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  1. Yes...particularly in Europe. We do enjoy river cruises, but "ocean liner" cruises in Europe (for us, anyway) don't afford enough time in any port. You pretty much are limited to coastal port cities, rarely are you in any city to enjoy some of the night life, and often the port is actually an hour or further away from the city and there isn't enough time to see more than a couple of sites. In fact, we're heading out tomorrow for a land trip in Europe but as we have to have that shipboard experience, we're coming back on the "Queen Mary".
  2. Rkacruiser: Have your heir donate your collection to The World Ocean and Cruise Liner Society in Northport, NY. Check out thier website, too.
  3. I know, but I won't part with them. My grandson is already very interested in a lot of the cruise memorabilia I have. I have many, many menus from various ships from the 60-70-80's as well as pins, luggage tags, tickets, passenger lists, daily programs, photos, etc. I have two large tupperware bins of ocean liner/cruise ship "stuff". We pull it out and reminisce every once and a while. It brings back some great memories..
  4. I saw this on an other site and did a cut and paste....... Really?!?!?!?!?!?! Holland America is now experimenting with charging $10 for anyone ordering a second dinner meal in the Main Dining Room. My information suggests this is being done on 4 of their ships now. We will be boarding the Eurodam shortly and will know first hand, as this is said to be one of them. So much for surf and turf? Ordering a second meal and sharing it with your significant other. Will have to see what happens if you just don't like the first one. Steak too tough? Food cold? I ordered it without the ______? Can I have 2 more lamb chops please? Anyone aware of another cruise line doing this...or similar?
  5. We're flying out of JFK next week and plan to get there extra early and check it out. Their web site says there's a "museum" and cocktail lounge that's on a "Constellation" parked next to the building. We're not going to book a room but want to see it, maybe have a bon voyage cocktail on the Constellation. Has anyone done this? Thoughts/comments?
  6. My grandparents and great aunt and uncle were on the last eastbound sailing on the AD. I have a ships photo of them at dinner in the dining room, an ashtray, menus and a few other pieces of memorabilia from the ship. They were supposed to return on it in Sept, but were put on the Columbo. I've sailed a few times on the LDV, and it was my favorite. I think wasn't the cargo liner "Savannah" a nuclear powered ship and built around the same time as the LDV? They probably thought that was going to be the wave of the future and the ship could easily be converted.
  7. Our 4th MSC cruise coming up. We've always booked through a specific agent. She has said repeatedly that they are the WORSE line to deal with. Long phone wait, inconsistent information, etc.
  8. Ya..it takes about 45 min to get over to St John's. First, in a van or jeep, then ferry, then van or jeep on St John's to the beach. I assume you're going to Trunk Bay? Absolutely one of the nicest beaches we've ever been to and great snorkeling. That is one of the few ships excursions we will do as coordinating getting to the ferry, the ferry schedule and the possibility of there being a delay or mechanical issue, and getting back from the ferry to the ship precludes us from attempting a trip to St John's on our own. But well worth the trip!
  9. marco

    New to MSC

    What ship will you be sailing on and to where? That makes a bit of a difference.
  10. Depends on where, when, price, etc. We do like cruising to Bermuda and we do every couple of years, not necessarily on the same ship or line. We take a winter Caribbean cruise every winter, also not on the same ship or line and we've done it now so many years, we rarely get off, but a 10 -14 day cruise to the Caribbean is a lot less $$$$ than flying to somewhere warm in the winter. For us, that cruise...the ship is the destination. Other destinations we rarely repeat.
  11. If it's equivalent to a "specialty restaurant" I wonder if "Black Status" folks can have that be their "freebie" as Black status folks get a meal for two in a specialty restaurant. That menu sounds pretty nice. Will the have just burgers and dogs and the fixin's for those not YC? (Like what the other lines offer on the out island stop) We'll see. A lot can change before our sailing in Feb 2020.
  12. I do take jeans on a cruise, but ya.....what' makes jeans "dress jeans"...what' s the difference, somebody's name on the pocket?
  13. If their buffet is similar to the b-b-que lunches on other lines private islands it's nothing to write home about. SInce the ship is docked there and it's only a few minute walk to/from the ship, I'll go to the beach for a couple of hours, go for a swim and then go back to the ship and enjoy a lunch buffet in an air conditioned room and then decide whether to go back to the beach or not. We're not going until Feb 2020 on the Divina and according to our itinerary, we're there from 9AM to 11PM. Plenty of time to go back and forth between ship and shore several times.
  14. Cruises over Christmas/New Years holidays are a bit more $$$ then say, earlier in Dec. In fact, usually Caribbean cruises are the best deal anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And if you are going to fly to/from the port, airfares are traditionally higher around those holidays, as well.
  15. Compare various sailings and the ports they call at. Choose by which ports are most appealing to you. I would recommend any one that includes Newport, RI. Most sailings will either be out of NY or Boston.
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