The title of the thread says it all. And I posted a review on the "review" board.
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